Can you write something to make me feel better

Can you write something to make me feel better?

I want to tell you a secret.
If you fully understand it, your mind will be blown.

Are you ready? I think you are ready for it, because your question implies suffering and the need for relief of this suffering.
So, here it comes:
The person you believe who wants to feel better, the person you think is you DOES NOT EXIST.

The person you consider yourself to be is made-up by your imagination.

The ‘you’ who is feeling bad is a fiction made by your mind.

Yes, your body exists.
Your thoughts exist.
Your suffering is real.
Your emotions are real.
I am not invalidating any of that.
But the ‘you’ that you believe is suffering, is not real.

You have become too identified with the idea of ‘you’ that you overlook that this person you call yourself does not exist.

And I am not saying that there is anything wrong with that.
In fact, it is very human to identify with the voice in your head and to listen to one’s thoughts.
Most people go through life that way.
But I want to tell you that it is simply unnecessary.
It is unnecessary to suffer.
There is nothing wrong with feeling any particular way, but it is unnecessary if the way you are feeling worsens through one’s thoughts.
It is unnecessary to suffer like this.

You can let go of resistance.

You can let go of the idea of you.

You can stop suffering by accepting the way things are, as they are.

The truth is, I cannot write something to make you feel better; only you can make yourself feel better.
Others can only point you in a certain direction, but it is up to you to decide which way to go.

What you are can never be put into words; you are larger than a thought, larger than a feeling, larger than anything you can think of.
Words fall short.

And if you realize this, you will no longer suffer in this way.

All the best to you :)

Hey! If you're not feeling better, you're doing injustice to yourself dear.
Life's too short to not feel better.
I can tell you hundreds of stories from my ward which can make you feel better and believe that miracles do happen but that we'll do some other day…i wasn't a very positive person always, I wasn't social, not funny and that's what you need to make friends in this materialistic world, which I hardly had any…in the long run, I've realized you don't need people to be happy.
You gotta be self sufficient, you have to be your motivation and why not.
You've survived all those years in this world crossing all the hurdles! Be the sunshine, that strong cup of coffee and that amazingly happy creature who's in love with yourself.
and ya, one more thing, never stress out over people.
If alive, people always come back to you.
Love yourself and keep smiling!!!
Sharda sharma

Do you like nights? The dark nights with no moon.
People are afraid of it.
People are afraid of nights as it is, but if you look at that one particular night, it is for me the most inspirational moment.

I love the moon, his absence makes me long for it, but that night I look at the pole star and admire it's qualities.
How he manages to be there when nobody else is.
But the presence of pole star tells something.
It is the star we can see, doesn't mean there aren't other stars.
There are stats supporting it in the background and that my dear friend is the truth.

We are all the pole stars of our lives.
Constants to our own self, supported by the whole network of universe.


Keeping smiling.

Have a nice day.

Ps: if you wanna talk, you can message.

Let me try.
I am sure I will succeed!
Do you remember the last occasion when you enjoyed sunrise?
Or sunset?
Just go through that experience.
The peaceful color of the sky,blue original shade slowly getting brighter and brighter,the light tone of golden color spread originating from that rising golden ball,the sound of chirping birds enthusiastically flying towards undecided destination,the still blooming beautiful flowers with dew covered petals shining in morning sunlight,least bothered about the world around.

Or one may simply observe the cute kittens playing with each other gracefully.

Sitting on the bank of river observe the current of water, flowing Incessantly, reflecting it's eagerness to meet the sea,her ultimate destination overcoming all the hurdles on the way.

Feeling better?
Yes,I am sure,you are!
N Y Purohit

When I speak to my mom and dad, I realize love still exists.

Suffering alone with pain during illness, I understand how much I miss my home.

Was afraid of long distance relationships, but now hate the distance…
Cooking was always good when it was appreciated by my lovely little sister.

Looking at pictures and videos of pets, I experience the real loneliness without my dogs…
And for those lucky people who are with their parents,
Thank your mom and dad.
Wish them love.
Care for your siblings.
Don't forget petting.

Finally Help others
Thank you :)

No matter what comes in life, always find out the positive approach to deal rather than indulging into any mere pessimist means.
Everything that happens is for the good always remember this, and that is the most to keep you happy and positive when every moment.
Stay calm and forgive everyone who intends to hurt you emotionally and get stronger each day and face the same people with your smile and silence.

Be happy and don't try to hurt the other person .
Help for the person who are in problem.
Wake up early in the morning.
Take 10 minute of meditation seriously and relax your body and think about the all living being, those who have suffer.
Pray for them.
Promote peace and compassion to other.
your day will colour full than ever before.
Just do it! What ever you want to do but do it by your self

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