Can you write something I want to cry

Can you write something I want to cry?

Just imagine this lying on your bed and all the lights of you room off…
Imagine a day, may be 50 or 60 years from now where you won't find
your mother to love you,
Your father to scold you,
Your friends to tease you,
All of them would disappear,
Maybe you won't be there too,
Maybe you would be lying on some hospital bed with a number tag on your leg, dreaming of all these days ,all these people and the only thing you would be able to do is burst yourself out with tears.

Days pass
Months pass
Year pass
Time moves on….

“People around you will change,the world will change,it's you who can either cherish your life or either sit back and cry to your beautiful gift of life.

The biggest pain in the world.

I think it is enough to make any one cry.
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just imagine( for god sake please don’t turn into real) ,so only imagine you are a princess of your family ,your melodious voice fatch happiness in every way.
obviously you will have a fantastic aim just like another baby which you wanna achieve in your life you will have very curious desire to fulfill that and at the same time there will be your parents who will think about you even more than yourself,you will study very well ,life will be going in very fine direction and suddenly a day comes when you are kidnapped ,your well wisher will show empathy /sympathy but can you imagine the sorrow of your family member, how will they show their sympathy? they will try to make things all right ,they will try to search you all around like insane , madly they will wander hither and thither but will get only dejection,some how they will pray to their god to make you at safer .
somehow your parents will be sure that you will come your home happily and hug them but in 2–3 days your father watches on news that a girl has been murdered when he is showing sympathy that how a human become such a devil suddenly news anchor says the name whom your father used to call PRINCESS
NO ,you can’t understand their pain never , this sorrow you can easily understand when you become a father and if someone plants a slap to your child but here the case is not about slap ,
unfortunately your father hears that there is not only murder but her princess has been gone through rape and not for single time its for multiple ,how a people turns into devil? how a human becomes such hard who forget their humanity ,and when investigation starts it is found that there is not only murder ,rape/ gangrape but also found that her body was under alchohal
now don’t you cry only but also weep on your fate that some people of your country will start protesting with Indian flag but not for you they will show their integrity for them who has done rape ,some people will come and say its normal ,people will say in every year 20,000 girls are being raped in country like India so its very normal ,
and again there will be debate on every news channel ,and within few days every one will go to hell to relax their own life
you have to cry then cry on
people of your country who shows sympathy for rapist not for you
people of your country who never comes when DAMINI calls on roads
people of your country who kills hundreds for rapist like RAMRAHIM
your fate that you came in this world as a girl
on the slogan यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यते रमन्ते तत्र देवता ! (where woman is worshiped there is god )
BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO (so that one can have rape once again )
#shame on human #shame on humanity

You prefer sadness more over happiness that means you've a negative mindset.
I think this would be enough.

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