Can you write a paragraph without repeating any word

Can you write a paragraph without repeating any word?

Far away in the misty mountains, lives a creature of abominable strength.
His growls make children shudder and adults faint seeing huge footprints that certainly belong to this mysterious being.
My mind boggles thinking of how lucky I truly am not being close to this monster who has scared daylights everywhere at this modern age.
Heart skipped several beats imaging Yeti (yes, it is) standing just few paces ahead.

Hey there!
How are you? I am trying to accomplish this mission bestowed upon us by your mind.
My worthless self likes science more than word games, but alas! now it's being forced for doing demi-scrabble quests.
Thinking of a term and not using the same! Who must be blamed? Gosh! How is my brain still sane? Me thinks that's insane!!
Adios Amigo!! Hope your self could keep the reading fervor till myself lasted!

Challenge accepted.

Just one doubt, How long should this paragraph be?
Here is a poem-
Darkness of night, doesn't envelope bright day
Sun will shine, when morning arrives.

Covering horizon with it's wonderful hue.

Shinning morning star, brings hope for all gloomy folks,
That nothing is impossible, determination will eventually pay off till you have courage to fight.

Curve those lips into smile, then see, world look happy like child.

Trying to string words to form poetry.
Not perfect, still served the purpose – repetition free.

Well this is challenging!
Good question I must say.
Best on quora for today.
When your brain gets forced to work in a particular manner you realise what's cerebrum's true capacity.
We hardly understand 10% of it's overall functioning throughout our life.
Not even imagining the power lying with rest 90%.
Blunders or miracles.
More peace treaties less World Wars.
Greater technological developments less emphasis towards new methods promoting silent killing.

(Hope there were no repetitions).

Picture this: chaos.
Bloody puddles hopelessly reflecting doomed futures.
Corruption violently lashing peoples’ minds; whipping skins, while burning their frail souls.
Never-ending earthquake of fear ripples terror throughout Earth — scarlet land blanketed under viscous particles of ebony black dust.
You are looking at the future!
Kinda of dark but didnt repeat anything so…

This is Monisha Gangasri.
I am penning in order to prove that we can write a paragraph without repeating any word.
Google helped me by showing the synonyms of many terms.
Myself, being an optimistic wordsmith has tried my level best now.
Thanks for reading till end.


My attempt: Writing without repeating any words is very hard.
Although the English language has many terms, it can be quite diffucult to express whole thoughts while sounding like a normal person.
Therefore, I will end this now.

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