What can I say to my friend I was not sure what to say about a 13yearold teen wanting to read Fifty shades of grey could a 13yearold handle reading it

What can I say to my friend? I was not sure what to say about a 13-year-old teen wanting to read 'Fifty shades of grey' could a 13-year-old handle reading it?

First off, let's get this out of the way: if your friend wants to read it and has the reading comprehension for it, they will do it regardless of what anyone here says,
I would have at 13, if I was told I couldnt read something that was “too mature" by some dumb adult that thought they were better than me (and my parents/guardians certainly tried to restrict alot just to be controlling), you bet I planned out how to get my hands on it and read it.

What is important is the reason your friend wants to read it; I would want to ask your friend in a non-judgmental way what interests them in reading “50 Shades of Grey”.

If they are planning to read it to because it's an adult novel that's “forbidden" and for “mature" readers and they want to assert their maturity by reading it, then I would say fair enough; if you want to assert that you are mature for your years to yourself by reading this work of fiction then go for it".

Which brings me to the next point:
If your friend is interested in learning about sexuality, including perhaps some of the more controversial topics discussed in 50 Shades, I want to make it very clear that 50 Shades is the WRONG book for anyone, including adults, to learn about anything to do with sexuality!!
“ 50 Shades of Grey" is the fantasy of a female writer who fantasizes about an ABUSIVE relationship!
I want to make that very clear!
Sadly, even many adults have watched these movies and now think it's ok to be coercive and verbally abusive, and that demanding someone do something they are not comfortable with, like the millionaire guy did in the book, is ok.

No matter what 2 adults choose to do sexually, even if they both want to pretend to do some controversial things, the most important thing is that both respect each others boundaries, and noone tries to pressure someone else to do something they dont want to do or are uncomfortable doing.

No matter what you or your friend choose to read, always remember this no matter what: Pressuring someone to do something sexual they dont want to do or are uncomfortable doing is abusive no matter what.

If a 13 year old has the reading comprehension and is mature enough to read and comprehend 50 Shades of Grey, then sure.
I guess they could read it.

50 Shades of Grey does not seem to be too complicated to read (based on word choice and narrative style).

The real question is whether a 13 year old can handle the mature contact.
From my experience of once being a 13 year old and reading plenty of mature books, there are 13 year olds out there who could read it.

However, 50 Shades of Grey has some very questionable moral lessons to teach especially to a young child.
It romanticizes the relationship between an abusive couple without acknowledging that it is an abusive relationship.

I would recommend informing your friend to not treat the book as an instruction manual for life if your friend truly wants to read it.
You could also tell them about how unrealistic it is and how terrible the writing is.
But at the end of the day, your friend is probably still going to read the book.

What's problematic about this question is that it presents a true paradox!
To wit: The best person to answer it would obviously be someone who has read the books.
Yet…and this is the main rub: anyone who indeed DID waste their time reading that banal and crude garbage has to be a clinical idiot.
Thus, not to be trusted for giving advice concerning appropriate reading material for children.

A true Catch-22, eh?

Age should not be the only factor here.
The person's reading level should also be taken into account, as well as the person's reading comprehension.
Does this person know how to read books at this level? Can this person understand what he or she reads, or what others read to him or her?

I don’t believe a 13 y.
is mature enough to read that book nor is it appropriate.
I have read the books and watched the movies and I will tell u the books are much more detailed then the movies.
That series is for adult eyes not children.

All 3 of my girls (15, 13, and 11) have been allowed to read it.
I see no problems with allowing them to do so.

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