Can you write a story starting with It was never about love

Can you write a story starting with “It was never about love…”?

“It was never about love, you know.
Because if it would have been sudden blind massive love,we might not be sitting like this living this blissful moment after long chaos together
” Ved said looking straight into those eyes, lower eyelid bordered with kaajal and eyelashes adored by mascaara.
Meera was looking so stunning in that lavender top and denim jeans.

Going through all the ups and downs.
suffering a betrayed solitude in own life.
struggling for the goals.
although reluctantly still believing in this indescribable emotion through which they are bonded now, both of them finally made it together.
Sitting on the bonnet of car at 8pm with cappuccino and a packet of Britannia cake, at the peaceful outskirts of the city.
Ved was happy being with her.
Meera was feeling so complete by his presence.

So, may I know the reason behind this meet up trip?” Meera asked in funny taunting manner.

Ohh madame! Show some mercy on this poor guy.
Keeping your instructions in mind
, I wore sky blue shirt and mustard trouser.
Luckily, looking more appealing than you.
See this ambiance, at least call it our first date
” Ved said acting smartly giving her a wink.

Ohh mister!! Why should I call it our date? This poor guy sitting next to me was so busy that he didn't pick any of my call even for once, moreover not replied to messages except typing ‘TTYL.
’ Be thankful unlike typical girlfriend I am not angry now.
I am taking this so called date as compensation.
Meera said in sarcastic manner.

Ok, that means, now you are my girlfriend.
Someone said once with full attitude I hate the label of girlfriend.
Let me recall who said it? Ohh! it was you Miss Meera.
He backfired his words just to look that little blush on her cheecks, any generous hearted man would love to see on the face of his lady.

I think instead of spending this evening peacefully, let's just continue this cold war.
By the way, I am not your girlfriend it's just that.
ummm I mean to say not gf but aah!! I don't know but definitely not girlfriend and
” Meera stopped.

Suddenly all that jokeful environment changed into something else.

Ssshhh!! The more you innocently ignore this fact of ours, more I feel for you Meera.
Neither your artistic self captivated me nor your appearance.
Your selfless support, talks you do, silence you bear in heart was so enough to search this hidden rare soul from the crowd
” Ved uttered these words in such a manner that Meera remain awestruck for a while.

I don't know why and how you say such things, Ved? I just don't know why I am not being able to be as assured as you? Why there is still such a dark uncertain fear in my heart that you will also leave one day?” Meera said in heart wrenching tone.
A tone hiding her fear.

a clear no, Meera.
Listen to me, I understand your situation.
That's all Ok, but for how long we should remain in this darkness? You were the one who motivated me during those struggling time, then why this? I would say just be calm and let's live day by day instead of imagining whole life series.
What you say?!?
” Ved smiled and just smiled.

Thank you, Ved, not for showing this understanding only but at least for not being fake.
I never went for such outings with anyone but with you some sort of security I felt that didn't allow me to say no to you.
I promise with this dawn to dusk series of every day I will simply be with you that's it.
Meera promised not to him but deep within to herself as well.

So, now give me the packet.
You already ate two extra cakes at least, now give it to me such a foodie you are.
” His effort of making her laugh was as usual a successful attempt.

…and that's how, their exchanged glances wrote their love story once again.


It was never about love?
No, it wasn't.

“Then why you did this to her Avi?” asked Raj in a fuming tone.

I wanted to see how it feels when someone loves you.

“Don't lie! It is because your college friends have girlfriends and you don't have.
So you used her.

Really? okay.
Think whatever you want to.
I don’t care Raj.

“Accept it, Avi.
You broke Diya’s heart.

I didn't.

“I never said that I love her” replied Avi in a careless tone.

But what you did was worse.
“I will love you someday for sure, she lived with you for that one day And it never came” said Raj.

“I never said that.
Anyways, it doesn't matter.
You think all this is my fault”
Avi left the room.
he did not like the way Raj was blaming him.
It was not his fault that Diya left.

Avi tried calling Diya but she never responded to him after he denied her love proposal.

“I am sorry Diya”.

I told you this dating idea is not good for us.
We are just friends.
Now look you don't talk to me and left.
I never wanted to break your heart.

He sat on a chair looking at the windchime, she gifted him, was hanging at his room's window.

Wind touched his face gently and a sound of laughter struck his ears.
He looked around but there was no one.

Windchime waving in the air making a pleasant sound.
yet deep.
Yet mysterious.
Earlier, it never made him feel anything.
but today it feels different, like a mixture of smile and cries with tunes of music, dark deep somehow melancholic still enchanting.
Every chord speaking a different story, a hope diving in the sea of hopelessness.

Avi avoided that sound, turned aside spread a blanket over his face and slept.

The wind was moving speeder than usual.

“What are you doing?” asked Avi.

“I am going, Avi”
“But where Diya?”
“I don't know!”
Okay! “I am not lying.
I never want to break your heart, but I am not in love with you.

Diya listens carefully.
“will you ever be?I’m tired of waiting” asked Diya.

“I like you Diya.
You are a nice girl.
We are friends but I don't love you.
” replied Avi.

Just once.
Say that” you love me”.

“We dated for months, you never felt anything for me.

“You asked me to date you.
But I can't keep doing it.
Everyone thinks I broke your heart but I didn't.
” said Avi in a helpless voice.

“It was you who asked me to date, I always told you I like you but as a friend.

“It was never about love between us.
”Avi added further.

Diya trembled with misery.
She just couldn't take it.

A tear trail from her left eye and touched Avi's hand…
Avi opened his eyes.

“It was a dream.
” he was relieved.
But his hand could still feel that tear.
The wetness of that tear was on his skin, still.

He thought for a long time about that dream.

“It was just a dream”his mind said.
Somewhat inside him was sure it wasn't just a dream.

He never saw Diya after that.

10 years passed.

Nandini, Nandini…
“Where is Jiya?”asked Avi.

“She is playing with her new car.

“Did you bring me choclates,papa?”

But, Before that Jiya will drink a glass of milk in her favorite cup.

“No, Papa.
I don't like milk” Jiya ran to the porch of the house.

“Papa look stars are shining so bright today.

That shiny star is Jiya’s grandfather.

“Really papa?”
“Yes Jiya”
“And which one is the grandmother?” Jiya asked in a curious tone.

“Grandmother is just next to grandfather.

“Look there”, Avi Pointing at one of the star among several.

“Grandma is not shining as bright as the grandfather.

Because Jiya is, not drinking milk, so, Granny is angry.

I will come here and drink a glass of milk so that granny could see me.

Papa, “When I will die I Will be a star too?”
Jiya!” Don't talk rubbish” replied Avi.

Papa, I will be on the side of grandmother and grandfather and mom will be.

Jiya stop saying that granny is getting angrier.

“Avi, Let's go and sleep.
I am too tired,” said Nandini making a serious face.

Why are you making weird angry faces? Let's go.
C’mon Jiya.

When Avi entered the room he saw.
candles blowing all around balloons on floor Jiya’s drawing on the wall and Nandini shouted “Happy birthday Avi”
Jiya hugged Avi with a peck on his cheek saying in the cutest tone “happy birthday papa”
Thank you.

Tears of joy were shining in Avi’s eyes.

“ Thank you, love,” he said hugging Nandini.

Nandini gifted a photo frame to Avi in which his entire family was present- his mom ,dad, Jiya, and Nandini.

Tears filled his eyes as he hugged the two most precious pearls of his life.

Next morning.
Jiya got ready for school, waved goodbye and Nandini holding Jiya hands threw a flying kiss to Avi.

Avi who was sitting on dining table eating breakfast blushed- his cheeks were all red and he waved back at them.

Nandini and Jiya were waiting for school bus.
The bus stopped.
They were crossing the road, when, a car came from nowhere and hit Nandini.

Jiya was thrown away out of force.
While Nandini hit the ground.
She was surround ed by a pool of her own blood.
Lying soulless on ground in a crowded road.
She died on the spot.

Ambulance came.
Avi was informed.
Jiya has not severe injuries.
She was taken to the hospital.
Avi was sitting in ambulance holding Jiya’s hand.
Doctor’s assured him that she will be saved.

Her eyes were closed.
Patches of blood were visible on her face.
She started breathing heavily.
Jiyas hand were getting cold.
Avi pleaded the doctor for help.
They tried every possible option so Jiya could breathe.
Nothing worked
She died in ambulance holding Avi's hand.
Avi could feel it.
He felt Jiya is no more around him.
She is gone.

A chilling sensation ran in his body and he fainted.

In just a day, on his birthday, he bid goodbye to her little daughter and beloved wife.

Raj, his old college friend often visits him.
He tries to console Avi but fails everyday miserably.

Avi came back home.
Birthday decoration Nandini and jiya did was still there, leftover cake was still in the refrigerator, and that photo frame still smiling.

Jiya's favourite mug was on the table where she left it after sipping milk but Jiya is nowhere.

Nandini’s was no where but her smell was still in bedsheets.

Avi touched his forehead like Nandini used to touch his hairs, her soothing touch was missing.
The way she used to hold Avi in her arms, after his busy tiresome day.
Closer to her heart in shed of love where all his worries melts.
That touch was gone.
Those arms were gone.

Jiya dancing eyes looking at her Papa with Joy.

Nothing was there, anymore.

All lifeless was left in that house, no life was left.

Avi went to balcony, where he sat yester night with Jiya looking at stars.

Today the “grandfather and grandmother stars” were not shining as bright as the previous night but two tiny stars around them were visible, partially, hidden behind the clouds.

“Jiya is this you?”Asked Avi.

No one answered.

And he remembered her daughter’s words.

“Mom and I will be stars too…”
He broke down on the floor.
Looking at his loves shining in that night sky, his heart only wish was to be with them.

Raj came running, trying to hold him.

Held his hand and consoled him.

Raj could not hold his tears.
Seeing Avi in such a state was hard for Raj to hold him with his miseries.

Someone came behind the doors.
She was Diya.

She ran to him…
Are you okay?
Crying sobbing she held Avi close to her, filled him in her arms and sat on the floor with him for a long hour.
Avi didn’t utter a single word.
All he could feel is Nandini is holding him.

He rested in her arms for a while…
And later realized.
It was Diya.
The same girl who always loved him.

It’s been six months to that unfortunate incident.
Avi lives alone.
His night usually is looking at stars from balcony.

Diya often comes to visit Avi.
Consoles him, make him smile, To be there for him.
Avi also enjoys her company.

But what he loved most was sitting on that porch looking at his family in the sky and wishing he could with them.

Time was moving, Avi was not.

He tried to look happy for Raj and Diya but he misses Nandini and Jiya so much that nothing could make him feel good.

Diya asked Avi to date her.

Avi didn't want to break her heart again.
He was not willing but Raj suggested him to give it a short.

Avi and Diya went to movies.
Diya did whatever was possible to cheer Avi.
Avi didn't want to break Diya's heart this time.

On her Birthday, she planned a surprise party for Avi in his house, as he was not much interested in going out.

Diya decorated house with balloons and candles.
And their old photographs on a tree frame.
All old happy college days cheered Avi.

Avi was pleasantly surprised looking at good old memories.

She lit scented candles.
Avi was amazed how beautifully she decorated his messed up house.

Candles balloons rose petals all those photos of college and last six years.
He smiled at her.
Maybe this is my fate.

A sound sad and familiar stuck his ears.
was the same windchime she gifted him years ago.

“Where did you find this?”Asked Avi with a surprising look on his face.

“I found it.
You don’t know me! I can find anything that's my superpower.

They chuckled.
Their eyes meet.

She curled his arms around her.
Avi said “Happy birthday Diya.

Stretching his hands to pick a box from the table.
This is for you.

The moment he touched her a cold breeze entred thriugh window hitting the wind chime's and the chime's music dissolved in surrounding.

She looked into his eyes.
They come close.
Closer than ever.

She could feel his breaths on her lips.
The warmth of love tied them close in those moments.
Avi’s lips were smiling.
He slowly moved toward Diya( but Nandini smiled in his head).
Avi was imaging Nandini in his mind held Divya’s in his arms,suddenly smiling Nandini in his head disappeared instead everything turned dark, all he could see was Nandini lying on the road lifeless in the pool of blood and Jiya lying lifeless body in that ambulance.

His hands and feet stopped moving, he turned around.

Diya could not understand what just happened.

Avi looked at one corner of the room.
“Where is Jiya’s bicycle?”
“Where did you put it?”Avi asked loudly.

He went inside to check in his bedroom.

Everything looked clean.
His birthday decoration was gone.
Nothing was there.
Nandini’s makeup cloths nothing.
Jiya’s favourite cup was not at Avi's bedside.
Nothing that could remind him of them was there.
All was gone.

Avi raged with anger.

“Where is my wife and daughter’s stuff?”
“They are packed carefully.
Don’t worry.

“What do you think of yourself, Diya.
How dare you touch it?”
“It’s my birthday, Avi.
”Diya sobbed.

then Happy Birthday and get out of my house,” Avi shouted loudly.

“You are so selfish.
Like always.
You never care about me.
” Diya shouted.

“Tell me where is everything” he screamed at top of his lungs.

“I burned them all.
Are you happy now?”
What? “are you mad?” Avid asked.

“Yes, I’m.

“How many days are you going to cry for your dead wife and daughter.

I’m tired of hearing about them.
They are gone.
I’m your present.
Love me.
Live with me.
Can't you see how much I care.

“Can’t you see How much I love you Avi?” asked Diya.

Get out of my house right now.
And take all this stupid decoration and this antic windchime.

He pulled that windchime out of the window.
Crushed it under his feet.

“ Get out,” Avi shouted.

When he turned back that windchime was intact like nothing ever happened.

Avi looked at Diya in dismay.

“Leave me alone, Diya”
“I can't, I won't and I never will.

“Nothing is left for you.
No one is with you.
Be with me I love you more than anything in this world.
” said Diya with strange confidence in her voice.

“I don't need you, just go away,” Avi shouted.

Really? You can try.
I waited for ten long years to be with you.
I killed your mom and dad.
Then, I hid for ten years to regain my powers and then she came, Nandini.
Such an annoying girl and like it was not enough, she gave you a daughter too.

“I will not leave anyone around you.
I can not control who comes into your life but I can send them back.

“Believe me, Avi Darling”.
I can!
“Aren’t you shocked all of your family died in terrible accidents, didn't they?
Have you ever thought about reason? whythe same death for everyone?
Because “it looks natural and is easy to do.

Except for your daughter.

“I choked her to death with my beautiful hands.

“You are lying, Diya.
You were not in Ambulance, said Avi”
I was.
sitting with you.
In Fact, I was sitting very close to you.

Your daughter wanted to be a star.
right? I made her a star.
Look how kind hearted I am.

“Don't you see my love? I can do anything for you.
” Anything.

“Say you love me.
I am waiting to hear that for many years.
You never said that always left me alone.

Remember what you told Raj when I left-
“It was never about love.

It was always about love.

It is about love and it will be ALWAYS ABOUT LOVE.

Till you say “yes”.
Even it takes many births or many lives.

It will keep repeating.

Raj broke down on the floor.
Looking at his loves shining in that night sky wishing to be with them.

Raj came running, trying to hold him.

Held his hand and consoled him.

Raj could not hold his tears.
Seeing Avi in such a state was hard for Raj to hold him with his miseries.

Someone came behind the doors.
She was Diya.

She ran to him…
Are you okay?
Crying sobbing she held Avi close to her, filled him in her arms and sat on the floor with him for a long hour.

Diya took Avi six months back, on that night, when Diya met him after ten years.
Diya wanted to change the ending this time.

And the same story will keep repeating itself untill Avi accepts Diya’s Love.

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*warning – this is going to be long.

On a beautiful summer day, a girl and a boy met each other.

And I am going to tell you their story.

It was never about love.

It was about loneliness, in the starting at least.

They both were lonely and needed someone in their life.

One mentioned the loneliness, other acted like he was a loner.

One mentioned pain, other acted like nothing can hurt him.

They laughed (rarely), they teased (rare, again), they talked and they fought (a lot).

They wanted to change each other.
Make each other like themselves.
Only, as similar as they were, they were polar opposites.
So they could never be like each other.

But they enjoyed each other's company.
In their own way.
They enjoyed a lot, in fact.
Even those fights.

Slowly, one fell in love with the other.
She started yearning for those rare moments they had.
She loved everything about him.
And she mentioned that to him.

He said that didn't love her back.
She became sad because of this, but, she didn't give up.

Now, she wanted to know what their relationship is.
Are they friends? Lovers? Acquaintances? Enemies? Friend-zoned?
They fitted in none of the categories.

And she bugged him for an answer, every once in a while.
They talked and they fought (a lot), they laughed (rarely) and they teased (very rarely).

Months passed, and the season changed.

It was rainy season now.
A strong, destroying storm hit their city, and, just like that, a strong storm hit them both.

That night, it was going to end.

“What are we?!” She shouted once again.
She felt broken, hurt and tired.

His patience, also, could only take so much.
He closed his eyes and fists.
He didn't want to shout.
Keep calm.
He said to himself.

She came close to him and shook him by his arm.

“Tell me! I won't take your silence today! TELL ME!” She shouted once again and a lightning struck outside.

” He whispered, softly.
He kept his eyes low.

“What? What do you mean nothing?” She asked, confused.

“We are nothing.
This is nothing.
Got your answer?” He said, looking at anything else, but her.

The girl's heart stopped beating for a second.
Is he kidding?! These months that we shared together…no, this is not true.
He's lying.
He HAS to be lying.

“Look me in the eye, and say it once more.
” She challenged.

“Don't make me do that,” He whispered again.

“SAY IT, or I will take it as you are lying.
” She said, tears streaming down her eyes, her body shaking, her voice trembling.

He looked up.
He looked at her, and right into her eyes.
He was also breathing hard.
There was pain in his eyes too.
She could see it.

“What you and I had, was nothing.
This is the truth.
” He said, confidently and firmly this time.

Before she could say anything, he turned around and went away.

She never saw him after that day.
It's not like she didn't search for him.
He just… disappeared.
She felt empty, numb and broken.

Months past.
Came the cold winter.

She could feel the coldness at the bottom of her soul.
She missed him terribly.
And she was not going to give up, she'll find him.

He was not much better.
He missed her too, all the time.
He understood that he didn't not love her.
He loved her.
But he was not going back.
They are both fire and ice, and they could destroy each other if they came close.
He knew it.
He was sure about it.

Months passed.
Finally, it was summer again.
They first met on 16th of April.
But it was March right now.

And the funny thing was, that she finally found him.
Just the right time, even if it's not 16th April, she said to herself, smiling after a long time.

Internet does wonders, you see.
He was on the mountains.
She got his Instagram account.
She found the village name.
And she was going to look for him.

She traveled for hours.
Only hope was him.

She finally reached the village he was staying at.

She asked around for him, but didn't find him.

Finally she met a lady.
She was beautiful.

“Hi, do you know…” she asked this lady the same question she has been asking to everyone.

“Hi! Yes, of course I know him! He is my husband.
We stay just three minutes away from here.
Who are you? A friend of his?” the lady asked politely, and she went completely numb.
She just stared at her for what seemed like hours.
She finally came back to her senses.

“I, um, I am…I am sorry, I was taken by surprise there.
I am not his friend…we, ah, we are… nothing.
Sorry to disturb you.
And… be happy with him.
” She said, her body trembling so hard that she thought she is going to faint right now.
But she stood.
She turned around, and never looked back.
She gave up.

She knew, now.
For him, it was never about love.
It was not about loneliness, either.
It was truly nothing.

I was nothing to him.
No one

She thought, and that shook her from the bottom of her heart.

And that finally crushed her already broken heart into thousand pieces.

There, back on mountains, a tear left his eye.

“Thanks for lying, for me.
She would have never given up otherwise.
” He told to that lady.

“I don't know why… but I feel like I did my worst mistake by lying to her.
She really loved you, you know.
It was in her eyes.
She looked so hopeful.
And I crushed her hope right in a second.
” She said, feeling extremely guilty and sad.

“I'm sorry you had to go through all this for me.
” He said, feeling guilty too.

“Why?” She asked.
“Why are you running away from her?”
“Because we will destroy each other.
I know that.
” He replied firmly.

“You both already did that.
You destroyed her right now.
You are getting destroyed here, without her.
You were probably right.
You both will hurt each other.
But what you don't know is that you two are the medicines that your wounds need.
Now you can't do anything.
” She said.

He understood now.
How could he be so wrong? He needed to find her.
Right now.

He went away from there as fast as he could.
But he was too late.

It was 16th April today.
He had been searching her for a month now.
And he found the news today.

She was dead.
She killed herself after coming back from mountains.

That day, he was shaken from the bottom of his soul.
He was numb.
He cried, and cried.
He screamed, he banged his fists on the wall.

But, nothing could get her back to him.

And that crushed his already broken heart into thousands of pieces.

“But you can come back to me”, a voice in his head said.
It was her beautiful, sweet voice.
Only he knew how much he loved her.

She was NOT nothing.
She was everything to him.
And that terrified him.
Because if he lost her, he would lose everything.
That's why he pushed her away.
As far as he could.
To save himself.
And her, but he couldn't.
And he truly lost her today.
Because of his silly, childish mistake.

He lost her.
But he wasn't going to give up.

He'll meet her again.
If not alive, then dead.

“We will meet again today, love.
” he said, as he killed himself.

And they met again, on the same sunny day of another beautiful summer.

It was never about love.

But it will always be about love from now on.

" It was never about love Amma, it was always about him and never about me ! " said Ramya after having a fight with Raman at the college .

Amma : Raman is a nice guy , you are the one who annoys him , poor boy he has been with you for so long .
I would like to give him The Bharat Ratna award for handling you .
What is the problem , tell me .

Ramya: Yeah yeah ! He's the one handling me right! We had planned to have a startup after college but now he wants to go to US for further studies and he wants me to initiate the start up alone .
That isn't fair !
A: So what's wrong ? Even you wanted to go to US and you gave the same exam too, what happened with that?
R: I didn't recieve any call from any University but he did
A: So are you angry about that or the startup?
R: Ammmmmmaaaaaaaaa
A: Okay okay .
I have a surprise for you .
Go check your study desk
Ramya ran to her study desk .

R: Oh my god oh my god ! Amma this is the same University ! I'll go and call Raman ! Thank you Amma thank you so much
The doorbell rang .
Ramya went to open the door .

Raman: Congratulations ! Ms.
Iyer you are selected to New York University , liked my surprise ?
Ramya : You fool ! You already knew it ! Now we can be together even in New York , and have more clarity about our startup .

Ramya wanted to pursue her dream but with Raman .


”It was never about love, Radhu.
” Sidharth was calling Radhika continuously.

“What? Go & live with your soulmate whom you met yesterday.
” Furiously, Radhika cut the call and blocked his number.

After few hours.

“Ma'am, someone asked me to give this bouquet to you.
” Peon said as he handed over the bouquet of lillies, her favourite flower!
“This is the second time! Who was that?”
“Don't know.
He was wearing a red helmet.
” Radhika rushed towards the ground floor.
Panting heavily, her eyes probed the area.

Suddenly, she saw a pair of eyes glaring at her.
Her breath stuck for a second.
With a throbbing heart, she ran towards the road but he started his bike and went away from her.

Her chaotic mind couldn't balance and she slipped on the road.
With crippled steps, she walked back, hiding the abyss of fear in a drop of tear, in the corner of her eyes! A mysterious man!
“Why did you do all these?” Asked Lakshmi, while sitting on the bench in the Blue cloud park with Akash.

“You know that I love Radhika, right?”
“Yeah, but you guys weren't even college mates.
Sidharth introduced her to you, right? Lakshmi was doubtful.

We travelled by same bus.
Once I saw her giving her seat to an old aged uncle.
That's where she caught my attention.

“That's interesting! Then?” Asked Lakshmi.

“She usually wears a simple plain kurti, always have a pair of black ear phones plugged in her ears and had her hair cropped up to a perfect bun.
” Akash was in ecstasy.

“Wow! So much analysis, huh?” She chuckled.

Occasionally, I turn my head carefully to get a glimpse of her.
But she never saw me neither I had any courage to confront her.

“I will get lost in her eyes for sure, which will look creepy for her.
But it's so romantic.

“Yeah, right.
A strange guy, in a bus, coming in front of you, staring at the depth of your eyes, it definitely is so romantic.
” Laughed Lakshmi.

“Tease me how much you want.
But that feeling is heavenly.

“Then why did you decide to break someone's love.
It's selfishness, right? Asked Lakshmi.

“He didn't think that while breaking up with you for a small reason.
You have forgiven him and moved on.
” Said Akash, angrily.

“We were never meant for each other.
” Sighed Lakshmi.

“Really! Great excuse.
Then why did you help me now by acting like his girlfriend to put him in such worse situation?”
“Because you told me that Radhika is another time pass for him.
I won't let that happen.
” Said Lakshmi with a boiling rage.

Sidharth stopped his bike in front of Blue cloud park and put his red helmet down.
Few petals of Lilliy's were stuck in his fuel tank.
He stared at Lakshmi and Akash.

“It has just begun.
He whispered and drove away without getting noticed by them.

To be continued.

Part 1 →Ashly Paul's answer to What are some short stories about relationship?

Journal Entry 115 (Warning, graphic)
“It was never about love that allowed me to deceive and hurt those around me.

“Anum Sattar once wrote, No one is born as good or evil, it is the world that creates an Artist or Adolf.
As one who is considered evil by societies definition, I highly disagree with this statement.
I remember at the age of 5 stealing a Hello Kitty toy off the toy of a shampoo bottle, and when chastised by my mother later that day I vividly remember thinking, “I can’t steal”.
Not because it was wrong, but because stealing brings about yelling and punishment.
Don’t steal unless you can get away with it.

“A year or so down the road, my baby brother is born.
He’s fat and ugly and yet everyone around us craves his attention, leaving me to the wayside.
Whenever I’m left to watch the little pig I pinch his feet hard, push him into furniture, and pull his hair.
Unknowingly to me, my father purposefully leaves me with my brother and watches from around the corner to see what I will do.
I begin to pull his hair, just enough so he doesn't cry when my dad rushes into the room and drags me by my hair to my room for a spanking.

“After which, I never touch my brother again.
Not because I am sorry, but because the pleasure of seeing him distraught is greatly less than the pain of being punished.
Don’t hurt people unless you can get away with it.

“One thing I have always done is lie.
From my earliest of memories I can vividly remember spewing out lies so often and so casually that I no longer remembered the truth.
I could visually remember events and details of incidents that never really happened, and I didn't really care what people thought of me after they saw through my lies unless they had a benefit to my life.
If I had a friend who’s mom was friends with my own mother, I tried much harder to keep them happy then a friend who had no connections to my family, work, or hobbies.
I would spend more time with these beneficial friends, listen to all their worries, take them out to lunches, and most of all I always let them know how much they meant to me.
Keep those who benefit you most content in life.

“When I went through puberty and hormones began to hit my body like a tidal wave at 15, I was extremely horny and in need of physical release.
But that included finding a partner to find that release with, and in order to maintain my image as someone trustworthy and kind I needed to get into a relationship.
After taking care of my wardrobe, wearing makeup on a regular basis, and talking more friendly to the boys of my social group I quickly found a suitor who would work.

“ A year older than me, sexually experienced, and I quickly found out he had a very similar mindset to my own.
Similar, but not enough as he confessed shortly after we started courting that he has liked me for years, “Because I always wore a smile”.
He could tell that I was faking my emotion and thought I did so because I was depressed, when in reality I just didn't give a crap about anything.
But I placed on that same fake smile and fell into his arms, for the first time comforted by a persons touch that wasn't my younger siblings”.

“Our talks transitioned to venting as our hugs transitioned to sex.
The release found within each others bodies was so unique, so inspiring that it was at this time that I began to feel strong emotions in life.
Instead of feeling life with an indifferent veil, I began to feel joy, passion, euphoria, and dare I say even love.
But with every up there is a down, because I could also now feel hatred, despair, heartache, and vengeance.

“When my first companion in life died 7 months after our courting had begun, I could feel the emotions seep out of my soul and into the earth.
My parents called it, Depression, my friends called me Weak, my therapist called it Coping.
I called it going back to my normal self.

“It was after this realization that not every human is meant for emotions that I allowed an old, dangerous curiosity to rise from my subconscious.
How does it feel to kill something? And so I sneaked out one cold, December night to find a cat.
And the neighbors fluffy, orange cat named Garry waltzed right up to be with no fear volunteering himself.
I stuffed the cat into the black trash bags I had quadruple bagged, and carried him upon my shoulder like Santa’s sack to an old park surrounded by trees.

“While Garry remained in the bags, I found a large stick fallen off a nearby tree and bashed in the bag as I heard screams and mewls escape from the inside.
Within about a minute the sounds stopped and the bag was still, lumpy in shape without any telling as to where the cats head now lay.
I pulled out my journal and wrote underneath my list of rules: Do not hurt animals unless you can get away with it.

“As I walked home with my breathe in the air I began to make up the plan of how I would do the same to a human”

Disclaimer: This story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

“It was never about love, it was just friendship” thought Arnav as he rushed Anushka to the hospital.
He really felt as is he was responsible for this, but now he actually begun to love her.
The doctors finally took over and took her to the emergency room, leaving Arnav outside, tensed.

1 hour ago
Arnav was eating lunch, Roti and Dal at his home, when his phone rang!!!
Arnav: Hello?
Anushka: Hi Arnav!
Arnav: Hi Anushka
Anushka: Hi! Hope you remember that we have to go to the class reunion, you are supposed to pick me up!
Arnav: Yeah yeah, will be at your place by 4
Anushka: Okay, bye!
Arnav: bye!
Arnav’s mom calling out, son, more rotis? Arnav denies and walks out excited at meeting all his classmates, it had been almost 3 years since he met many of them, he was in his 3rd year of college now.
He went into his room, got ready took his bike, waved goodbye to his mother and left.

He reached Anushka’s home, her Mom comes to the door.

Arnav: Namaste aunty, where is Anushka!
Anushka’s mom: She is coming in a moment, water, tea?
Arnav: No aunty, we are getting late for the reunion!
Anushka’s mom: Okay beta, here is she.

Anushka: Hi Arnav!
Arnav: Hi!
Anushka: Lets go!
Arnav: Sure!
Anushka sits on the bike, she is wearing a really nice dress.
Arnav is mesmerized by her dress and thinks of her as his best friend and now thinks of a relationship.

They need to take the highway, Arnav gets on the road and starts his bike, sson enough he notices that Anushka is not wearing her helmet.

Arnav: Hey Anushka, your helmet?
Anushka: Nothing will happen.

Arnav: Your call!
Anushka: Look out ahead…
A truck is coming from the opposite direction on a one way, there is a screech of breaks and the bike collides, both Arnav and Anushka are airborne and land headfirst.
Arnav is wearing his helmet and his safe but we cannot say the same for Anushka, she has been hurt on the head and is collapsed, little did Arnav know that she was in a coma.
Arnav also faints, soon he is awaken by the siren of an ambulance, both he and Anushka are in an ambulance.
The driver accounts Arnav that Anushka has received serious injuries on the head.
Arnav sees her and nearly faints at her sight.

Anushka’s family is trooping into the hospital, it certainly is not a pleasant feeling for anyone.
The doctors inform that Anushka is in a coma.
Arnav had just thought of proposing her but now this.

1 year later
It has been a year since the accident, Anushka is making improvements at a snail’s pace, eye moments, then slowly using her muscles but she has or is pretending to have no memory of Arnav, Arnav is seriously depressed.
His hopes of marrying her are fading away.

6 months later
Finally Arnav’s parents want to arrange him a marriage but he just wants to marry Anushka.
His parents want to get him out of his depression.
He says taht he would go to the hospital and propose Anushka, if she denys, he would oblige his parents’ wishes.

He reaches the hospital with a diamond ring which his father gave to him.
He still clearly remembers Anushka’s room number ‘538’.
She is to leave the hospital after 18 long months and is packing her stuff, her mom and dad are in the room as well.

Arnav: Uncle, aunty, may i have a private conversation with Anushka.

Anushka’s mom(with a sly smile): Sure.

Aunty and uncle leave the room, their behavior strikes Arnav rather strange.

“Hi Anushka”
“Who are you?”
“I am Arnav, your best friend” he says and narrates the whole story as it happened and blamed himself for her sorrow condition at the end and sits on one knee.

“Will you marry me?”
Anushka is just left speechless and nods her head as an affirmative.

To be continued…
First part of my fiction ‘the ending world’
Next part out now, check it out Kaivalya Vaidya's answer to Can you write a story starting with "I never knew … "?
Future novelist
Kaivalya :)

“It was never about love… you completely understood it wrong!” said Anshuman irritatingly.
How could he be so misunderstood? Hearing this, Khyati’s eyes filled with pool of tears.
It was her birthday today.

She had been married to Anshuman and every thing was going perfect.
His job,her job…their happiness.
So was it the baby they were going to have? “How could you do this to me.
you heartless fellow.
it has been 6 years of our love marriage.
Why?” Anshuman just took his bag and headed to his office,slamming the door right as he went.
Khyati started feeling nauseous and took the support of her sofa.
A photo of her and Anshuman’s was placed on the mantle.
It was so beautiful.
The beach,his embrace,their love…Khyati was brought to reality when her phone rang.
“Aren’t you coming to office? We have a meeting today!” “Yes.
I am.
” Khyati got ready and giving a last glance at their photo,she closed the door.
After reaching her office,she straight went to her cabin and started crying profusely.
“Oh Khyati.
what happened? You are really not yourself today.
Buck up for the meeting.
” Even her friends didn’t remember her birthday.
Forgetting everything,she went ahead for the meeting.
Everything ran smoothly.
But after the meeting,the memories again started flooding her mind.
Their perfect love! Taking the car keys,she left the office.
The road was empty,she could reach home soon.
It was already a bad day.

Anshuman’s phone rang ….
20 minutes later,he reached there,gasping.

Seeing Khyati’s bloody body his heart shattered.
He gave a cry just like a wounded animal.
Her breaths were going on.
He lifted her in his lap and rocking her just like a baby ,said “It was never about love.
or the reason why I love you.
love is too small a word for what I feel for you.
You are my world.
It was about the soul connect.
You were going to become a mother and I , a father.
You gave me my world.
I didn’t love you with a reason because when reason ends,so does the love.
and again love is too small a word because you are my Life and Happy Birthday.
I am sorry.
I reached home early to make all the preparations with your friends to surprise you because you always surprise me.
but here you rest.
Khyati’s eyes filled with tears.
“You should.
have told.
me this earlier.
My Idiot.
I love you.
Now let me go.
the doctors will take care.
I am not gonna leave you so soon.
I will stick around and find a way to annoy you everyday.

Their latched fingers left each other’s grip…Here in the waiting chamber Anshuman’s heartbeats were going on and he knew as long as they went on,nothing could happen to his world,there in the ICU.

‘It was never about love, it was about responsibility Tara', said Mahesh softly, biting every word in order to lay emphasis on each word that escaped his mouth.
The soft breeze caused a few strands of hair to fall on Tara's face, yet her gaze remain affixed on Mahesh.
Being aware of this, he flinched a little.

‘Tara, you have been wonderful in your ways always,’ said Mahesh with a genuine conviction.
Tara could feel a lump in her throat.
But being the kind of woman she was, ebullient yet composed, she firmly held on to her equanimity.
Clearing her throat slightly, she spoke, ‘Why did you stuck by me Mahesh for so long, if it was never about love?’ ‘Oh, no no Tara, you are mistaken.
I never thought of abandoning you.
How could I? And, Tara I never cheated on you, not remotely in my thoughts,’ said Mahesh with a hint of vehemence in his voice.
The corner of Tara's lips curled up a bit.
'I know Mahesh, I could never doubt you on that.
I know the kind of man you are, you could be indifferent towards me but never cheat on me.
I trust you Mahesh,’ said Tara, confidence brimming in her voice.
‘ I might not have been the best person, but my concern for you is true.
I was not indifferent, I failed to love you the way I should have,’ Mahesh almost pleaded.
He further added, ‘ You were my biggest strength, you knew me at my worst, but you stood by me like a rock.
’ Tara listened to every single word with utmost attention, her face serene.
'What is love Mahesh?’ she finally spoke.
Mahesh turned his gaze away for a moment.
Taking a deep breath, he sighed, ‘ For most of the times in our life, the true meaning of love eludes us.
You know why Tara? Because more often we are busy trying to define love in one way or the other.
We constantly seek approval in the name of love, and may be because of this, I could never really love you the way I should have.
I saw you as a responsibility more, and it somehow deprived me of the love that I should have felt', Mahesh exclaimed, a deep agony that was palpable enough.

Tara felt Mahesh's pain.
She came closer to Mahesh, her loose hair brushing his shoulder.
She tilted her head slightly and with her usual calmness replied, ‘ I never felt any sort of deprivation, you have always taken care of me, you have respected me as a woman, what more could I have asked for?’ Mahesh looked straight into her eyes.
Tara's heart skipped a beat.
She was not used to this.
'Did I ever confess my love to you Tara? I don't remember.
All I know, I was attached to you but love, it takes a huge deal of courage to profess one's love.
I had been that coward', Mahesh sounded feeble.
'Oh, Mahesh, please don't say so.
You had every bit of an opportunity to abandon me when you didn't feel the love, yet you chose to take care of me in the best possible ways, isn't that a sign of strength?’, Tara looked at Mahesh reassuringly.
Her fingers dug slightly into Mahesh's arm.
In a reflex, he put his arms across Tara's shoulders and pulled her close to him.
He brought his face close to her ears, Tara trembled a little.
They had made love before, but today was different.
Mahesh's lips lightly brushed her ears, 'Tara, in all my senses, and with all fears buried, today, I confess my love for you.
I love you Tara, today and till eternity', whispered Mahesh into her ears.
Tara rested her head on his shoulder and held his arm tightly.
After a brief pause, she looked up to Mahesh and asked, 'Do I need to reply to that?’ Both let out a laugh and gazed at the setting sun.

Yes, they were awaiting a new morning, a better tomorrow in their lives.

For the very first time in fifteen years of their marriage, Mahesh and Tara fell in love with each other.

“It was never about love… It was about humanity.
” Krish clarified to Preeti, the investigating officer standing near the bloodied body of a girl.
“I would casually check on her every other day as she lived alone.
I live alone too.
I know how much problems I face.
So just on humanity grounds I would meet her.
And help her.
But today I came and I saw….
Oh God!” He closed his eyes and wept.

“Ma'am, there are no clothes on her body.
Looks like she was raped and then murdered.
Couldn't find the murder weapon.
No sign of any struggle.
The bed is made.
The kitchen is spick and span.
And there are no signs of forced entry.
Looks like the victim knew the guy who did the job.
” Karan came over and told her.

“Was this her flat?”

“Call the owner.
And tell the forensics to take this Krish guy's fingerprints.

“Yes ma'am.
” Karan stepped out of the house and Preeti went near the victim.

“Ma'am, her name was Roshni Verma.
” Pandey said handing over the driving license and pan card that he found in the victim's purse.
“And I talked to the neighbors.
They say she stayed here alone.
A man used to visit her sometimes.

“Pick two people and take them to our sketch artist.

“Yes ma'am.

Just then Karan entered with a middle aged man in tow.

“Ma'am, he is Mr.
Sinha, the owner.

Sinha, I am Preeti Khanna, the investigating officer.

can't believe this has happened.
It's such a shock.

“I understand.
Sinha, did she ever tell you that someone was after her life or do you know someone who might have done this to her?”
“No, ma'am.
No idea.
Shruti was a lovely young woman.
Energetic and cheerful and.

“One minute, Shruti? Who's Shruti?”
He stared at her and pointed at the victim below.

“She was Shruti.
Shruti Sharma.
” He said.

“But we have documents saying her name was Roshni Verma.

“I have her identity proof and the agreement that we had done.
She was Shruti Sharma.
” He said, handing over the agreement copy and the other identity documents.

Preeti looked at the proof.
“Get this to the lab and ask them to check it.
” Preeti said to Pandey.
“Anyway, Mr.
Sinha, neighbours say they used to see a man coming here to visit her.
Any idea who he was?”
“No ma'am.
Shruti used to stay alone.
If she had someone coming over then I don't know.
Must be her friend.

“Or boyfriend.

As far as I know, she was an orphan.
Her parents died when she was a little girl and that she was brought up in an orphanage, in a rural town of North India.
She was in her early twenties when she had come over to Mumbai to find work.
And has been here ever since.

What did she do for a living?”
“She was a designer.
She had her own boutique up north.
Where exactly? That I don't know.
She would pay my rent correctly so I never bothered to ask.

We will find out.
You may go, thank you.

“That's odd ma'am.
” Karan said.

“What is?”
“My sister is a designer and you should see my house.
Our place is filled with clothes and magazines and all kinds of colorful things that are required to design.
But here, we can't find a single thing.
Not even a measuring tape.

“That is odd.
” Pandey entered with a phone wrapped in a bag in his hand.
“This is the victim's phone.
It's ringing.

Preeti reached for it and picked up the call.

“Hello, this is Preeti Khanna, from Rajiv Nagar police station.
You are?”
“I am Vikas Kapoor.
This… this is my employee’s phone.
What happened?”
“Shruti Sharma was your employee?”
“Shruti Sharma? No ma'am.
Roshni Verma.
This phone belongs to Roshni Verma.

“She worked for you? Where?”
“What happened ma'am?”
“She has been murdered, Sir.

“What? Oh my god! When?”
“A few hours back.
Well, where is your office? We would want to speak to your other employees, her colleagues.
Because we were told she was a.

“My office? Colleagues?”

“Ma'am, Roshni was my househelp.
My maid.
She looked after our house.

“What? A house help?”
“Yes ma'am.

Preeti stared at the expensive 2 bhk house they were standing in with modern furnitures.

“I am sending over a photo to you.
Tell me if this is the woman you are talking about who you say is a maid in your house.
” Preeti sent a picture on the recieved number and waited for him to respond.

“Yes ma'am.
She is the one.
That's Roshni.
She was our governess.
She looked after our son.
Oh my God! I can't believe this.
What about her husband? Is he alright?”
“Her husband?”
He is in the police.
Hmmm what was his name.
Aah yes.
Karan Verma.

Preeti stared at the badge of the man standing in front of her.
Karan tilted his head and asked a “What?”
“Are you sure Sir?”
“Oh yes.
I even have his number in my other phone.
One minute.
Roshni had given it to me in case of an emergency.
It's… 987654321.

“Dial it.
” Preeti said staring at Karan, who stood there with no idea of what was happening.

“Thodi si bhi koshish na ki tune.
Isme tera ghaata.
Mera kuch nai jaata.
Jyada Pyaar ho jata.
Toh main seh nai paata.
” Karan's phone blasted out the Hindi song lyrics.

The room became deadlier with the two police officers staring at each other.

To be continued.

This is the first part of my new “The wrong guy!” series.

Here is the next part.

Shefali Naidu's answer to Do you write small stories? If you do, could you tell me a story in your collection?

And it was never about love, because we weren't friends… My past relationship broke as were lovers but never friends.
I don't want to repeat that mistake in my next relationship.
”, confessed Jiah to her friend Jay.

Jay was little stunned by what Jiah told.
He cleared his throat and looked at Jiah.
Jiah was silent, a girl who was damn talkative was not uttering a single word.

Jay said, “Look Jiah, I am sorry.
Let's drop this stupid 20 questions game.
I don't want you to get hurt.
I really am sorry about your past.
It's difficult for you I know that, but things happen because they are meant to happen.
You are a lovely girl and everyone adores you.

Jiah looked at Jay and exchanged smile.
“ Jay … yes, yes … yesss! ”, said Jiah and she blushed.
Her face had a different glow.
There was some hidden excitement behind her Yes.

Jay was confused.
He didn't know why Jiah told him yes, and then Jiah overtook him again, “Mr.
Raichand, I am ready to marry you.
Today when we started a question round your very first question was Shall I get married to you? And I said let's not answer it right now… but I want you to answer this, When shall we fix our marriage date Mr.

Jay was dumbfound.
He confessed to Jiah, “ Jiah I know you are a sweetheart! I really love you but I can wait.
This can wait.
You can take your own time.
We have been dating for couple of months.
But still I am ready to wait more.
I want you to be very sure at this decision.

Jiah kissed his hand and then his cheeks.
“Baby, I can tell you anything without thinking once.
I am so damn comfortable that I can even reveal my deepest secrets to you.
So now when I have realized that we are friends first and then life partners i know you we will be together forever.
This makes me sure of marrying you.
Because I will be the best version of me with you.

Jay kissed her on her forehead.
They left the cafe.
Jay opened a door for Jiah and said, “Always after you, Mrs.

Jiah hugged him and whispered, “Jay, you are the one … please be mine forever! Thank you baby.
I love you.

Jay's heart skipped a beat when he heard this … he said,“I do.
Always for now and forever.

‘it was never about love…’it was about her childhood friend which made Ramsha to write her heart out in a piece of paper.
Ramsha was a straight forward girl ,short tempered and was ambivert in nature .
At the end of the 9 th std she decided to join coaching for maths though she was average student but poor in maths .
So she join an institute ‘ Parthav Classes' .
It was her very first institute because earlier she only prefers home tutions .
She was nervous and quite excited when she was getting ready for her 1st class.
All went good and she made friends too.
Next day when she went to her clas she saw a boy wearing spectacles,his face was quite recognizable and very next second his name came to her mind he was Saket her kindergarten friend and also she shared class till std 4 with him .
He was one of her good friend but Ramsha was not happy to see him as she didn't wanted any of her old friend to be in that institute so that she can focus on her studies rather than friendship goals because her only goal was to secure good marks in boards.
Therefore she neglected him for almost 6 months and he made in between few attempts to talk to her by asking previous question papers ,books or helping in her assignment ,looking at her with a side glance and he even bought the spectacle of same design and colour which Ramsha prefers to wear in her class.
She was noticing every single thing but still she thought she will continue to ignore him and the months passed and in the last 2or 3 months of their batch, Ramsha started regretting for her misconduct towards him that why is she completely ignoring him? after all saket was her childhood friend ,after a long 7 years gap she met him again and even he never misbehaved with anyone in the class .
Classmates took Ramsha and saket bonds to another level as they both know each other and maybe because of his attempts to talk or her behaviour of ignoring even not making an eye contact made them feel so that they both had a crush for each other.
When Ramsha finally talked to him and that time also it was he who came to her to talk by making excuse by asking her about ncert books and then she finally asked him ‘ why your friends shouts your name loud whenever they see me ? I was only your classmate not someone else.
He said let them speak they are mad .
Once again she felt he is really a nice guy and even Ramsha feels jealous when he talks with other girls but not to her in a same friendly way because she was his oldest friend among them .

So finally ten days before ,when the session was about to end she decided to wrote him a letter it was of 3 pages long and she wrote her heart out since the first day of coaching till now whatever misbehave ignorance she did she mentioned every little things and simply explain the reason what made her ignore him for so long .
At last she mentioned that this is just a sorry letter, don't take it otherwise.
She gave that letter to their common friend and finally the letter was in Saket’s hand ,he read the whole letter and Ramsha was very curious to know what he felt after reading that letter and the answer which she got to know was, he burst out with laughing, this was quite acceptable for her as everyone has different perspective .
Session ended and again pressure of maths made her forget everything.

10 or 8 days before boards Ramsha's friend called her and said
have you written any love letter to Saket he was saying about you that you misunderstood his friendship and wrote him a love letter ,there were other students also but he didn't mind speaking it publically I know you can't do this
Ramsha was dumbfounded for her it was ground shaking moment, after few seconds with a tears in her eyes she said to her friend that
it was only a sorry letter and not a love letter which I had already mentioned by writing don't take it otherwise it is just a sorry letter then how can he called it a love letter.

She cuts the call and shuts the door off and she was unable to hold herself longer ,so she sat on the floor but tears was continuous rolling down from her eyes and she asked to god , what was my fault? Do I deserve this ? I just wrote so that I can explain him about my misbehave and beg him sorry which I can't beg in front him and he made fun of mine .

Karma will serve him
“this was her first and last inappropriate words which she uttered for him.
When Saket got to know how broken Ramsha was , he missed call her and said sorry for 10 or 12 times but he was not ,her heart was saying that and again it was publically and he was also forced by his friends to say more sorries.
She cut the call and never tried to call him back again.

One year later Ramsha created facebook account and send him request ,he accepted the request but when she tried to recall him about the past instead of regretting he said” I don't remember when I missed call you and said sorry .
She was a short tempered girl but this time she forgive him by her words but not by soul because
Forgiving doesn't makes the person who hurts you feel better,it makes you feel better.

He is still in her contact through social media but he didn't stand anywhere in her life not even as a enemy but she still believes that everything happens for a reason.
She is now a better version of herself and no more a tear- jerking lady but one experience which he gave her was
“All olds are not gold,
Few olds are just meant to be disposed”

“It was never about love.
I have never loved you, I thought you knew that.

The man shrunk back at her words, not wanting to believe it, wanting this all to be a nightmare.
But she wasn’t done.

“I thought you knew that it was only about money,” she said.
“I figured you would assume that.

“But you came back,” he said, doing everything in his power to keep the begging tone out of his voice, “You came back multiple times, people like you don’t usually take the same client multiple times.
And I took you on a date and you said…you said you liked me.
” His voice cracked as he spoke those words, but she just shrugged.

“You tip well.
And I had fun.
But it wasn’t love.

She grabbed her jacket off of the chair, and slipped it on over her short dress.
“I’m probably not going to come back this time,” she said.
“It would be too awkward.

She walked towards the door, opened it, and paused.
She turned back to look at the man who was standing in the middle of his small sitting room, looking sadly at her.
“You’ll find someone one day,” she said.

And with that, the woman who he loved more than life itself walked out of his apartment.

Crappy story #2 for tonight.

It was never about love.
She birthed the 4 of us, each one like a cat.
I remember her proudly telling the same story about birth.
There was never a tale of our births being the greatest thing that ever happened.

“They knocked me out and when I woke up they brought in a baby to me in a bassinet! I never felt a thing!” Images of the 3 Stooges and a hammer were all I could come up with about being knocked out.
I thought they might have used a hammer there.
We were just little.
Images of nurses in white with white hats wheeling babies in and out of rooms were foreign.
We were not miracles when we were born.
We were issues.

My sister was first.
She was a very ugly baby, it was said.
Forceps did it! Her face was all twisted looking.
It was funny story.
Everything was a joke to her.

I was next.
I was the pretty one.
But I was a girl and they wanted a boy, (again).
My sister hated me and does till this day.
The third was a boy.
A lefty who did everything wrong and backwards as he grew up.
The later and last, a boy was perfect.
“Dont go near him kids.
Dont breath on him or you might get him sick.

We weren't sick! We should be able to touch him.
He was ours too.
Our new brother.
There was a mean message here.
We snuck our young arms and hands in through the bars when no one was around and put our germs on him anyway.

He was set up in a crib in the dining room like a display case for the prince.
The Nanny (nurse) was in the porch off that room.
She was supposed to shoo us out of there as one of her duties.
It must have been cold out in her room.
It was February! I think she quit within a week.

We felt like like dangerous street urchins.

His perfection proved to be worthy of my mother's highness.
We weren't jealous.
Unsure was a better word.

Later the royal baby grew and became part of the pack.
He lost his newborn specialness.
He was a good looking kid.
It might have been me who was that special but I was a girl.

And on it went.
There was never a story about one of us that was about our own special, unique, amazing qualities.
We were an annoyance, unless we shone some kind of light on her, our mother.
She needed us to give her something to brag about.
I was not loved.
To be sure.
I've been told otherwise.
Because I was wrong of course.
What I thought was wrong.
“What are you talking about? Of course I love [email protected]°•! I'm your MOTHER!”
My grandma told me she loved me often.
I loved her back for it.

My Dad “got me", but she overshadowed everything.
He was not shielding us for his own reasons.

Once it was discovered (by a babysitter) that I read the word “leprechaun” while first learning to read.
There was so much noise about it after she told my mother.

I was, perhaps, a genious! It was a proud moment, but scary and overwhelming and ultimately stupid.
Didn't she/ they, know that the book was about a leprechaun and the LEP beginning of the word lead me to the simple conclusion.
It really wasnt a big deal.
I was later a disappointment when I didnt become a scholar, I suppose.
Nothing changed.
I continued to learn to read in public school.
I could read other hard words.
Nobody cared.
Leprechaun was the special family story.
Long forgotten.

You were either good or bad in the family.
The in between was never noticed.
I began to act out… I became a pissed off kid.
I never saw anything in her that resembled scholarship.
That bitch.

Good or bad.

And on it went.
There should be guilt in writing this publically.
It's not a kind thing to do.
But I have to constantly remind myself that truth is important and I dont have to censure myself in thought or writing because someone told me to.
Never discuss the family outside of the house! There’s a stupid voice in my head that echos this.
I often feel a need to explain and defend myself.

She’s 85 now.
Still the exact center of her world.
I try and try to squeeze some love and compassion for this woman in these late years.

But it was never about love.

I simply can't conjure it up.

It was never about love .
from his side.
I used to see him from far while he never broke his gaze from his books.
I would see him reading books with wide eyes and a smile on his face.
Not even once did our eyes meet.

I was never excited about the book.
I was just seeking excuses to talk to him.
And he was always eager to end the conversation even before it would start
Kirti was patiently listening to Shreya.

It has been three months and the book was lying on the table, unread and untouched.

“You should have meet him on the last day by yourself.

“To hear him saying ‘Welcome’ not even a goodbye?
He was always formal with me.
He didn't ask about me even on the last day.
I didn't want to look desperate that is why I told you to mention about Nishant”.

Everything was preplanned.
She wanted to return the book to him only, aim was to keep the hope alive even after the school.

“It matters that he doesn't cares about me.
It matters that he doesn't cares, who returns him the book.
I need to come out of my dreams.
I will give it back to Nishant tomorrow.

Everything was clear before her eyes.
He doesn't loves as he never showed, she thought.

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It was never about love idiot!” cried Sheila.

Then, Why did you care about me so much?” asked Shyam in disappointment.

Because I love you Shyam but not in the way you think, I love you as my friend” said Sheila politely, smiling inside.

I have never seen you as my friend Sheila, Sorry it took me so long to confess it!” said Shyam.

But you can understand we can’t be together right?” asked Sheila.

Why?” asked Shyam bluntly.

You can’t lie to me idiot, I can find it in seconds.
You can’t sight other girls secretly either, I can find that out too.
You don’t have to break your head to find a place to go together, you already know my favourite places.
You don’t have to worry about bills we can split it.
I don’t have to spend an hour dressing up when we go out, you have even seen me on my worst days.
” said Sheila smiling.

Shyam looked at Sheila confused.

Shyam asked in excitement “Is that a yes?
Yes but promise me something!, you shouldn’t call me by cheesy names like baby, bae, sweetheart, okay?” said Sheila winking at him.

I will baby” said Shyam playfully and hugged her.

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It was never about love, it was the time we spent together is.

It was never about love, it was the feeling that took her on cloud 9 when he said “You complete me!”
It was never about love, it was the confidence he gave her by saying “We’'ll do it" even when he is in dilemma of confidence.

It was never about love, it was the feeling of never letting her go.

It was never about love, it was all about their eyes that speak to each other without letting a single word uttered from their mouth.

It was never about love, it was the feeling of holding her hand with such a responsibility.

It was never about love, it was the smile that makes their day complete.

It was never about love, it was his voice that brings a zeal in her.

It was never about love, it was about because he knew that no one can understand him, the way she did.

It was never about love, it was his eyes which yelled every moment that how much he love her.

It was never about love, it was his care that wants her to be good everytime.

It was never about love, it was his attention to each and every single word, she uttered from her mouth.

It was never about love, it was about the the priceless moments, they shared together.

It was never about love, it was about the living dreams of getting married.

It was never about love, it was about taking out each other from every ill-will situation.

It was never about love, it was about teaching the positive sides of life, leaving all negativities beside.

It was never about love, it was about picking up the topic and talk about it from pointful to pointless discussion.

It was never about love, it was about one soul residing in two bodies.

It was never about love, it was about fighting with each other for realising each other's importance.

It was never about love, it was about holding her hand while crossing the road even when the anger is on its peak.

It was never about love, it was about respecting each other.

It was never about love, it was about keeping ego beside everything.

It was never about love, it was about her smile that makes his day.

It was never about love, it was about the senseless jokes on which they laughed till their tummy hurts.

It was never about love, it was about the heart which skips the beat whenever anything unusual happens.

It was never about love, it was about his satisfactory look when she looks amazing.

It was never about love, it was about getting ready with enthusiasm before meeting each other.

It was never about love, it was about the distance which was never apart to them.

It was never about love, it was about understanding each other when their mood is off.

It was never about love, it was about the person you want in your life.

It was never about love, it was about holding each other and never letting go.

It was never about love, it was about writing an answer with all your feel.

It was never about love, it was about quora giving the platform to shout out your heart.

It was never about love, it was about that's how the love works!

He Said – It was never about love but money for you:
I bought you gifts – you saw the price tag.

I bought movie tickets – you checked the name of cinema hall and seat position!
I booked tickets for trip – You checked the Destination and hotel.

I threw party on your birthday – You checked for the number of attendees and size of the cake
Now, when we are planning to get married – You are more worried about the expenses!
She said – Exactly, because I do not want you to shower your hard earned money on me which you have already did a lot since the time, we are into relationship despite of my so much of objection.
Now, when it is about marriage, I won’t allow you to spend millions into a lavish wedding but a heart-felt ceremony at Mata Rani’s temple will do the best.

He – So again you are counting money.
Come on.
Stop it now.

She – If love is equals to the money you spend, then don’t leave a penny with you.
But if love is about being together forever! then save money for parents and family!
He – Okay Okay! Let me correct something then – It is all about saving money in order to show affection to you.

She – Yes, now you got the point.

And then, they both laughed heartily
S – A true girl or woman is never a gold digger!

“It was never about love, you know that.
I do not love it.
It has always been about you fulfilling my needs and me paying you for it later.
” said Pragya as she buried her face in her hands.
She took a deep breath and continued, “Okay fine! This is the last time and I won’t bother you ever.

Sam after listening to her says in an explaining tone “ This is the thing I am tired of explaining to you.
You do not need it, it’s just some emotions, give them a thought and they might seem stupid to you after some time.

Pragya tucks her hair behind her ears and says, “ Are you my friend or not Sam?”
Sam sighs and says, “ I am your friend Pragya and this is the reason I hate it when I see you craving for it so badly and then regretting it after it ends.
I do not like the fear on your face.
I hate myself more when I know that I could have stopped it but I didn’t.

“ But I promise this is the last time, I swear.
” Pragya says pinching her neck.
“You know naa I do not swear until I really mean it.
”, added Pragya.

“ Okay fine! I am trusting you for the one last time.

says Sam and adds “Come to the couch now.

Pragya sits on the couch and Sam continues, in an authoritative voice this time, “I do not want any scratches from your nails this time or else it stops then and there.

“Okay! I will be careful.
” says Pragya whilst taking both of her hands behind her back.

“So what should I buy online , ‘Conjuring’ or ‘Exorcism of Emily Rose’.
” asks Sam.

“ ‘Conjuring’ please.
And you are my best friend.
And I will surely pay this time.
And to clarify again, I do not love horror movies, I like them, I love Game of Thrones and I cannot betray it.
And thanks for watching it with me.
” says Pragya.

“ Oh! I forgot the protection.
” says Sam and brings blanket and Teddy for Pragya.

It was never about love,
It was about loneliness,
It was about rebounds,
It was about two friends,
Who were never just friends.

They meet online,
Where their friendship blossomed,
He would complain about his girlfriend, she would listen.

She would brag about how this life is fucked up,
Together they would make this life a little less fucked up.

From chatting late nights,
To meeting in coffee shops and library,
And complaining how everything is failing apart.

How they never got those Happy Ever After like fairy tales, together they read,
But what they never noticed that even if everything was failing, their friendship was growing stronger everyday.

For him, she was his old ripped diary,
Which he would hide away from everyone,
Where his fingers would bleed.

Where he would release all of his worries and pressure.

For her, he was her crying pillow,
The pillow she would hug to herself in lonely nights,
Which knew all about her problems.

The pillow she always treated as her person,
But otherwise she knew that it wasn't hers to belong.

Days go like this,
And that day came too when he got married to his girlfriend,
And she went to aboard,
But their friendship still continues to grow.

He still every night opens his ripped old diary to bleed,
She still hugs her pillow to herself,
Knowing it was and will never be about love.

It will always be about keeping secrets and giving shoulders to cry.

It was never about Love… The truth was revealed in the most unexpected way, at the most unexpected time! The illusion broke and every piece of the mirror reflected everything about their relationship, but Love!
Maya: Oouch!!! It hurts Moksh!
Moksh: I don't care.
You never thought of me and how you hurt me! I don't want to see your face ever again!
Maya: Moksh, I am sorry.
Don't you trust me? Don't I deserve a chance to even explain myself.
Moksh, it is nothing like you are thinking!!! Please at least allow me to speak…
Moksh: Maya, I am up with this.
The more you explain yourself, the more you justify yourself, the more I see you guilty!!!
Maya weeps silently as Moksh snaps the door at her and walks off!
Living in with him was one of the most difficult decisions she had made in life, going against her parents!
The empty eyes stared at the just visible baby bump as the promise of the happily ever after broke into thousand pieces!
The revenge was taken.
Hardik succeeded in making sure that a woman who could not be his be doomed some day!!!

“It was never about love, it is never about love, it's about our dreams, our happiness, our desires, our beautiful future that we have seen together to accomplish” Manish said
“I know, but it's not possible for me at all to convince my parents” Radhika said
“That’s okay ! You can't convince, I'll” Manish said
“Why are you not getting, my family is completely opposed of love marriage” Radhika said
“Don't worry ! We'll do love cum arrange marriage” Manish said
“Oh Dear, it is not that easy” Radhika said
“But who loves easy things” Manish said
“I can't make you understand” Radhika said
“Don't worry, I will definitely have a good job that your father couldn't refuse my proposal, you just tell me one thing ” Manish said
“Yes, ask ?” Radhika said
“Will you marry me na ?” Manish said
“Am I blind ? A guy, who is fighting to the world for me why I would not accept his proposal” Radhika said
“Oh Love” Manish said
“I want to tell you something about me, then you decide about us” Radhika said
“Yes, say na” Manish said
“I don't know how to make round Chapati” Radhika said
“Hahaha ! Don't worry, I know cooking and I'll also make morning tea for my sweet wife” Manish said
“You Pagal !” Radhika said ❤️

'’It was never about love making”, cried Aarav.

‘How could you say so? I trusted you.
I loved you so much',
Zoya shouted at Aarav feeling anxious.

A small mistake, and they both panicked.

Zoya was afraid.
She couldn't think much.
Aarav didn't want her career to be affected and gave her an advise for abortion.

Zoya, I love you.
I will do as you say.
Do you want to keep it? I am with you.
I am with you always
”, said Aarav being helpless.

No, you never cared about my emotions.
You used me'
, shouted Zoya at Aarav.

Aarav became numb for a while.

He started crying infront of her.
It was the first time he cried like a baby.

She could not bear.
Of course she loved him.

She knew her mistake.
She just got anxious because it was something unexpected.
She knew Aarav won't leave her.

She came near to him and hugged him tight.

It was never about love making', cried Aarav.

‘It was always about love', whispered Aarav with tears falling down his cheeks.

I know, I panicked.
I am sorry.
apologized Zoya holding her ears.

Trust made them fall for each other, again.


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