Can you write a paragraph without using the letter O

Can you write a paragraph without using the letter 'O'?

Let me try my hand at this.
’ I am sure that ‘ where there is a will, there is a way’.
The first attempt has inspired me.
I may be adding little valuable input ; nevertheless, I have made up my mind.

Many children, human beings with special needs and capabilities are great achievers.
What makes them succeed?? It is a ‘ fire in the belly.
’ They are trained well; but it is all within.

Perseverance, diligence, discipline,and a ‘ ‘never- give- up’ attitude are the causes.

This is a relatively uninteresting writeup.
I am certain I will be excused.
The query is such.

Laughter is the best medicine.
The reader must have a hearty laugh.
Will I succeed? I may.

Did the fact that a lady tried hard but finally banged herself against a brickwall cause amusement? I believe the reader smiled a little.
That is sufficient.
I am very happy.

If there has been any mistake kindly highlight it.
I am using the app in my handset.
Started writing.
I must finish it.
Waiting to rectify it.

It seems difficult writing an entire paragraph, minus the letter stated here.
But, let me try.
Sentences have a letter-dependent existence.
A letter’s absence might at times bring a pause, and at times, an abrupt end.
A letter’s absence might make the writer feel restricted and enslaved.
But, maybe it is all in the mind and achievable, with a little push.
If it can be six lines, seven is inevitable.
And, eight just happens, because by then, the mind starts adjusting and accepting the fact that the said letter is unavailable.
And thus, these stray ideas and attempts have made an entire paragraph, with nine sentences.
Well, answering the query, yes I can write a sentence minus the said letter.
And, we have a paragraph with eleven such sentences here.

The paragraph begins here
It is difficult when writing a paragraph with excluding the main alphabet As there can be many grammatical mistakes .
But when a human will read this ze(universal gender) will search the missing alphabet rather than seeing grammatical mistakes but still ze will fail in making me false as I haven't use that particular alphabet This is called hitting multiple targets in single attempt.
I think with these eleven-twelve lines I have written a paragraph by excluding the given alphabet

The paragraph ends here
Now I have to add a photograph here as quora says adding a photo doubles the views
This is the longest word without o as alphabet

All these requests regarding the task in writing by lacking a specific letter is hardly difficult.
Increasing the difficulty by assigning a specific subject can greatly challenge writers finding these tasks rather simple.

As an example, the subject might be regarding mans best friend, the endeared canine, and better yet a scientific area which can be a rather difficult attempt when the aim is a clear and easily interpreted descriptive statement.

Whichever way it is used at the time, the writing will never be as clear by enduring such linguistic limits.
I advise ceasing such wasted time, but in my case that time has already passed, and my writing already receives few likes since my name lacks abundant representatives.

Well, it will certainly be a challenge.
I believe I may have a hard time, as many letters I need have that letter.
An example is the number after the first number.
That number, minus the w in it, is a vital letter arrangement.
But it isn’t by itself in that legacy.
A letter arrangement meaning dedicated at.
Like the number after the third number, but not using the u.
It is quite likely that that is an extremely useful letter arrangement.
But I am merely rambling at this time.
I have ran away with this idea and, in running away with it, fulfilled the request.

I have finished the task given by the user.

Please tell me if I accidentally used the letter.

It is difficult…I must admit.
But let me try my hand.
At first, I wanna state that I am really bad at writing.
I must say I am finding it hard in writing a paragraph which can't have such a regularly used alphabet.
Please give me an answer that what had driven “thee” in the pursuit of such a query? See, I am using ancient English !!!! Ufff!!! What a tough task!! I wish I succeeded…but can't.

It was funny…I felt that.

I knew it, He will decline my deal.
Tea and sandwiches at Cafe Grub Up ? And this unbearable weather ? He hardly says yes, given his laziness.
I better accept this refusal and stay hungry.
He will surely get an idea that I am feeling bad.
I saw him last week, It already feels like eternity.
He must understand that I miss him.
This laziness needs a break.
YEAH ! I can try and ask him again, maybe he will say Yes this time !
But wait, I will finish my Caesar salad and fruit juice first.

Well, writing a paragraph after excluding a letter seems very difficult.
Isn't it? But actually, it isn't! It's a very easy task: writing a paragraph taking 25-lettered alphabet system.
Can't we make that happen? Why can't? Let's visualise the caliber of ‘us'! Leave ‘we’, I am very great at writing these paras.
Yes, I beg the pity and the almighty listens! He is like that! I just have a praying deficit! Still, I have a nice living, answering these unusuals!
SSM ;^)

It is difficult to think about a full paragraph without that symbol.
But it is not as difficult as you think .
If you work on it for half an hour its usual to think about a paragraph without this symbol .
Unluckily many words contain this natural symbol.
So this may occupy additional half an hour.
So you should know lot of words and synonyms.
You have a lot of ability to finish this paragraph if you know a lot of words without that symbol.
I will honour you if you could fill a paragraph with lot of words without that symbol.
Unluckily this is how I can fill a paragraph.
This is all I can do to fulfill your wish of writing a paragraph without containing that symbol.
Thank you.
Luckily also quora did not contain that symbol.
This is how iam finishing this paragraph.
Pardon my flaws.

Yes , it is easy….

Well, I'm afraid I may not have the skills to achieve this feat, but I will try.

Ummm I have little idea what to say, meaning I shall just ramble.
Life, am I right? It's weird.
I mean, we are basically clueless to what's happening next.
We can't really see that.
I mean, if there are plans in place, chances are they will happen.
But, they may change.
Anything can happen.
We have no clue as what tragedy may strike.
I am just rambling, and I think that's a full paragraph.

Hmmmm, I guess I did it.
That wasn't as hard as it was made seem

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