Is English grammar necessary

Is English grammar necessary?

Whenever I come across an essay or speech, I start on a scale of 10 beginning with 10 in order to evaluate and it reduces by one point each with every single grammatical error I find in the given essay or speech.
The reason could be ascribed to the much-hated term: prejudice.
When a person supposed to be well-read makes grammatical errors, it shows the incompetency in reading and over the mastery of the language.
Another, more important reason is that of miscommunication.
The objective of using correct grammar is to make the content clear and precise.
When someone messes the grammar in a text or speech, it often leads to confusion, dragging the effort of the writer or speaker down along with the content.
I have known people who have great ideas but are hampered by their mere incompetency in grammar.
I believe that not only English but we should be adhering to the grammatical rules of whichever language we use.
English, currently being used for academic purposes along with others, has today become an important factor in evaluating a person’s talent and skill.
However, many find it difficult to tackle the complex grammatical side of the language.
But the importance of grammar is impossible to undermine.

Yes of course it is necessary.
In case of truly improving your English language and speaking standard English, grammar is indeed necessary.
Grammatical accuracy and expression is very important when you want to take your language to the next level.
It can be improved through practice and grammatical reference.

Actually, like you, I once pondered over this question very often.
Then I realized the answer myself.
See, the English language is really a mix of many other languages like, Hindi, French, Latin,Greek,Roman, Chinese, etc… and countless others.
English do needs a proper grammar to avoid confusion.
And just think if you write something, and place the words randomly anywhere or use think instead of thought, or write ‘ not a worser girl Emily was who play nicelfully billiards ’ instead of ‘ Emily was not a bad girl who played Billiards nicely.

It may not be sounding much of a problem,but if you read such a paragraph, you may end up throwing the para book on the table, holding your head, especially, if your science textbook is written in such a way, and it’s your exam tomorrow, and you have missed 2 or 3 chapters.
Maybe you are understanding why is Grammar important.
I know it’s sometimes a headache, but English should make some sense.

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