Can you write a whole paragraph without any vowels

Can you write a whole paragraph without any vowels?

My try.

Why thy lynx fly? My lynx cry.
Slyly thy lynx fly— sty shy.
By sty, gym shy? Wry my lynx: my lynx fly.
Gypsy’s skry hymn cry lynx-fly myth! Skry hymn cry gyps fly.
Typy gyps fly.
Fry cyst gyps, syph gyps fly myth.

Gypsy’s hymn rhythm thy psych.

Here’s my try.

Why does your lynx(a type of a cat) fly? Mine only cries.
Your lynx flies because it is scared of the sty.
How sly! Or is it scared of the gym? Whatever.
I’ll distort my lynx so that it can fly.

The gypsy’s crystal ball song (spiritual vision) cries that the fact that lynx can fly is a myth.
It says that only gyps (bird genus) can fly.
Ideal breeds of gyps can fly.
However, gyps with really bad cysts or syphilis cannot fly.

The rhythm of the gypsy’s song will help you mentally prepare for this truth.
EDIT: I know I used y as a vowel here, but the above words are generally considered as words without vowels, which is why I used them.

Here’s what a sentence with no vowels would look like:
Tsktsk… tsktsk… tsktsk… tsktsk… tsktsk… …nth tsktsk.

~The thoughts of an extremely judgmental person, I guess.

Ys, b nt spllng wrds crrctl’ ccrdng t Nglsh rls.

Th Rbc nd Hbrw lphbts r clld “bjds,” whch mns lphbts f cnsnts nl.
N Rbc r n Hbrw, y cn lv t ll th vwls nd stll b ndrstd.

But unlike Hebrew and Arabic, you cannot do that with a phonetic alphabet such as English.
Even native speakers might have found the previous two paragraphs challenging to read.

But that is the only way, in English, to write a whole paragraph without any vowels: by violating the fact that in English, vowels have equal weight with consonants and may not be omitted.

English does not use an abjad script.
Vowels are mandatory.

Th prsn wh cn d tht s myslf.
Cn y d tht t? Cm n, ts nt tht hrd.
Ll y hv t d s rmv vry vwl frm vry wrd tht y wnn wrt.

My fry, thy fry.
Mmm mmm mmmmm! Try my fry! Why? Why?!? Shy, hmm? Hmph, cry!!! Cry thy hymn! My, my my! Zzz….

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