If you were given the power to eliminate one issue we as a world population face what would it be

If you were given the power to eliminate one issue we as a world population face, what would it be?

As I see it the one thing that keeps humanity from reaching it’s full potential is the use of money.
Our belief in and use of money keeps us in a state of slavery.
Just because one has been born into what is, does not make what is the best way to survive and thrive.
Yet we have been lead to believe that we need money to survive.
If this were true then nothing could survive without it.
And yet, if you look to nature you will see that this is not the case.
Mother Earth is able to abundantly provide for all of Earth’s beings.
And all of Earth’s Beings EXCEPT humans are able to thrive on what is provided without money.
Money is just a human concept.
It’s only value is the value we give it.
Those who control it do not not want us to know this for our ignorance allows them to keep us as their free range slaves.
So we are given just enough freedom to think we have some control over our existence and the hope that if we are able to acquire “enough” money we can ultimately buy happiness.
Who knows how long we will continue as such.
Until we look for the solution which works for EVERYONE we will always have issues to keep us from finding the answers we desire.

The people in charge.
A sad fact of reality is that the people most likely to want power are the people most likely to abuse power.
Another sad reality is that in order to attain those positions, one must be willing to use every available means both ethical and unethical.
An individual that is using hard work and intelligence is at a distinct disadvantage in comparison to an individual that uses hard work, inteligence, brown nosing, and bribery.
They simply dont have the means to push ahead of the competition.
If we could create a situation where the people in charge were actualy concerned about the people rather than their political or buisness carreers, we would see many of the other problems go away.

Socialism and all its dependent ideologies have given humanity more false hope, dead promises and unattainable goals than any other system.
It has brought nothing but poverty, misery and massive loss of human life to the world.
It bankrupts countries destroys wealth and starves populations while at the same time giving government unlimited power to control the populace while silencing speech, disarming people and creating a population of slaves.

The banking cartel…
These people are making trillions upon trillions as if in a competition of who will have the most, just like the pharmaceutical companies, wile the great majority of the people are living in inhuman conditions world wide.
000 children die from hunger and disease every day… the greediness is growing, the religion of money loving satanists has no feelings for the rest of humanity and looks at them as worthless cattle… yes, your money making banking machine that consider them selves as gods, the ones that abuses and oppress you… money, money, money… for my “money god” Give them more people, don’t stop now…

If I can eliminate one issue, I want to choose the broadest one possible.
And since I have the power, not some crazy god, I get to decide whether the solution I hold is good.
Any problem can have a terrible solution.
The people in charge are bad? Put worse ones in.
Global warming? Teleport the sun away.
Overpopulation? All sex cells die.
There is no reason to believe a less broad problem will get a less bad solution from whatever mad god is giving me this power.
Then, if the solution seems like a good idea, and not something like Everyone Dies, I use it.

I’d like it to remain clean and plentiful.
I’d like it to be widely available.
I’d like it not to be capitalized upon, it should be free.
I’d like to see the oceans full of fish and not carbon dioxide and pollution.
I’d like a lot of it to be frozen at the poles again.
I’d like if it fell from the sky to quench our dry forests.
(that’s called rain for the kids out there).
I’d like if it weren’t used as a convenient place for toxic sludge, garbage, and the disposal of mafia victims.
I’d like to find it on other planets.

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