Can you write a long romantic story

Can you write a long romantic story?

“Beta, open the door, it must be Akshay.

Preeti hears her mother say.
Akshay? That tall lanky, guy with a broken tooth? The one who would not let her play with his toys? The one who's nose was always running.

Yuck! The image flashed in front of her.
When she opened the door the image was shattered.

Standing in front of her was a guy smartly dressed.
His enchanting smile captured her and there was no sign of a broken teeth.

“Hi! I am Akshay.
Jaya Arora's son.
Is Asha aunty at home? Mom sent me with an invitation.

Preeti let him in and her mother came and hugged him.

“It has been so long! You have grown up! Preeti, go get bhaiya a glass of water.

Bhaiya? Brother! Wasn't that how they would address each other when they were little? Did she tie him a rakhi? She didn't remember.
But with her parents nature, she knew she might have done the dreadful.

Damn you puberty! Preeti thought.

Akshay left after his work was done but he stayed in Preeti's mind.

How she wished to talk to him.
But could she see him in the other sense? She wondered.
They were just mere 9 year olds when they played as siblings.
“Forced siblings!” Preeti enforced.
It's been 15 years now.
Can I?
A notification popped up on her phone screen and she saw Akshay had sent her a friend request.

Her heart pounded.
It didn't take her more than 3 seconds to press the accept button.

“He is single! Yes!” She celebrated.
He started typing on the messenger screen
“Please don't call me sister.

“Hi Preeti.
It's so great to get back in touch with you!”
He typed.

And thus began their slow footsteps into each others lives.
But both of them had the ‘brother-sister-forced-childhood-bond’ nagging their minds which didn't let them confess their feelings.

A year later, at a scenic resort, both the families met for the new year celebration.

The male members went out for a walk but Akshay stayed behind to talk to Preeti.
The ladies sat in the lobby area and just as Preeti was walking up to Akshay, they stopped her.

“Preeti, when are you planning to settle down? Your mother says, you keep rejecting the guys they find for you.
What are your plans?”
Akshay’s mother asked.

“Aunty, I don't want to go for arranged marriage.

“Do you have someone on your mind?” Asked Preeti's mother.

Preeti stared at Akshay.
And back at her mother.


“I have someone in mind.
Said Akshay.

Preeti looked at him.
Her heart beating faster.

“Really? That's great! Who is she?” Asked Akshay's mother.


The silence that followed was uncomfortable.

The two ladies, looked at each other with disbelief.

Preeti wanted to go and hug Akshay.

Akshay was looking at Preeti and tried to decipher if she liked him too.

The male members came in just then to see four people staring at each other without a word.

“What happened? Why are all of you so silent?” Asked Akshay's dad.

“Akshay just said he likes Preeti.
said Akshays mother.

“What? That's great!” He replied and hugged his son.

“What great? They are like siblings!” Preeti has tied a rakhi to him.

“When they were small kids, Jaya! They didn't even know what they were doing.
It's us who made them call each other that.

“But it's not right.
Said Preeti's mother.

“Why is it not right?” Asked Preeti's father.
“Just because we made them tie a thread on the others hand in their childhood they cannot fall in love? Don't forget they aren't related by blood.

The two sets of families argued, while Akshay quietly held Preeti's hand and took her outside.

“I never thought you would reciprocate my feelings.
Preeti confessed.

“And I never knew you would like me back.
I was so scared to tell you fearing I would become the abuse that we guys give each other.

Preeti smiled.
“Is this wrong?”
“I don't think so.
Just promise me one thing.

“Our kids will never call anyone a brother or a sister.
A friend will suffice.

They both laughed out loud and hugged each other.

I saw him leaning his head forward, gently lifting her chin up with the tip of his index finger.
They were merely an inch apart and my heart was beating so fast that it was ready to leave the cage anytime soon.
The kiss was about to happen.
And his wife was about to open the door.

What the.
Are you out of your mind or what?
” my husband took out the DVD and left without saying even a word.

Hellloooo? I'm talking to you!” I went after him with my bowl half-full of popcorn.
The kiss was about to happen.
You're not romantic and now you're not even letting me to see a movie of my choice!”


He slammed the door on my face and locked it from inside.
I was standing there with a pout, in a hope that at least he'll return my DVD.
But he didn't respond.
I was standing there like some stupid, he even snatched my bowl of popcorn.
Oh well!
I went back to my business after all the drama he did.
I am looking forward to resign from my company and give that designation to someone else, who's more deserving than me.
I want to spend time with my husband now.
Something is not right between us.

As I entered my room, I heard his phone beeping constantly.
It seemed as if he has got some urgent work.
I went to check his phone.

After reading all the messages I was shattered.
My heart stopped beating for a moment, my knees were getting anaemic, it was getting hard to stand, hard to breathe.
I was feeling the pain under my skin, I was hurt.
How can he cheat on me? How long he has been cheating on me? I needed answers to all my questions but I couldn't move.

I managed to see him standing on the door with my blur eyes.
They were blur with tears.
Tears of him, how he betrayed me all this time.

I was about to tell you, you know.
About .
My mistake.
I really have an explanation to this.
I seriously don't wanna lose you.
he sat on both of his knees but is he really asking me to forgive him for all that he did behind my back? I always thought we're different, we're so different.
I thought he's just not good at expressing his feelings right to me and this is
some kinda our kind of romance but I was wrong.
I was so wrong.

“Jane, I.
he took my hand in his hand and continued, “I know what I have done.
All this started when your company was established, you used to avoid me due to your work, you were busy and when you went to the business trip, she called me.
I was so insecure for you that in this fear that I'll lose you, I lost myself.
I love you and no one can ever love you more than this nerd who was your husband but now.

I wanted to say this that I love him too but all that came out of my mouth was, “Tell me if you are still virgin or not.
and we both chuckled at my poor joke.
We both knew that we were still in love.

I forget that night as a nightmare, this is our kinda love story which will be on fire even if there's little problem between us.

Though mental wisdom has questioned the phrase, “once a cheater, always a cheater?” But I'm ready to fight my inner self for both of us.

Ajay was pacing around the garden, waiting for his wife.
With every passing minute, his patience was decreasing.

Ajay (thinking) – "Why does she take so much time? Not at all punctual.
One must value time.
But no.
Look at this woman.
God knows what she is doing.
At that very moment, Nidhi came into the garden.

Ajay – "Where were you? I am waiting since half an hour.
You have no value of time.
Nidhi – "Oh please.
This is not your business meeting that everything has to be according to time.
Do you know how difficult it was to come here? With Anjali and Rahul teasing me.
That to in front of everyone.
Couldn't we talk in our room.
Why do you want us to meet like thieves? We are a couple and not criminals? It would have been so easy to meet in the room.
No one would trouble me.
But no my husband wants to play hide and seek with the family.
She could not speak further as Ajay had sealed her lips with his.
He kissed her pouring all his love.
They broke the kiss after a minute or so.
Ajay continued to kiss her neck, biting occasionally.

Nidhi – "Ajay.
what ar.
you do.
doing? St.
some one will see.
see us.
Ajay looked at her and pulled her to himself, holding her by the waist.

Ajay – "You are my legally wedded wife.
I married you in front of everyone with their permission, following all the rituals.
I did not elope with you that I should fear anyone.
Nidhi – "With permission? Or under pressure? Don't forget Mr.
Ajay Mehra that you married me because your father forced you.
The Mehra family(less Nidhi, Anjali and the kids) was sitting in the living room.

Ajay – "Dad, I don't want to marry right now.
And not this girl.
She is so shy and.
No dad, I can not marry her.
Vijay – "This is my final decision.
You will marry Nidhi only.
I have given my word to her father.
And even she is ready for this marriage.
I am not going to break an innocent child's heart.
Ajay – "Dad, but.
Vijay – "If you don't marry her, then.
then I will eat rat poison.
Everyone was shocked.

Ajay (reluctantly) – "Okay Dad.
You win.
I will marry her.
Vijay smiles.

Nidhi – "You were so rude after our marriage.
I have never seen someone ruder than you.
Ajay – "I am sorry jaan.
I was an idiot then.
Always bossing around.
And claiming that you have no importance in my life.
Then you went to your father's place for a week and I realised that I was nothing without you.
Rahul was banging on Ajay's room door early morning.
A sleepy Ajay opens the door.

Ajay – "What happened, Rahul? Why do you want to break the door? Let me sleep.
Rahul – "Sleep.
You want to sleep? Look at the clock.
We have a meeting in an hour.
We should have left by now.
Ajay looked at the clock.
Rahul was right.
He immediately went to the washroom and somehow got ready within fifteen minutes.
But the biggest problem was waiting for him.
He could not find an important file.
Without the file, the meeting could not happen.
He searched and searched but no use.
Finally, Rahul postponed the meeting for the afternoon.
The whole house was searched and the file was found in the study room.

It was at that time, Ajay realised that he could not do anything without Nidhi.

Nidhi – "And this is why you never allowed me to go to my maternal home.
And in case there is an emergency and I have to go, you make sure you have no important meeting in my absence.
Ajay grins.
He tries to kiss her again but she pushes him and creates some space between them.

Nidhi – "But Mr.
Mehra, you have not proposed me yet.
Ajay – "Is that so, Mrs.
Mehra? Okay.
" He goes down on his knees and shouts, "I love you, Nidhi.
I love you.
The entire Mehra family, which was sitting in the living room, rush to the garden.
They find Ajay, sitting on his knees looking into Nidhi's eyes.
Rahul whistles, drawing the couples attention to them.
Nidhi feels shy and rushes into the the house while Ajay grins innocently.

This story is completely a work of fiction.
It's a part of the story I am writing.
Please don't judge the protagonists.

Note : This is not a long story but it is not short even.
You can give it a try.

Day 1
Place : Momos point.

Pragya : Are you nervous for tomorrow?
Abhi : Just a bit baby , but for now focus on momos , Miss Momos.

Pragya : That's damn spicy.

Abhi : Oops.
Would you like to offer any advice for tomorrow as how to deal with an Ex- Indian Army officer.

Pragya : Just two things baby.

Day 2
Place : Pragya's Home.

After formal question answer session , Mr.
Singh took Abhi to garden area for a men to men conversation.

Singh :
Do you think that you being a punctual boy can ever handle a girl like Pragya who doesn't value time.

Abhi : She never comes late when she comes to meet me and moreover I love waiting for her.

: Why do you think you are perfect for Pragya?
Abhi : Uncle I LOVE her.
( Ohh , I did crap again).

(in anger) : How can you say she loves you back with same passion?
Abhi : Temptations for me can stop her temptations of momos.
So , I think she loves me back more.

: When can we meet your parents , boy?
Pragya danced her favourite Michael Jackson step behind those black curtains whereas Abhi could only afford a silly smile in front of Mr.

That day an Ex – Army officer found the match for his momos lover.


“ I shouldn't have married an illiterate woman like you” Ravi wanted to scream out loudly but he couldn't.

Ravi was a chartered accountant and was working as a Manager (Finance and taxation) in a famous company.
Ravi got married to Saritha.
Ravi's parents were orthodox people.
They wanted an illiterate daughter-in-law who would know all household work and wouldn't talk much.
But Ravi wanted a literate wife.
There were some arguments happened between Ravi and his parents, but, finally, he had to marry Saritha thanks to the traditional technique, emotional blackmail from his parents.

It has been one week since they got married but he was not in a position to accept her as his wife.
She hasn't talked much with him since marriage is fixed and till now also and even he wanted the same from her.
He dreamed a lot about his future wife that she should be an educated and professional one, modern, rich in thoughts etc.
But all those will continue to be his dreams till the end.
He thought that his world turned upside down.

According to the traditions prevailed at that place, groom had to stay in bride's home for 3 days to carryout some rituals.
They both went to bride's village.
Ravi was not at all interested in these rituals , particularly not after getting married to this girl, but there was no option left for him.

First day, at around 8 pm, after finishing dinner, he got a call from his friend.
Due to signals problem, he went to Terrace to talk over phone.
When he finished the call, he stayed there for sometime as he was feeling uncomfortable in the house.
He was unhappy.
He put on earphones to listen some good music.

After sometime, when one song was over and before another song started playing, he listened one English conversation.
It was from back side of the house.
He was at the front side of the terrace.
He went to the back side of the terrace.
There, he saw his wife talking over phone in English fluently with out any break.
For a moment, he didn't believe what he was seeing there.
He kept on staring at her till her conversation was over.
He was dumbstruck.

It took him 10 minutes to return to normal.
She was speaking more fluently than him.
He was in a deep confusion.
“i was told that she was an illiterate.
Then, how on earth she can talk in English, that too with such a fluency ?” he mulled over this question throughout the night.

Next day, saritha's best friend, Sirisha, came to see Saritha.
Saritha introduced her to Ravi.
While their conversation was going on, saritha got a call from another friend and she went out to attend the call.
In the mean time, Ravi came straight to the point
“ Sirisha, can I ask you a question ?”
“Yesterday night, I listened Saritha talking over phone in English.
But, my parents told me that she is an illiterate.
What is this ?”
“ I don't know”
“ Please tell me, I want to know.
I swear on God.
I won't tell this to my parents”
“This is very sensitive.
Please don't tell to Saritha also that I told this to you”
“ Yeah.
Sure “
“ You knew about saritha's family, right ?.
Middle class family.
Only one child.
She was an absolute gem in studies.
District first in 10th class, got good marks in +2, she joined in CA course.
She almost missed ranks in CPT and IPCC.
She joined in article ship in Bangalore.
She took FINAL coaching also.
When she was about to write the final exams, her father met with an accident and died at the spot.
She was in deep depression as she loved her father more than she loved herself.
Her mother, who was completely unaware of things on how to run a family, decided to marry Saritha to someone.
When her mother came to know about your’s match,she convinced Saritha for marriage.
Saritha also agreed to marry as she was not in a position to continue her studies .
Her mother even told to Saritha not to disclose about her education details to groom's family as they needed only illiterate daughter-in-law.
She agreed for that.

“Tell more about her” (Ravi’s perception towards her was changing)
“ She is kind, honest, funny, modern, mature and talented.
Her aim was so big.
She tried so hard to achieve that.
But God had put a full-stop for that.
I don't think your parents will allow her to open books once again.
They didn't know about her.
If they come to know about this, they won't give her the respect a bride would expect in mother in law’s home”
Saritha finished call and came back.
They were back to the normal conversation.

On that evening, he sat on terrace and was thinking about Saritha “She is an educated, professional (even though she is not a qualified CA, she is possessing all qualities to become a professional), modern, matured girl.
Because of that one incident, which turned her life jumbled-up, she had to stop all her education.
Had that incident not happened, she would have achieved her goals.
Even after facing such odd situations.
she is still the same girl.
” While he was thinking all this, she was playing with kids.
and his thinking continued “ Look at that smile, gorgeous.
Her dimple, inviting me to kiss on her cheeks.
Her curved lips, dazzling.
Her eyes, seductive.
How lucky am i to have this beautiful lady as my life-partner.
He started liking her.

Saritha came on to the terrace to call Ravi for dinner.
He stood up and hugged her tightly and kissed her on forehead, without saying one word.
Saritha was shell-shocked.
She was staring at her husband while he was eating.
He knew that she was staring at him.
He winked at her and gave flying kiss in front of her mother.
Her mother giggled.
Before bed, he whispered in her ear “Thank you”.
She didn’t understand the reason, kept calm.

Next day, they returned back to Ravi's house.
Ravi and his family were staying in Hyderabad.
He decided not to tell about her education details to his parents.
He started treating her as his wife.
On Sunday, he stayed at home.
From morning to night, he observed her throughout the day.
She woke up at 5 AM, cleaned the house, prepared breakfast, washed clothes, cooked lunch, cleaned plates and utensils, made supper.
She was restless throughout the day.

He told to himself “ Although, these activities have to be done by wife, but is it right, a talented girl like her has to stuck in the home 24/7 and 365 days.
What if I encourage her to pursue the course from where she stopped “.
He gave it a deep thought.

After one month, Ravi was transferred to the head office located in Bengaluru.
Ravi's parents also wanted to come to Bengaluru, but he denied them.
He convinced them that he will come back to Hyderabad after one year.

Ravi and Saritha moved to Bengaluru.
Saritha still remembered the railway station, bus station, malls and places she went to when she was in Bengaluru.
She was happy that she came back to the place where she spent 3 years of quality life, at the same time she was also sad as she couldn't able to finish the job for which she came to Bengaluru.

They settled into apartment near Ravi's office.
They unpacked , decorated all household items.
They loved that apartment.

Ravi went to office.
His first day was boring.
He took one hour permission to buy an important gift for his wife.
He came back to the house and saw his wife was in white saree.
He said to himself “Angelic, splendiferous”.

“ Saritha, come here, i bought a gift for you”
“ For me ?” She is in disbelief.

“ Yes.
For you only.
Open it”
She unwrapped it and broke into tears after seeing the gift.

The gift is “ CA FINAL books”
He gave a letter and asked her to read.

“ To my sweet heart,
I came to know that you were never an illiterate, you were CA aspirant.
Due to your father’s sudden demise, you had to stop the education and had to marry me.
I came to know that you had so many dreams.
It will not be possible for you to complete CA if we stay back in Hyderabad.
That's why I requested my boss to transfer me to Bengaluru.
My parents won't come here.
You can start preparation for final exams.
I know you still have a desire in your heart to finish CA course.
From now, I will be there for you.
Actualize your dreams.
Wish you all the best”.

While reading this letter, tears were flowing down from her eyes.
There was no limit to her happiness.
She went to bed room.
Ravi was busy in changing clothes.
She hugged him tightly and he felt her love and warmth in that hug.
They kissed out of passion.

It took her two attempts to clear CA FINAL.

When she saw the result, First, she told to her father ( to his photo )“ Father, I don't know where are you now.
But your daughter here completed her CA course.
Feel proud.
Don't worry about me, Ravi is here to take care of me like you used to.

Next she rang to Ravi, who cut the call as he was in meeting.
She texted him
“ Ravi, results came out.
I cleared CA FINALs.
Now your wife is a Chartered Accountant “
“ Congratulations CA saritha.
I am so happy for you.
Can't wait to meet you”

It is the first time she said I love you to him after marriage.
He was on Cloud 9.
He replied her “ I have been waiting for this word from long time.
“LOVE YOU TOO SARU” ( tears were falling down while he is texting her).

Thank you.

Regret !
“This is the only thing I have now to do.
He tried too many times to make me understand that I could never be happy with someone else.
Radhe told her friend Rashmi.

“Yes, maybe it was God's decision.
Rashmi said
“No ! It's was completely my decision, I shouldn't blame God for this, they too had indicated my so many times, but I couldn't understand” Radhe said with having tears in her eyes
“Maybe, but now you have only two choices.
Rashmi said
“ No ! Just one choice, I have to suffer this abusive marriage because I can't tell my parents.
I don't want to hurt them.
Radhe said
“No yaar, you will have to, today your husband beaten you, who knows, tomorrow he might kill you ?” Rashmi angrily said to Radhe
“Let him kill me.
Who wants to live this life.
I don't want to live anymore” Radhe said while crying
“Are you mad ? Why are you thinking so ? We will talk to your parents.
Rashmi said
“No, we will not.
This marriage was my mistake, Let me get punished for this.
Radhe said
“Should we tell Rohit ? He will definitely help you.
Rashmi said
“No, I can't face him now, and I even don't know where he is now and even he is married or not.
Radhe said sadly
“Lets give a try, He will definitely take you up from this hell” Rashmi said
“I am happy in it, I don't have to tell anything to anyone.
Radhe said unwillingly
*knock knock*
“Maybe my husband came, let me check the door” Radhe went to open the door while saying this.

“Now what ? What I said to you ? Why did you slap me?” Radhe said to her husband with filling tears in eyes
“You idiot, you mix sugar instead of salt in food.
You don't know anything, even how to cook food.
Husband said angrily.

“ You should not beat Radhe like this, she's your wife.
Rashmi said
“It's my family matter, stay away from this” Husband told Rashmi angrily
“Now, you go Rashmi, it's already getting late for you.
Radhe forced Rashmi to go with saying this
“How could she undergo all this, It's too much, now I will have to talk to Rohit.
” Rashmi said to herself
Rashmi : Hi ! I'm Rashmi.
Remember ?
Rohit : Hiii… yes , of course.
Long time.
How are you ? How's your kids ?
Rashmi : I'm good and Kids are good too.
Do you know something about Radhe ?
Rohit : No ! Since her marriage I never tried to contact her, anything happened ?
“Yes a lot, her husband is not good, she is not happy…….
Rashmi said sadly
“Okay tomorrow I will return to city, then we will go to meet her home” Rohit said while tearing
“Are you fool ? I have told you if anything goes wrong, call me ,that's why I gave you my all the numbers.
Rohit said angrily to Radhe
“Who invited you to come ? I have told you Rashmi, don't say anything to Rohit, why did you do so ?” Radhe said
“First I asked something, give me my answers, why couldn't you call me once ?” Rohit said
“And then what ? What would I tell you that- I made a huge mistake by not marrying you and I get beaten very often by my husband!” Radhe said loudly
“Yes, and I would have come months before only” Rohit said
“ It's my life, you go, and my husband too may come anytime” Radhe said
“Let him come, I'll see him, he don't know me.
” Rohit said angrily
“Please go” Radhe requested with saying this
*knock knock*
“ You don't get anything in one time na ? I had allowed your female friend to come home but that doesn't mean that you can invite your male friend too.
Husband said
*Slapped again*
“How dare you to slapped her ?” Rohit said angrily
“Stay away from my life, just leave my house” Husband said
“Okay ! Now Radhe too will leave this house with me.
Rohit said
“She will not go anywhere” Husband said and came to hit Rohit
*Rohit bashed her husband and came outside the home*
“Are you mad ? Do you think you are God ? Why did you beat him ? “ Radhe said
“Just leave him Radhe, he is not a good guy” Rohit said
“And then what ? What will I do ? Go home ? Who will marry me now ?” Radhe said angrily
“I” Rohit said
“You ? Hahaha ! Are you crazy ? And what will you say to your wife ? She is my second wife ?” Radhe said
“Who said I am married and I have a wife ? I never married to someone, I could never do this.
Rohit said while seeing in Radhe's eyes
*Radhe crying like a kid, couldn't utter a word*
“It's never too late to start our fresh life again, Our dream of happy and beautiful life together, will now be accomplished!” Rohit said happily
*And they never looked back since that day*

“See,I am going to complain about you now if you continue pulling my hair” Krisha said in a shaking voice.
She was only 5 then and so was Aadith.
“Your hair is so beautiful that i can’t keep my hands away from it.
” The next moment , Aadith was flat on the ground.

oi…why did you switch off the recording.
this part was funny.
” “Ya, it might be funny for you but not for me” said Aadith a little offended.
“Now .
now ;don’t sulk in the corner.
I am sorry.
” said Krisha, still smiling.
“ See .
you can’t even stop yourself from smiling.
” Krisha and Aadith had been best friends from as long as they could remember and today they were celebrating their 21 years of togetherness.
Krisha was a lean , tall and beautiful girl and she was 25 years old.
Aadith was not so good looking but still girls used to swoon over him, the reason being he was well built and kind hearted.
He had a tanned body as he was a good swimmer and had been representing his state for five consecutive years.
Krisha on the other hand was a debate master.
Now one thing that Aadith had hidden from Krisha was that he had fallen in love with her and all these years his heart had only pined for her but he never dared to tell her afraid that his one confession would destroy even the little happiness he had.
She was so beautiful.
He was the one who was there for her even in her little needs.
He couldn’t sleep properly if Krisha wouldn’t call him at night and say that she was fine.
He loved her from all his heart and was the first one to wish her on her birthdays.
Whenever his phone used to ring and flash ‘My Life’, he would know that it was Krisha.
Krisha was a corporate lawyer and he was a very successful engineer working in Bangalore.

They had decided to meet today in her home to celebrate their friendship and also tell some hidden secrets to each other.
“I brought something for you.
open and see it” Aadith said.
On opening the box, Krisha found a photo frame on which a picture of them was there.
Krisha and Aadith were on the beach and she was riding the back of his with her hands up in joy and she was smiling beautifully.
This was their best moment.
“When did you take this picture?” asked she,her voice wavering a bit with tender emotions.
“It’s called magic!!” he said with a mischievous smile.
She smiled and shook her head.
“You never changed.
” .
now you tell me your secret first” he said.
Hearing this Trisha’s eyes sparkled and she said “I am getting married to Abhimanyu…he proposed to me the last month and our parents agreed.
” Hearing this Aadith’s world began spinning.
His heart broke into pieces.
When things break, they make a sound but his heart didn’t.
His dreams were shattered and he became absolutely numb.
“ Hey are you there?” “Yes?.
I am so happy for you!!” “Okay so I give you the great honor of distributing my wedding cards to everyone we know.
” His heart was grinded and scattered hearing this.
“ Ya .
why not.
it would be my priviledge.

Each and every function of Krisha’s marriage was a superhit,not because of her parent’s arrangements but because of Aadith’s arrangements.
From decorations to food .
everything was royalty.
It was her D day.
Krisha entered the room in a beautiful red lehenga and a bright smile.
Aadith’s heart skipped a bit .
She looked so beautiful.
He began shouting “It’s my bff’s marriage”, and tears began rolling down his eyes.
Everybody thought that he was happy but only he knew what storm was raging in his heart, but.
but he didn’t have any heart because it had been with with Krisha since they were 5 years old.
Krisha looked happy so he also tried to smile.
Tried to.

Two years after Krisha’s marriage:
Aadith’s phone rang.
He picked it up and saw ‘My Life’.
He picked it up with a lot of conflicting emotions.

“You stupid person.
What do you think of yourself.
You tried to kill my husband?” “No.
I would never.
” “Just shut up.
you are a mad person.
I hate you.
I want to kill you.
You want to destroy my life.
Get out of my life and never come back ever again.
” Dead line.
It was Aadith’s birthday.
he had thought that she called to wish him finally because she hadn’t wished him since she got married.
He locked himself up and cried his heart out.
His heart was paining and he was unable to breathe.
No voice…He picked up his phone and did something.

Three years after the incident :
HELLO?” “ Hello.
” the voice cracked.
“He is not good.
he keeps abusing me and beating me.
I am not able to sustain it.
please help me.
I will die if you don’t come today.
Aadith please help me.
” Krisha was panic stricken.
She was crying.
Hearing her voice after so many years, Aadith’s heart skipped a beat.
He was afraid.
He didn’t know what to do.
It was four in the morning.
He grabbed his car keys and if he could drive continuously and fast enough, he would reach Mumbai by 7 p.
in the evening.
Without thinking any further.
he drove off to Mumbai.
He was panic striken
10 hours later:
” “ Are you his wife?” “ No.
who is this?”
“Then you must be his girlfriend because you name has been saved as ‘My Life’ and one thing more Madam .
your boyfriend has met with a road accident and is taking his last breath.
You want to talk to him?”
“Hello Krisha.
sorry i couldn’t come.
I couldn’t save you .
I have loved you since when we were five.
sorry couldn’t…tell you…an.
Happy 26 yea.
years of friendship.
we became friends this day.
you remember.
and never married…” Dead end.
“Ma’am your boyfriend died.
I am the doctor and I am sorry.
He was only taking your name and you called.

Krisha’s life shattered.
The photo frame fell from her hands and glass pieces shattered everywhere.

Hi! I am .

Damn! He knows my name.
No I will try again.

Hi! How are you?
Ugh! What's wrong with you lady.

You look so handsome!
‘Why am I breathing heavily.
God save me from the embarrassment.

She was too excited and scared at the same time.
Her heartbeat never pounded so fast.
It was the first time she was experiencing these things.
Why shouldn't she? It was her first date ever.

She opened her gallery.
Clicked on a picture.
‘I am finally going to see my world.
She kissed his picture and slept, to see him in her dreams.

‘I reached the station.
Where are you?’
She was worried.

‘Don't worry I am here only.
He knew how to calm her down.
‘Don't panic!’
He ran and searched for her.
Amidst the chaos and the crowd, he saw her standing.
He stopped for a while.
Mesmerized by her beauty and how she wore simplicity as her accessory, he couldn't stop but fall for her again.

‘Where are you?’ She was furious.

‘You look so cute when you are angry.
He giggled.

She turned her head.
Her life was standing few steps away from her.
She could see her dreams changing into reality.
A reality which is far more beautiful than her dreams.

His big brown eyes were enough to mesmerize her and those perfectly carved lips.

They both have waited for this moment since a long time.

‘The wait was worth.
He thought.

‘Is this even real?’ She thought.

‘Say something.
She managed to break the silence.

‘You are beautiful.
He wished to say.
‘I love pizza.
He said.

I am standing in front of him and he is thinking about pizza! What?
‘Watch your steps!’ He held her hands firmly.
‘You don't know how to cross roads right?’
‘No, I just want a reason to hold your hand.
She was too clever to handle.

‘And?’ She wanted to hear those words.

‘And?’ He smiled.
He knew her intentions.

‘What else?’ She was annoyed.

‘I want to eat something sweet.
He searched for an ice cream parlour.

I am going to kill this human being!
He took a tissue and cleaned the mess she had created.
‘You don't even know how to eat an ice cream!’ She ignored him and continued eating her cone with utmost mess.
‘Adorable!’ He smiled.

She was enjoying the view of the full moon with him sitting besides.
‘Look at the moon.
She exclaimed.
He was looking at her.

‘You don't want to say anything else?’ She was restless.


This was my last try! That's it.

Her station came.
He didn't want to let her go.
She only wanted to be around him.

‘I love you.
He finally uttered these words.

Her heart pounded fast.
Her eyes were moist but they didn't stop her from staring at his big brown eyes.
But, he loved her little black eyes.

‘Be mine forever.
She proceeded.

‘I am all yours.
His tone was firm.

She saw him staring at her.
She ignored him and started eating her ice cream and created a mess.

‘You will never learn how to eat ice cream!’ He cleaned her face and started staring at her.

Fine lines and wrinkles didn't make her any less attractive to him.
‘I just can't get enough of her.
He smiled.

Arrange marriage
At 26, our marriage was fixed by our families.
I had only seen her in photos before.
She was beautiful.
We met alone on few ocassions, briefly interacted before we were officially engaged.

I was the science guy and she was the commerce girl.
She was on Rachel’s side, I was on Ross’s (*They were on a break*).

We had nothing in common except for one thing that we both had a past.
A past that we both choose to be honest about.

Our familes liked bollywood movies alot.
Specially this bollywood movie called “Vivaah”.
So after we got engaged.
They decided to visit a hill station for a short holiday together.
We both agreed.

On the first day of trip, we went for sight seeing.
We had fun.
We talked and spent a nice time together but something was missing, there was no spark between us.
We both knew this.

We returned in the evening.
She went straight to the hotel garden and sat on the green grass near the tree.
She was quiet.
I knew Something was troubling her.
Temperature was low, sky was of orange colour, Sunset was about to happen and a peaceful wind was blowing.
I was looking at her, she was playing with her hair.
I was falling in love.

She looked towards me and asked what happened ?.
I replied “nothing”.
Words were not coming out from my mouth.
I filled two mugs with coffee and walked towards her.
I handed her one mug and sat beside her.

No one was talking, there was a pindrop silence.
She broke the silence after few minutes and asked,
For how long had you known her ?
“5 years” I replied
“It must have been hard breaking up with her”, She asked.

“It was.
It always is”, I replied
“What about you ?” I asked
“I met him in college.
It was an unrequited love.
He was not serious about me.
It’s just that I came to know about it later.
It’s been 2 years now”, she replied as she sipped coffee from her mug and let out a sigh.

You know there is saying “sometimes people come in our life only to give us lessons”.
I said as I sipped from mine.

Sometimes good thing fall apart so that better things can fall together”.
she said looking away from me.

“Do you really believe it to be true” I asked.

“Don’t you think so ?” she said while looking into my eyes.

*I clutched her hands*
“I do, I think better things are about to begin”.
I replied.

She reciprocated as our mugs clinked.

“Grandpa, I want to meet her” My grand child asked.

I looked towards the opposite wall and asked her to come and meet her grand child, but unfortunately photographs do not reply.


“Bond of the broken”!!! ( The First story I ever write)
“Can you end it fast now”, said Sayesha to Priyank in that cold room.

“But why what’s the problem”.

“It’s hurting me down there ….
it’s more than 35 minutes now” set Sayesha with a tinch of roughness in her voice.
A few more pushes into her & Priyank was exhausted & lying on her, with both of them breathing heavily while submitting to ultimate pleasures.

“Sayesha give me that tissue” but all Priyank got was a tender slap from her as she groped him tightly so close that he could feel her warm breathes on his moustache & their lips joined again taking them to another world.

“Why you have to clean everything so fast?”, ask Sayesha setting the cup of coffee that Priyank had made for her.
“I have enough of sticky mess in my life already let’s not keep more of it on body too” was what she got from him.
This mess which he referred to was nothing but a one sided love from a girl, Avya who like all other cases in this world didn’t like him.
But he loved her crossing some madness levels and filling his Diaries with all poems dedicated to her, well,she didn’t gave a damn to all this.

“Common Priyank give me your phone”.

Why ??
“I’ve to delete all pics of that girl”
“Don’t you even dare!!!”
“Keep pics of some pornstar in place of her ,they’ll help you shag, what the hell these pics are helping you??? Just throwing you in am emotional blackhole of darkness”
“Shut up Sayesha….
You know how much I love her” said Priyank while trying his best to look convincing to Sayesha.

“Priyank that’s not love, she has rejected you & obviously more than once, that’s just that your ego is hurt & you want to conquest her”.

A strong no in a loud note was all he managed to say to Sayesha before falling in uncontrollable way to the couch.
Startled at this move, Sayesha rushed to him & took him in her embrace while she noticed something strange , his heart was beating at more than usual rate as if it was going to explode.
Priyank’s facial expressions clearly revealed the pain he suffered & the confusion he was going through.

Like a mother caresses her child ,she consoled him & finally heart beats were back to normal & again Priyank had that fake smile back on his face.

“What was that??”
“Happens when I think I am not getting her in my life”
With this words Sayesha burst into streams of uncontrollable laughter & stunned him , when she stopped it was his turn to ask.

” Now…What was that???”
” Priyank, have you came here via some time machine, your love isn’t of this age or period”
“What’s wrong with it??… It’s true & pure”
“Yes, that’s alright but you need to see whom you are giving that love whether she deserves it or not”
“Ok I am fine now…Would you leave me…My tea’s getting cold”
“Oh !!! Of course but tell me one thing ,what would happen if this thought arises when you are alone … Won’t you have a heart attack”
“Haha, not really see I loved a lady exactly simlalry to her, she died & I am still alive”
“Who???…Dont tell you loved another girl”
“No , my mother,see how besharm I am i am still alive”,said Priyank while smiling.

” Sorry.
I am sorry”
” No, please don’t be… When God isn’t sorry, why are you!!!”
Priyank began sipping his tea while Sayesha as usual began staring at him for some reasons which she knows best.
With tea the discussion also began about the mutual past while both telling each other about what perception they had of each other when they didn’t talked.

According to Sayesha, Priyank was a nerd & a boring fellow who was always stuck in books & dressed not very attractively & was somehow strangley having a calm Temper & ability to mingle with anyone of any type by talking in a carefully crafted manned to suit ears of listeners.
In all and all he was a “Chupa rustam”.

“You know what Priyank, you are a harami”
but why”
“No one goes down there for oral in first time”
” I didn’t went”
” Liar…You….
” Sayesha… You took me there , you started the game”
” Ok I am whore that’s what you wanna say??”
“No & I ain’t either”
” Yeah , but thanks for orgasm”
” Yup, for mine too”
Then Priyank told Sayesha about his feelings for her & how he hated her in school due to her attitude & also hated seeing her in park at walks because she distracted her the most & admitting that she was her first crush.
Also, he didn’t liked the way she dressed earlier with lots of accessories & exceptional makeups.
It was Priyank’s habit that once he started he never stopped ,but Sayesha went on listening to him attentively about why he maintained a gap from her as he wanted to be loyal to Avya.
Also , he told her that her recent transformation is awesome.

“Well, thanks but that’s devastation actually”
“How, i dont get that”
“I broke up with that man whom I decided to marry”
” Oh…Thats fine … Chill now”
” You need that advice more than me Priyank”.

” See, I have a habit of falling & standing up again very fast”
” Yeah!! That bulge in your shorts testifies that”
then Why don’t you wear some clothes??”
It was at this moment that Sayesha realised she had came out naked out of bedsheets to handle Priyank & she laughed again at her carelessness while going to bed & wearing Priyank’s shirt which was some XXXL for her.
She asked the confirmation whether she was looking fine or not which she got affirmative.

Sayesha’s love which she had hidden so long for this nerd Priyank began to take over her , she tried to throw the thought but even the coldness of weather & dampness of her old flat couldn’t reduce the warmth of this love.
She decided to
say it or she’d again lose him ,fearing that this time ,forever.
She began to think of future with him & saw that all what her previous partners lacked was simply present in Priyank.
Sayesha made it in her mind that she’ll say it now finally.

But there was a constant fear in this girl’s mind that will he not reject her and abstain from all contacts and talking to her, like he did at previous attempt when she tried to propose him & he turned rough for him.
The web if thoughts could not make her decide what to do.
Soon,she heard a voice….

” Sayesha….
Where’s the sugar ,I have to make a tea”.

With all courage gathered in her she called Priyank back to room.

“Priyank make tea later , come here first”
” Hmm, yeah what happened”
Priyank was shocked to see the look on Sayesha’s face ,it was a.
mix of sadness, love, expectations & some past pains of course combined with her extraordinary beauty.

” Why did you come to me last night??”
” Sayesha don’t take me wrong”
“Answer what’s being asked!!!” She shouted at him.

” Because I couldn’t see anyone near me who can handle me or have even a touch of affection for me & protect me from.
being shattered, i didn’t came here
to sleep with you”
“You still love her”
” I will love her forever”
” If you marry someone else , then what, won’t you love her?”
” Obviously,I will but she’ll always be my first love”
” You know na…I love you” and she broke into tears , tears that were most genuine most pure and were coming from heart full of love.

” Yes, so now what Sayesha”
” You love me or not” Sayesha could barely speak as tears & emotional overflow blocked her voice and she had made the collar of that black shirt wet by all her tears.

” Somewhat….
See I have an “usool” I’ll not enter into physical relationship with anyone other than my wide, now to protect that maybe I’ll have to marry you,you know na …i am a villager an old styled man who still believes in some….

Before , he could end, A tight slap fell on his face followed with a round of punches on his chest & she hugged him in tightest ever possible manner & their embrace made them both feel so warm, so connected & a relationship was born among two broken hearts.

” Sayesha….
Let me go now”
” Where ???”
” I have to make tea “
“oh I think you love tea even more than Avya”
” Haha…Yes I do”
Tea was made & both began sipping it.
Sayesha lied down & placed head on his lap & was surprised to see hardness in hia shorts not present there.

” Baith gya… waahh…Kaise??”
” Because I love you not lust for you”
” Oh.
What about morning ,it was hard for no reason”
” Sayesha… It’ll always be like that “
” Haha…Nice for both of us,but your tongue really does wonders down there”
” Yeah ,but how do I know it was a wonder or just a hit & trial”
” Haha….
You are really as much as harami as I was imagining last night lying under you”
” Maybe I am”
” But tell me ,even after so much pain why didn’t you cry”
” That’s a long story dear again” & after saying this Priyank immediately sealed his lips to hers & soared into that passionate bond again.
He Still was an expert a changing topics at his inside he was glad for it.

His careful hand made his way in between her legs in mean time & he broke the kiss.

” Sayesha….
Will you shave that bush there… That restricts the job of my restricts the job of My lips”
” Of course, but only if you shave this beard & moustache of yours ,it also restricts the job of my lips”
With this the room filled with mutual laughter & all the love that was generated among these two.
The embraces & bonds tightened as they reach more close to each other & explored each other as much as they could , touching & feeling each other’s souls.

It was evening now, Priyank got up from bed carefully not to disturb Sayesha who was in her sleep.
He kept his first feet on floor & she woke up.

” Where you are going Parru??”
” Chai banane apne liye”
“Again???” She looked with fierce eyes.

“Ok !! Iwon’t go” & Priyank came back to bed .

Sayesha realized that having tea with this man was something really romantic & also realised that she had no insecurities from Avya but all insecurity was to to occur from tea.

“No, go.
Go fast & make one for me too”
– A work by Prashant Bandala

I have always believed in love stories far away from the Facebook and Whatsapp world.
I look around only to find people with their heads buried deep within the phone screen, I wonder if they're in love with their expensive phones.
Everything seems so materialistic and virtual.

And then I saw him, still with an old Nokia 1600 handset with erased alphabets on the keypad, wearing a loose pant and riding a cycle.
A faint smile always adorned his face.
He did not seemed to belong to this era at all.

He had been cooking for us since past one month.
He appeared to be in his late twenties, was mostly silent and liked minding his own business.
We too only had a conversation with him when we wanted him to cook something special.

While he was cooking, he used to take out an earphone, joined at several places with a cello tape, and talk to someone.
I did not pay much attention but I could make out that he used to talk to his wife.

It was one day I was not feeling well and had taken a leave from office.
I had an upset stomach.
So, when he came in the evening I went to him and asked him to prepare ‘khichdi’ for me.

He just nodded his head and started cutting vegetables.

I don't know why, but I felt the urge to know more about him.

Where are you from?” I asked.

I belong to a small village in Bihar.
”, He replied in a soft voice.

I kept on firing questions and he simply kept answering:
“How long have you been here? Do you live here with you family?”
“I just came here 3 months back.
I live with some other people from my village.

“Who else is in your family?”
“My wife and my mother.

“Don't you have kids?”
“Not yet.
But, I'm about to be a father soon.
My wife is pregnant and we're expecting a good news anytime soon.
” a smile appeared on his face.

“ohh! great, congratulations.

Our conversation was interrupted in between as his phone rang.

I excused him to talk but intentionally sat on a chair in the hall so that I can hear his conversation.
Curiosity had already taken a toll over my morality.
And what I heard was enough to make me believe in love again.

“Are you okay now? What did the doctor say?
(after a pause he continued)
I told you that you don't need to work, doctor has advised you to take complete rest.
If you continue to work then what’s the use of me coming here? I will send the money as soon as I get the salary.
Please take care and rest.

I was deeply moved after hearing the entire conversation.

This man was living away from his home just because he could earn the extra bucks so that his wife doesn’t have to work during pregnancy.

I felt the essence and charm of love still alive in the ‘real’ world, outside of the 5 inch screen of our mobile phones.
A simple form of love, unpolluted of latest technologies, greed and free from loads of expectations.
He was just like many of us in the crowd, but behind him was an undiscovered ‘love story’.

We see many people around us all day.
Whenever I go out to the tea stall for a smoking break, I hear innumerable couples fighting over phone, cribbing on small issues like distance and lack of commitment in relationship.
He made me realise that the more we are advancing the more we are killing our emotions.

Our love has become fragile, it cannot sustain even a small ‘thunder’, and then there are some relations which withstand the fiercest of storms.

I was still pondering as I heard him saying:
“Bhaiya, Khana ban gaya.
Mai chalta hu.

(Food is prepared.
I’ll leave.

After a few days, he came with a box of sweets.
He was blessed with a baby girl.

I don't know what compelled me to pick up two pieces, maybe because I was ‘too’ happy.

I did the least I could do for him, I booked tickets for him and assured him full pay when he comes back.

He thanked me with a big smile, a real ‘smile’.

Kaid me hain log apni hi khwahisho ke,
Magar zindgi aazadi se jeena chahte hain.

Pyaar to whatsapp, facebook aur tinder pe karte hain,
Aur 'sacchi mohabbat' ka ehsaas paana chahte hain.

~ Shwetank.

I feel like life is meant to bring you closer to death everyday.
And the fact that we celebrate it is wild.
How fearless of us humans, huh?
Today is Samar's birthday.
A week ago, when I slipped in this topic in our conversation, he said he didn't want to do anything that day.
He didn't tell me what bad birthdays did to him, just asked me to spend that day as if it's nothing special.

So, when today morning, I woke up, I could feel the familiar silence of the apartment.
Him sitting in the living room balcony with his usual morning tea and newspaper.
Just today, I could smell cigarettes too.
I didn't disturb him, neither did I ask about the smoking.
Just joined him there with my coffee.

I soon left for my office and he, for his art studio.
It felt wrong, letting go of his hands today.
They were looking particularly beautiful.
Or maybe it's just me.

And now, I can't help myself.
I can't sit still today, knowing his funny little head has hustling thoughts he's not going to share with me.
It's okay if he doesn't tell me why he doesn't want to celebrate.
I just have to be who I am.
So, I go home early and plan a surprise, and when I hear him come home, my legs go numb.

What if he gets angry?
"Hey!" I cheerfully greet him as he enters.

He smiles at me, his eyes scanning the apartment for something unusual.
I know he knows what I must be thinking.
He shouldn't know me so well.
I've known him just four months.

"Hey, what are you doing here so early?" He asks.

"I got off early.
There wasn't much to do around there, so I decided to cook.
" I say, disappearing into the kitchen.
I'm trying to behave as normally as I can.

"Okay, I'll go change.
" He simply says.

When he comes back, I've arranged the table with two of his favourite dishes and some wine.
He quietly sits in front of me and we eat, going on about our days.
He tells me about this girl who got lost in the city today and wandered in his studio.
He helped her get a taxi and made sure to call her to ask if she's reached safely.
I smile at him warmly.
That's one of the things I love about him.
He has a lot of it.

After dinner, we resolve on the couch, him doing something in his phone, and me laying on top of him.
My eyes open and close a million times, looking at him work.
He becomes so lost when he's working, as if he's not here at all.

"What?" He catches my culprit eyes on him.

I have a gift for you.
" I blurt out.

"I told you not to do anything.
" He softly says.

"I know.
I couldn't help it.
" I mumble, hiding in his neck.

He keeps his phone aside and cups my face in his hands.

"What is it?" He asks.

"I wrote you a poetry.
" I say in a small voice.

He chuckles.

"Read it to me.
I slowly sit on his tummy, taking out the paper from the pocket of my shorts.
His hands rest on my thighs, his eyes on me.
I get more nervous under his gaze at times like these than I've ever gotten in my life.
He looks at me like he believes in me.
And that's an unfamiliar look.

I start reading.

"Little things.
When I finish, he's just watching me.
I slowly slip back the paper in my pocket, keeping my hands on his'.

"You notice all that about me?" He asks, referring to all the little things I see in him every day, every minute.

"Yes," I say.

"You're amazing, Nadia.
" He says.

Our eyes stare in each other's for a long time, and then I slowly lean in to kiss him.
The way he kisses me, I now know I have made his day special nonetheless.

We make love in the dimness, once, twice.
I don't remember how many times, but sometime in the night, it starts to feel like we are one, like there wasn't any time we weren't entwined.
I feel alive.
More alive than I've ever been.


All of a sudden, wake up to the familiar silence again.
The morning is still young in the sky.
I'm still on the couch, naked, wrapped up in his shirt.
I realize he's gone into the bathroom.
Yawning, I stretch and turn to look towards the balcony when I notice the page of my poem on the nightstand.
There is something new scribbled at the bottom of it.

"I can't write as beautifully as you about all the little things I know about you, Nadia.
So, I'm going to tell you about this big thing I see in you everyday.
You have love inside you, a lot of it, and I'm glad I'm the one to feel its intensity from so close.

— Samar"

The date was over.

He had come to drop her.
They had decided to leave the cab on the main road and take a walk across the street until her PG.

They had just started only when the street lights went off.
There was a power cut.

Some houses had back ups.
Lights from their windows and gardens were just enough to make the road visible.

Ohhh, bad timing.
But don't worry, my PG is not very far from here.
Let's go.
She tried to cover up.

They started walking.

Does this happen often, the power cut ?”
No, not usually.
Maybe once in a few weeks.
Oh, you know, in my college hostel, I used to scare my roommate during such power cuts.
She was such a coward, my god.
We were so different, you see”,
she boasted.

That's funny”, he grinned.

Yes, that was very fun indeed.
You know, one night I told her that one should never open one’s cupboard during power cuts as bad souls travel through these cupboards only.
And then what”,
controlling her laugh she said, “for three weeks, she didn't open her cupboard alone even in daylight power cuts”.

Ohh, that's so mean of you”, he sighed.

There was a park ahead.
The road became little dark there.

She quietly shifted a bit closer to him but continued with her other hostel stories.

There was something lying on the road.
Right in front of the park gate.

Something black.

She looked at him.
He was busy humming her favorite song which she had asked him to sing.

They were getting closer to that thing with each step.

She slowed down a bit and looked at him again.
This time he caught her gaze.

She exerted a faint smile, came closer and held his hand.
Though, a bit tighter than the normal.

His heart skipped a beat.
His humming faltered.
He, also, slowed down, closed his eyes for a moment and smiled.

He felt being loved.
He felt elated.

Her heart was throbbing.
That thing was only a couple of meters away.

She tried hard not to tighten her grip on his hand further.

Suddenly that thing twitched.

“Oh God," she cried and jumped on him, hugged him with all the strength she had.
Her eyes tightly closed, her head buried in his chest.

He, too, then slowly put his arms around her and held her tightly.

It was a complete silence everywhere.
The street was all deserted but those two; clung to each other.

That thing was nowhere around anymore.

It was a dog, Rashmi.
” He whispered in her ear.

She didn't move a bit.
Still, in his arms, she slowly opened her eyes.
Her grip though had loosened now.

“I don't like dogs.
They are very bad.
They bit people,
” she said in a super faint and childish tone.

But I thought you don’t get afraid.
” He whispered his tease with a smile.

She gently pushed him away.

I don’t like you too, you are also bad,” she yelled and started walking briskly towards her PG.

Hey hey Rashmi, I am sorry, I was just joking.
Wait, I am coming.
” He ran after her.

The bulbs from the nearby houses were lighting the street once again.

I was delusionally soaking up the sun overlooking the beach sitting on a bench.
There was too much leftover alcohol in my body and I was not ready to accept that I was badly hungover.
Male ego, hysterically often makes you do funny things, not accepting embarrassing things is one of them.

I sat there looking at my camera wondering what pictures I had been clicking.
I was physically dead and was in no mood to get up from the bench till the sun became unbearable.
I flicked my earlobes a bit and heard a squeaky bell on the pavement in front of me.
I looked up to see the source, and it was on a walking stick held by a hand that was adorned with all kind of cotton bracelets.
As I followed the hand above over the shoulders, I realised she was wearing a white spaghetti.
She was dusky, not like the ones from Eastern India but more like the ones who are just beautiful in their own way and you don’t analyse which part of the country they belong to.
Her hair was tied with something that looked like a handwoven table cloth to me.

Hey eyes were clear, perhaps because she had never seen how cruel this world is.
She was blind and I was blinded by the sight of her.
She looked like a ripe fruit which is just meant to be looked at and later used as a reference to how beautiful the products of nature are.

I became sober looking at her, perhaps she was so pious.
She stood in front of me looking at the ocean in front of her.
I felt like the moon, she was the sun and the ocean was earth, and we were part of an eclipse that had brightened my morose chain of thoughts.

I kept staring at her knowing that she wouldn’t notice, I was being brave because someone was not gifted enough, just like most humans.
I stood up and walked towards her.
As I took my steps, I could hear the ocean crashing against the rocks and her humming some old hindi song.

“It’s beautiful, the vast expanse of water, the mild sunlight, the smell of sand and the silence all around us.
I’m seeing you’re enjoying it.
” I initiated a conversation.

“I am indeed.
Nice of you to paint a picture for me.
” She smiled.

“I saw that you could use some help, so I thought I’ll disturb you.

“No, not at all.
I love meeting strangers at strange places.
My friend is somehere around here taking selfies, just so you know that I am not alone.

“I’m harmless and yes meeting someone at a random place sounds like a good plan to me now.

“I am Natalie.
I stay in Auroville.

“I am Kishore, I am here to meet random strangers and when I’m not doing that, I stay in Bangalore.

“You seem like the creative kind.

“How can you say that?”
“The way you painted the picture for me, that was enough, I guess and my friend says I’m really beautiful so I should expect people coming up and talking to me but honestly, I have no clue what is visually beautiful.
I have never seen anyone.
For me, your voice and how you talk to me makes you beautiful.

“That makes more sense.

“My friend also says that when you’re beautiful, people agree to everything you say.

“Oh! Stop with it, humans are not that bad.

“Paint a picture for me of how I look.

“Have you ever tasted a mango?”

“Imagine eating a ripe Alphonso mango with some cream while the midnight ocean breeze hits your face, that’s the kind of joy I got when I saw and gathered the courage to talk to you.

“I’m hoping Alphonsos with cream tastes good because I have never tried that.

“I’m sure they taste good, I’m pretty sure they do.

“Care for some coffee and breakfast at Auroville tommrow.
I cannot promise mangoes and cream but we have some good gelato and fruit juices.

Next morning, we met, we had some juices but there were no mangoes.
We talked for an hour about life is when you cannot see and she believed there’s not much of a difference as what we see and what we perceive is totally different.
She is more able because she has one sense which can never affect her outlook in life.
Her favourite movie was 3 idiots and Erin Brokovich as she could get more of the movies just by listening to them.

She gifted me a white shirt, but she had no clue what white is, for her white was pure and that’s why she always preferred it.
She hugged me and told me that she would listen to my novels someday and would give me a bias-free feedback.

She was beautiful, not because she was pretty but because she saw things as they were.
She was beautiful because she actually was in so many ways that none of us can ever comprehend.

“My husband stays here as well.
He is partially blind.
” She had told me in the morning before the breakfast but I had totally ignored it.

She couldn’t see what I felt for her in that limited period of time but she could feel what I saw.
Her smile at the end said it all.

Sometimes, even small slices of time are enough to love someone all your life.
After all she had resurrected a hungover nomad soaking the sun with just the sound of her walking stick bell.

Natalie, you’re a gem and I wasn’t sinfree enough to glow in your radiance.

Sunset: A souvenir
Being in love is the most elegant thing, but to prove it to your lover is a bit of a long haul.

The Valentine week was going to be started and just like any other teenage couple Chatarbhuj and Anjali were looking forward to grow their relationship stronger.
They were dating only for 4 months and this was their first valentine.
They knew that while living in a small town it is not possible to show there love in open so as like others, they play the same game of "Hide and Meet".

Anjali seems to more like an extrovert and was eager to spend time with Chatarbhuj.
But her so-called father in law ordered her lover to depart for a business trip.
This cause Anjali heartbroken and demand to prove his loyalty towards her.

On the other side, Chatarbhuj knew that he can't disrespect his father's order and also his lover wish, so he decided to make both happy at the same time.

Anjali was waiting at the cinema hall where they usually meet.
She thought this will be same as like their previous encounters but Chatarbhuj had planned something unconventional.

Chatarbhuj's Honda Shine pause near Anjali.
He asked to hop on his motorcycle.
Without wasting any time she sat on his Shine.

Anjali: Where are you taking me? What if someone sees us? Why are you not answering?
Chatarbhuj: No one gonna sees us.
You always wanted to know how much I Love You.

Anjali: Yes
Chatarbhuj: So I am gonna prove it today.

He stops his bike at the side of a newly built bridge which was not still open for public.
It was made at the river so that the two main towns can able to get connected.

Chatarbhuj: (Pointing his finger to the sun) See this, this is the sunset.
Every time before the sunset there has a phenomenon in which clouds turn red.
This last only 1 or 2 minutes.
But its impact stays for the whole night.

It gives the last minute hope to kids who were playing cricket and just needed 6 runs in 3 balls.

It gives the last minute hope to the vegetable hawker, that someone gonna buys his vegetable.

And now today it will give me hope too, that even if we are not together at the same time, you still gonna remember me at every sunset you had ever encountered from your terrace.
So from now, I am giving you this most magnificent souvenir "My Sunset"
For more interesting story.
Check out my blog.

Here’s one written by me about 2 years ago…
Shreya ran her fingers in his hair and planted a kiss on his cheek,"wake up Varun, it's 7:30 already.
You will be late for office.
", Varun replied, still in sleep.

"I am going to the kitchen.
Have your coffee before it gets cold.
" She sprang up on her feet to run to the kitchen but Varun pulled her arm towards himself with force and she fell on the bed beside him.
They both laughed and kissed.

"Ok, enough now.
Get up and go to the bathroom.
" She rebuked in a loving tone and went to the kitchen to prepare delicious meals for the love of her life -Varun.
She had planned Varun's favourite chicken tikka sandwiches for breakfast and Paneer makhni for lunch today.

They have been married for 3 years now after a long courtship of 10 years but still deeply, madly in love with each other.
Their each day started like this since then.

Like everyday, At 8:15am sharp, Varun was having his lip smacking breakfast.

", exclaimed Varun as he gorged upon his sandwiches.
Shreya blushed.

"Don't you get bored with the same household chores everyday?", Varun asked.

"I can go on doing this FOREVER for you.
" Shreya replied lovingly.

At 8:40am, Varun planted a kiss on Shreya's forehead as he prepared to leave for office, like he does everyday.

"I can't stay away from you even for a few hours.
I hate going to office.
" Pain of separation, though only of a few hours, was clearly visible in Varun's eyes.

"I know, same with me.
I can even break the barriers of DEATH to stay by your side.
" Shreya replied in a dedicated voice.
They hugged each other passionately.

Varun took his car keys and rushed out.
Shreya shut the gate after him.

He waved to his neighbours standing in the lane.
They waved back.

"It's only one month since Shreya has PASSED AWAY but Varun doesn't seem to be bothered at all.
How apathetic one can be, I am surprised.
" Mr.
Sharma, Varun's neighbor, remarked.

"Yes, I could smell chicken tikkas being cooked from his kitchen today.
He seems to be enjoying his newly attained freedom.
", Mr.
Mehta, Varun' next door neighbor , replied.

They both burst out laughing at this reply.

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“Let me kiss.
Don't stop.
” Vijay said to his wife Kajal while sitting in the middle of the farm at night under the sky filled with beautiful stars and a full moon.

” Kajal raised her eyebrows and pushed him away from her.

“Why?” Vijay leaned towards her.

“Stop it.
It's a full moon day and villagers can see us.
” Kajal pushed him away from her, again.

” Vijay moved away from her.

“Good boy.
” Kajal teased Vijay.

“I will show you how good I'm once I get into our bedroom.
” Vijay winked.

Every day after dinner Kajal and Vijay used to sit with mom and dad.

After spending an hour with mom and dad they used to come here and sit for an hour or so.
Sometimes the hour turned into hours.

“I would not let you even touch me.
” Kajal pressed her lower lip under her teeth and smiled.

“I hate you.
” Vijay tightened his teeth.

“I know you don't.
” Kajal kissed his cheek.

“Stop it.
Stay away.
Get lost.
” Vijay pretended to be unhappy with her.
Kajal knew that.

“I can't.
I love your cheeks more than you.
” Kajal planted another kiss on his cheek.

“And, I love your lips more than you.
” Vijay reciprocated.

He took her face in his hands.
Looked at her.
She was beautiful.
He has been seeing her since last thirty days and she was growing beautiful everyday.
He looked into her eyes.

“Do you know how much I love you?” Vijay asked her while looking into her eyes.

As much you can.
” Kajal replied.

“It's been just thirty days we got married and I am addicted to you.
You are a Magician.
” Kajal continued.

“Exactly a year ago I saw you for the first time.
That was the day I fell in love with you.
” Vijay recalled the past.

“You were so nervous that day.
When I came out to give tea, you saw me for just a few seconds and then started looking down.
” Kajal laughed.

“Ten seconds were enough.
” Vijay kissed her.

I'm Neil.
Neil Awasthi.
I'm writing this on 30th of May, 2016 on account of my anniversary.
And let me tell you something before you begin showering wishes subconsciously.
This ain't a happy story.
The anniversary isn't about something happy either.
And most importantly, I don't exist.
I'm a spirit now.

It is a simple love story which didn't have a happy ending.
We didn't walk hand in hand to the setting Sun in the horizon.
She's still there.
I became too selfish and decided to something really stupid but I don't want to lose all your sympathy so soon.
So I'll tell you my story.
Remember, it's my story so it has my point of view.
Whether true or not, is all for you to decide.

I was a good student.
I used to cram all year to make sure I stood first in the class.
I had always been falsely accused of having potential.
They said I could move the world.
Well, I was too skinny, so the thought was almost revolting, even by metaphorical standards.
I didn't have anything else to do.
I didn't go for extracurricular activities.
I didn't dance.
I didn't sing.
I didn't play.
I studied.
I wanted to score good at Board exams.
In fact, I did so.
I scored a whopping 96.
My parents were proud of me.
They were happy because my marks were enough for me to choose my school and not vice versa.
This is where it all began.

I chose New Oxford High School.
The place which manufactured capes of future SUPERHUMANS as well as Tombstones for those who got blinded in the limelight.
I wanted the former.
I received the latter.

I chose Computer as my optional subject, not because I wanted to study it, but because I had enough marks.
It's like buying a Royal Enfield not because you have a passion for it but only because you can afford it.
And it's a sin in either case.
A sin I paid for.
With all my heart.

I reached the school and located the classroom that would be mine.
I went in and saw few known faces.
The ones who had been there with me in my old school.
The class seemed to be busy about some gossip, something which had them all engrossed.
I soon figured out the reason was feminine gender.
Something that had been out of syllabus for me.

A girl of 5'8", pink bag, single ponytail, big innocent eyes, sunkissed smooth skin, soft melodious voice and a friendly contagious laughter had become the centre of attraction too soon.
I tried to be different.
I didn't check her out.
She might have been Venus' daughter but I didn't care.
My needs didn't allow me to.
I wasn't supposed to.

But she was at NOHS, so she must be smart enough.
Beautiful and smart, it was a dangerous combination.
Who was I lying to? I had checked her out and realised that I have a heart that can go offbeat, and few people exist in this world who can make it skip a few.
She was drop dead gorgeous.
How could she be so? And why was she so unavoidable?
I stood firm by my decision.
The guy beside me who wore bulletproof spectacles mumbled, "She's awesome.
I think she loves me.
You must believe me.
The cuteness in her voice when she talks to me.
She is definitely smitten by me.
And you saw her assets? My Lord, I'm certainly getting lucky soon.
" I looked at him with such a glare that he froze.
I stood up, grabbed my Physics book and went to the corner most seat in the last row.
I even overheard them, "The unlucky fellow can't talk to her but just quietly checks her out.
Freaking stalker.
Was I that? Was I stalking? I just happened to see her.
We never had any eye contact, I'm sure.
I just saw that she was actually studying or not.
Not that I was planning to complain to her parents.
Who was I? Her tuition teacher? And I wasn't talking to her because it didn't matter.
Moreover, I knew she was pretty out of my league.
I had read HOW ABOUT A SIN TONIGHT and believed in it pretty much.
It's concept of relationship.
It was true.

She came to me after a week, chewing a strawberry bubblegum and said, "Hi.
" I looked up from my Maths book.
She looked way more beautiful when she was closer.
I looked into her eyes and realised they were brown.
It was mid June and her forehead had micro droplets of perspiration.
Still, she smelled as fresh as if she hid some mystical flowers in her pockets.
I realised I had not responded to her 'Hi'.

"Hi," I said.
I couldn't think of anything smarter.

She told me her name.
It was so beautiful and sounded perfect in her voice.
I repeated it.
It felt even better in my voice to me.
I said, "Hi.
I'm Neil Awasthi.
"You seem to be avoiding me.
I have talked to every student in my class but you.
Do you hate me?"
"No, I don't.
I just avoid you because I don't have any reason to disturb you.
"Disturb me? What are you talking about?"
"I don't want to make it difficult for you or me.
You see, after two years, we would be heading towards different destinations to pursue out dreams.
If we get familiarised with each other then it won't be easy for either of us.
So I'm not only avoiding you.
I'm avoiding practically everyone and everything possible.
"Dude, you have a philosophical mind.
I believe you shouldn't restrict yourself from little happiness as they are the ones which make life worth living.
"Have you read HOW ABOUT A SIN TONIGHT?"
But I'd love to.
"I've two conditions.
One, you'll never talk to me ever again.
I'll give you the book.
Read it and return it at your leisure.
I promise you a heart-to-heart conversation.
But only one such conversation.
So use it wisely.
I've made a friend today and I'll make sure it will be the only time I broke my rule.
"Okay General.
As you wish.
I just wanted to tell you that you are cute and you might deny the fact but you have blushing since the time I said Hi.
As for the last conversation, I'll use it wisely.
Here, take my contact number.
It's 7033585310.
Can I WhatsApp you?"
I nodded.
I couldn't look into her eyes.
These confounded eyes couldn't keep the secret to themselves.
I so loathe them.
Why couldn't I hide my emotions? People do it so nicely.
They hate you wholeheartedly, yet face you with a heart melting smile.
Why couldn't I pretend to be grumpy when I loved her wholeheartedly.
There I have said it.
I love her but I can't pursue it.
After all, I need to keep moving.
I am an achiever.
I need to go from one place to another without any attachments.
Any kind of relationship will be a chain which will prevent me from pursuing my dreams.
The only way to avoid distraction is to avoid distraction.

Later that evening, I saved her contact details.
I thought I might need to.
I checked my WhatsApp contact list and it showed her picture.
Confession time: I strongly believe that school uniform is so designed to show the worst you can ever look under the false impression of looking smart.
And if anyone can pull off that astonishingly, they can pull off off almost anything.
She looked so pretty.
I downloaded the image and saved it in the photo vault of my Applock account.
I saved another copy in my Dropbox.
What was happening to me?
I couldn't concentrate on my studies at all.
Every 5 minutes later, there was a sudden urge to check if there were any messages.
I felt ignored and thus, blocked her.
For the whole week I didn't open my WhatsApp id.
Even at school, I returned her smiles with cold glances.

On Saturday, I unblocked her.
Let's admit it, you can't keep a beautiful girl blocked for long when you know that you can unblock her anytime you want.
Also, it is effective when the person knows about it.
Going by her friendly expression, I felt she didn't even know about it.

It suddenly dawned upon me that she didn't have my contact number.
What a fool had I been! She was so good.
I decided that I won't tell her ever that I blocked her.
You never know with girls.
Girls are God's version of Rubiks cube.
You solve the brain and get confused by her heart.
You can't simultaneously understand her thoughts and feelings.
It needs a man to do so.
I texted her.

SHE:Who's this!!!!!!!

SHE:Stop kidding me.

ME:Do you expect me to pop out of the phone to make you believe?
SHE:I'm sure dis isn't u.
Neil doesn't hv dis sense of humour.

ME:Just wait.

I changed my DP from Albert Einstein showing his tongue to me flashing the best possible smile in French beard.

SHE: OMG!!!!!!!! Is that you? :*
ME: Yes.
Did I use a smilie? Neil Awasthi doesn't use a smilie.
I'm sure he doesn't.
He never uses a smilie.
She's a devil.
I'm sure she is.
She's brainwashing me.

SHE: You used a smilie? I didn't expect dat!!!!!
ME: Same here.

SHE: LOL! Boy u have a killer sense of humour.

Good night Zohra Imam.

SHE: This level of formality?
ME: Yes.
I like it.

SHE: Okay den.
Good night Neil Awasthi.
I didn't sleep.
I read the chat.
I re-read it.
I googled what she could have meant when she said things which confused me.
Even the Google was taking her side and confused me further.
Finally, I gave up and closed my eyes to relax them.
They had done a lot of job ever since I had met her.

She is there, sitting by the river under the big tree.
I reached her.
She's texting someone on her phone.
I get a strong urge of throwing it away and holding her close to me.
Suddenly, my phone vibrates.
I see, it's a text from her.
It says, "Where are you? I need you.
" I reach close enough to know that she was sniffing after having cried for long.
As I place my hand on her shoulder, she turns and hugs me really tight.
It is the first time anyone has ever hugged me and by far, it's one of the best feelings.
It can soothe your senses.
You should always ask your friend for it.
She couldn't hold back her tears anymore.
I just stroke thr back of her head gently and say, " It's okay.
I understand.
"What do you understand?" my mom stands in front of me.
There's no river, no tree, no Zohra, no body except mom and me in my room.
I check the time.
It's 8 am.
I'm already late for school.
I throw away the pillow that I had given a bear hug to and it still has the impression of my affection.
My mom smiled at me and said, "You are growing up son.
"I'm late mom.
Why didn't you tell me?" I said and stormed into the bathroom.

"What do you mean? It's Sunday today," she said, arranging my bedsheets.
I came out with the toothbrush dangling from the edge of my mouth as both my hands were checking the phone.
There weren't any new texts.

"Who is Zohra?" my mom asked while doing the bedsheets.

she's my friend from school," I replied.
I was stammering.
I didn't stammer.
Who was this?
"You made friends? Is she your girlfriend?" she asked, a hint of taunt in her voice.

Not at all.
She's my only friend.
And she wanted to make friends, not me.
But how do you know her?" I asked.

"Your phone had a notification.
I checked it and it had a message from Zohra.
It read 'Good Morning Neil Awasthi.
'" she said.
She sounded cool and casual, as if saying stuffs like this happen.

I checked it and realised that she had sent it at 7:50am.
I was confused a bit.
It was around this time that she had sent me a text in my dreams.
I wished her back.
She was online soon enough.

SHE: Awake genius?
ME: No I have a habit of sleep texting -_-
SHE: My bad.
Btw yesterday I dreamt of you.
Sry for sounding creepy but it's the way it is.
I was a bit depressed and you consoled me.

ME: K.

My inner conscience was shouting loudly like a child has proven elders wrong.
And then one stare from my logics and it went quiet.

ME: Gtg.
Tuition time.

SHE: Stop lying.
You don't go for tuitions.

ME: How do you know?
SHE: Stalker me
ME: Anyway TTYL.

It showed typing and I waited but then she went offline.
What was she typing? Why didn't she send it? How does she know about me? I've got no friends here.

I stopped and decided to go study.
I took out my physics book that had been earlier used by some Zahir Alam.
I didn't know who he was.
It was only his name and it appeared familiar.
I had bought this book second hand.
It had been in the best condition with the covers on.
The book also contained important points written on edges and important points underlined.
Only the first page had the name Zahir written calligraphically.
The last sheet had been stapled with the back cover so I didn't open it lest I would ruin the book.

The days passed by soon.
I didn't open up.
Everyone thought I was a moody nerd who thinks too high of himself.
Students would pass me questions of physics and I would just look into the book and solve it in a few minutes.
Formulae were at my fingertips.
The book was becoming my Bible.
No one liked me at school.
Correction, they hated me at school.
Only one person smiled at me.
You know who.

The chatting continued.
She was awesome.
She would come online anytime I wanted.
Even at 3 am.
As if she knew I was waiting for her.
Or I needed her.
She could join me in fooling around at a moment and become spiritual at the next.
Sometimes we discussed illogical things like the length of shoelaces in a boy's sneakers and those of girls.
Sometimes we discussed relationships, its futility, vulnerability and then back to something neutral like favourite novels.
She could carry on any conversation and she never appeared to be irritated of me.
I was sure that she was an angel.
I expected her to turn up one day and confess to me in action.
She would just come in front of me.
A halo would appear over her head.
Her wings would open and she would offer me a sneak preview of Heavens.

But nothing like that happened.
She just kept mesmerising me.
I fell in love with her everyday.
The feeling went on intensifying.
One day, I decided to give up my stupid vow of not meeting her more than once.

ME: You there?
SHE: Always.

ME: Touchè.
Can we meet?
SHE: I thought it was my single wish.
Why r u spoiling it? Going smwhere else?
ME: No I just decided to give up on that vow.

SHE: Okay.
How would an evening walk be?
ME: Awesome
SHE: Okay den.
5:30pm today at Big Field.

ME: Done
SHE: I'm so excited.

ME: Gtg.

She was typing again and then went offline.
It was a habit for me now.
I had accepted it as technical flaw.
I checked my wardrobe and found nothing good enough except my white linen shirt.
I loved it because it was simply the best.
I matched it with a carbon blue jeans and a brown half jacket.
A Fast track watch completed my attire and I just waited for its hands to strike 5.

At 4:50, I got restless and went for a shower.
I applied shampoo in my hair that had been unkempt for days.
Finally, I wore all that I had chosen and put on Eau de Cologne.
My brother gifted it to me and he was sure it would be like that forever.
I would prove him wrong now.

I went to the Big Field.
I scanned for her and my eyes struck on a girl sitting on the park bench.
She wore a canary yellow long skirt and had her silky smooth hair loose.
I went upto her and she was Zohra.
Her eyes had a hint of Kajal that beautified those innocent eyes.
Her lips had a hint of lip gloss and she smelt of some rich perfume.
Her face lit up on seeing me.

"Hi," I said.
She giggled.
I couldn't understand why.
Then I noticed.
I had worn canvas shoes that were a bit too awkward.
One green and the other one blue.
I thought it would add a different touch to my look.
But her laughter was so magical.
I enjoyed watching her laugh.
She looked like a butterscotch icecream in that long skirt which had beautiful swirls and few beads on the floral pattern.
One word: BEAUTIFUL.

"I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that," she said innocently.
Her eyes were brimming with life.
Her cheeks had a rosy hue.
Maybe it was due to the setting sun.

"Thank you for visiting at such short notice," I said.
I didn't have words.
All my wits had abandoned me.
She had me speechless.

"Will you stop being formal?" she said.
I loved it when she faked anger.

"I'm sorry," I said.

"Even that's formal.
"I'm this way.
I can't help.
Anyway, how are you?"
"Did you want to meet me to ask this question? You could have WhatsApped me.
"No I mean.
enjoy the sunset," she said.
I fell silent.
Since it was cool in the evening, few people were there.
Our hands had been millimetres apart.

"I love the sunset.
It's only more special because I'm sharing the moment with you," she said.
I felt her fingers touch mine.
Believe me, there were some electric shocks.
I had to draw away my hand.
This was a first.
She again giggled.

"You should inform me," I said with a smile.

"I'm sorry.
I was into the moment.
Can I grab your hand?" she asked.

"Look who's being formal now?" I asked.
She slipped her right hand into my left.
The lower boundary of the sun kissed the top of the horizon.
As the sun began to go down, her grasp became more firm.
Her fingers entangled with mine and I knew I was lost in that moment.
The last moments of the sunset were really amazing.
My thumb was drawing small circles on the part of her hand where the thumb and forefinger are joined.
As the sun finally set, the sky was filled with a lovely orange hue and I could hear GERUA being played on a nearby radio set.

We rose from our seats but didn't leave each other's hands.
It was an unsaid promise.
A sin for us.
We walked slow.
She broke the silence.

"Why didn't you tell me?"
"I didn't know.
"You didn't know why you wanted to meet me?" she giggled again.

I looked at her.
She looked so pretty.
I had to say something and something quick enough.
So I said, "You are looking really beautiful.
"Thank you," she said.

The sky was growing dark.
We had met but I still hadn't told her why I wanted to meet her.
Honestly, even I didn't know the reason.
I was just enjoying her company.

"Ice cream?" she asked.

"It's cold.
You'll fall sick," I said.

"Since I'm with a responsible guy who will take care of me and if anything happens to me, he'll drop me home safely, I can do whatever I want," she said and walked briskly towards the ice cream vendor.

"I'll have butterscotch," she said.
The vendor looked at me.
I said, "Make it two.
" She looked at me with big eyes.
I said, "I hope it isn't a one way process.
If I fall sick, won't you take me home?" She just nodded.

We took our icecreams and paid the ice cream vendor.
We were walking again.
I felt her gaze at me so I turned towards her.
I saw something that made me laugh.
She had put some ice cream on the tip of her nose.
She became angry and walked ahead.
I felt sorry so I went to her.

"Don't talk to me," she said.

"I'm sorry.
You were so cute that I couldn't help laughing.
It was just too funny," I said.

"Well, then you wipe it off but without using your hands," she said.

"How do I do that?" I asked, innocently.
I felt that something was going to happen, definitely.
Something I won't forget all my life.

"I'll show you," she said and came close.
She rubbed her nose to mine and wiped that piece of ice cream.
I was too shocked to react as I was still contemplating.
She giggled and kissed the tip of my nose.

"See, it's easy," she said.

"It's my turn now," I said and moved ahead.
She was still smiling.
I held her face, cupping it from the area beneath the ears to stop it from moving.
She closed her eyes.
I rubbed my nose to hers to remove the remaining part and then kissed her nose to.
The atmosphere was electrifying.

She opened her eyes and looked into mine, like a diver trying to estimate the depth of a pool.
There wasn't any smile anymore.
I just moved ahead.
So did she.
Our eyes shut involuntarily.
I just felt her soft lips meet mine.
She was kissing me back.
My hands still held her face in a protective posture.
My lips explored her upper lips, as hers explored my lower lips.
Her lip gloss was raspberry flavoured.
It wasn't a wild kiss.
Just a simple one, which said, "I care for you.
After a minute or so, I just stood that way.
Our foreheads were against each other and our breathing shallow.
For the first time, she looked vulnerable.
I kissed her forehead as she hugged me tightly.
I hugged her for a few minutes till she was okay.
I just bent a bit lower to her ears and whispered, "I love you.
Her smile answered it all.
A tear drop fell from her eyes.
A pious drop that witnessed the beginning of a pious relationship.
It was getting dark.
I decided to drop her home.
She agreed and we began walking.
Our hands had turned sweaty still they didn't lose contact.
The fingers kept entangling and the thumb made strange asymmetrical designs.

At the corner of her house, we stood to leave.
She said, "Thank you Neil.
Thank you so much for making this evening so special.
I'll never forget it.
And one more thing," she came closer to my ears and said, "I love you too.
" She ran towards her house but not before planting a kiss on my cheek.

I was so happy that I went off road many times dancing to my own tunes.
Really, love was a magic.
She was amazing and didn't regret me.
Somehow, I managed to reach home in one piece.

No sooner did I reach home than I took my smartphone and ran to the balcony.
She had sent a few messages.

SHE: Neil, thank you so much for today.
It will always remain a special evening for me.

SHE: I have to tell you something about me so that there ain't any misunderstanding between us.

SHE: I have been in many failed relationships.
They have always changed some part of me or the other.
What you see today is not an original one, but an altered piece.
Everytime a relationship failed, I made sure I would be better and won't let the next person leave me.
Yes, I have my share of flaws.
But the fact is I have had my heart broken and reassembled so many times that now it is like a fragile piece of mosaic art.
It's delicate and would be broken beyond repairs without you.
I tried hard but failed.
I tried to avoid falling in love with you but failed.
So I'm entrusting with the fragile artwork.
Please don't play with it.
If you ever feel the need to leave, inform me beforehand so that I can prepare myself.
I promise you I won't give you any reasons for leaving me at altar.
Whenever you went offline, I wrote this but erased it.
But today I'll send it.
So here it goes.
I love you Neil, now and forever.

I found myself at the loss of words.
Here was a girl whom I thought to be the world's strongest woman, and even she was vulnerable.
I didn't know she too was a tormented soul.
She was like me.
She too had a dark past.
She too had a wounded soul.
Everyone in the world does.
You just have to find someone whose wounds match yours so that you can preserve the confidence and faith that oozes out of the ever bleeding wounds and vice versa.
I took my phone and texted her the only reply I felt fit for the moment.

ME: I promise to be there for you.
Every time, whenever you need me, I'll be there.
Maybe you might feel lonely someday, maybe you would feel down.
Those days, you won't need to say anything.
I'll hug you tight and absorb all your problems.
Everyone has a past.
The thing about the past is to learn and move on.
Together, we can scale numerous heights, explore new depths, go crazy and still talk philosophical.
Just don't lose that X-factor in you.
I won't tell you what it is because the day you become conscious of it, you'll ruin it.
Just be the way you are.
You are perfect for me.
Love you always.

Life took a new path and explored new possibilities every second day.
Being lovestruck is one of the best feeling ever.
We were so much into each other.
We still didn't talk at school but WhatsApp continued to play cupid for us.
She was all I could have asked for.
I asked her once why don't you throw tantrums at me like a typical girlfriend? She said, "One of my previous relationship taught me, if I wanted to be treated as a queen, then I must treat you as a king, not like my servant.
Besides, we aren't a typical couple.
You are more to me than those mere words.
I never asked her about her "magic number".
It was rather a dark magic number because all those who had been there had left scars on her.
They didn't know what they did.
They didn't value her attachments.
I did.
I knew what it was when something becomes your addiction.
Let me share something with you.

I was 10.
I had many friends.
One of them was Lakshya.
He was this skinny boy who lived at an orphanage.
I was an emotional person soi felt sorry for him.
Lakshya had always been pale and drowsy.
He had this strange habit of getting alert whenever anyone placed a hand on his shoulder.
His eyes had big, deep maroon circles as if he didn't sleep enough at nights.
One day he offered me to take me with him on a visit.
I agreed as I trusted him more than anything.

He led me to an old, dilapidated building.
There were others like him and a guy who was the oldest.
He must be 23.
Every child there resembled each other and I knew what was common.
They all looked drowsy.
Dark, maroon circles under the eyes.
Lakshya led me to the guy named Shakeel.
He looked at me and smiled.
He gave Lakshya a small packet of a white powdery substance.
I didn't know what it was but Lashya's face broke into a smile.
A smile so innocent that it can light up your mood on any day.
I asked Shakeel what it was.
He showed it to me.
A white powdery substance was there.
It looked like talcum powder.
He asked, "Wanna try?"
I was too innocent and didn't know about the world of drugs and child abuse.
I just nodded.
He tore the packet and put it in a pan.
He then added distilled water and began to boil it.
Soon, the powder dissolved and he took the solution in a syringe.
He told me to place my wrist in front of him and not to be afraid of the syringe.
I still remember his words, "The path to Heaven is painful because underneath burns the flames of Hell.
But once you are there, you know that the pain was worth it.
" He injected it into me.

My senses began to go numb.
I couldn't control myself.
Actually, I was feeling too good.
My soul had escaped the boundaries of my body and could now go to all places.
It could see all the colours of the Electromagnetic waves.
I was riding high, like a roller coaster that only goes higher and higher.

I regained consciousness after almost a day.
I was in my bed, sleeping.
I asked mom how I came home and she said Lakshya had dropped me.
She said I was sleeping like a log and was delirious.
She had never seen me like that.
I thought hard but my body just wanted one thing.
That white powder.

I went there again.
This time Shakeel demanded money saying it was not cheap.
Either I brought children or got him cash.
I requested Lakshya to share his but he refused.
I gave him all the 10000 rupees that I had saved from my pocket money.
He took it and gave me my secrecy to happiness.
It was making me vulnerable.

I began stealing money.
My father didn't notice in the beginning that it was me.
So we had 4 servants changed before I was caught one day.
He asked me why I had been bunking classes.
I had no answer.
He slapped me and the packet fell of my pocket.
He looked at it and was shocked.
He noticed the dark circles underneath my eyes.
I had grown skinny and looked fragile.

I was sent to a rehabilitation centre.
It cost my Dad a fortune but he spent the money because he loved me like anything.
Slowly, I showed signs of improvement.
The day I was discharged, I made a promise to myself that I won't trust anyone at school.
I would curl up like an armadillo.
I hated trust.
I hated sympathy.
I became an inhuman wretch whose heart bore no kindness.
Years later, a small flower had dared to grow on the barren land of my heart.
The flower of trust and it cracked the land below.
It was my responsibility to water it daily with the waters of love.

I was becoming her drug.
She was getting addicted to me.
I never told her this secret of mine.
I never intended to.
I feared losing her.
Who loves a drug addict? Even though we know who is the victim and who is the culprit, we tend to hate the victim.
We are humans.
We are the most inhuman beings on this planet.

I was enjoying life to the fullest.
I was scoring good.
I had a girl who loved me back.
What else did I need? But what's a love story without a tragedy? Enough of summer of my love story, it was time for autumn to put our feelings to test.

I noticed a few changes in her.
She was absent a lot more frequently.
I texted her.
She said she was fine and it was just some urgent work.
Being a boyfriend, I expected an answer less vague than that, isn't it? I requested her to meet me.
She said, "I too want to.
I have something important to share.
Let's meet up this Sunday at the Big Park.
" Generally, when a girl says that she has something important to share, it's generally something bad.
Something really, really bad.
I waited eagerly for Sunday.
The day that changed it all.

She was seated in the same park bench.
She wore a black gown.
It was in stark contrast to her complexion.
Her eyes had big, dark maroon circles.
She looked drowsy.
Her health was deteriorating.
I wanted to ask her a lot.
She looked at me.
Her eyes were still as lively as ever.
She gestured me to sit beside her and held my hand.
Even her grasp was weaker.
She had become even more frail.
Like a falling feather.
Gentle, yet fragile.
Still lovable.

I looked at her skin.
It was radiating with the Sun's light.
I had Googled her name and it meant something synonymous.
She was the Sun in my life radiating positive energy.
As our fingers entangled, she closed her eyes to allow the teardrop to escape that she had been trying to hold back.
She could no longer control them.
She looked at me.
Her eyes demanded apology but for what? I pulled her closer to myself.
She put her head on my shoulder and wept silently.
I let her weep while stroking her head and then I planted a gentle kiss on her forehead.
She looked at me and a smile broke into her face.
A beautiful girl, when smiles through teary eyes, makes you feel special.
If you can make a girl smile, you should give yourself a thumbs up.

When she had gained her composure, I asked her what happened.
She said, "I want to kiss you before I tell you anything.
" I agreed.
She held my nape to bring me closer to her and kissed me.
There was an urgency in it.
Something told me that something bad was about to happen.
I kissed her back gently.
As I stood to break it, she stood on her toes to extend it for a couple of seconds.
She was weeping yet again.
I hugged her to comfort her.
I didn't know what it was or how bad it was.
All I knew was that Zohra wasn't facing it alone.

"My parents know about us," she blurted it out.
She looked away as she couldn't face me.
"They found all the messages I had sent to you.
They found out all about you.
They told me to stop being with you.
No texting.
Still I continued.
I couldn't stop.
I'm addicted to you.
I can't do it.
They tried their best.
They didn't allow me to go to school as they feared I would run away.
I told them that I would never do that.
They said that they had found something about you that had made them take this decision.
They said that they don't want me to make the mistake my Didu did.
I kept asking if it was religion, and they kept hitting me to silence me.
They finally said that if I meet you ever again, they would get you and your family in serious legal tussle.
But I can't let that happen.
I can't be with you.
I can't be without you.
What should I do? I tried ending it all up but failed," she said.
I noticed slit marks on her wrist.
A sudden rage of anger built inside me.
What was I doing? I was making her fall again.
I was ruining her.
I'm becoming her drug.
She is addicted to me and I'm ruining her life.
I had no other way but to do it.

"I have to tell you something.
Listen carefully.
First of all, if you have ever loved me, you will never try to end up your life.
Remember that even never is a promise meant forever.
Do not do this ever.
Secondly, I have been a drug addict.
I was addicted to heroine and had been to rehabilitation centre.
Your parents are obviously correct.
No one would like to give away their daughter to someone who has been a drug addict.
I have changed but the world will never understand it.
I had to leave drugs because it was ruining me.
I was addicted to it, I loved it but it wad ruining me.
Look at yourself.
What are you now is what I had been few years ago.
I can't let this happen.
I can't allow another Neil Awasthi to form.
You have to leave me.
I love you.
I haven't loved anyone this much ever.
You made me feel important.
You made me feel special.
But I can't allow you to be ruined because of me.
You must steer clear of me.
People shouldn't show us as an example of a couple that got ruined because of love.
They should see us brave enough to live for the sake of our loved one.
Maybe we aren't destined to be together.
But it nowhere implies that I don't love you.
I'll always be there, like a shadow.
Trust me.
I'll always be there.
Just don't look for me.
Just know that I'm there.
As soon as you go home, block me on WhatsApp and tell your parents that they were right.
I was cheating on you and I had hidden my past because I was a coward.
And one more thing, can I kiss you for one last time?"
She stood still as a statue.
She was still contemplating.
Maybe sympathizing my past.
Maybe calling me names for being a coward.
I had broken her heart yet again.
This time I don't think it would repair again.
She came to me and kissed me hard.
Her tongue traced my upper lips that had been sandwiched between hers.
I kissed her back with equal passion.
We just wanted the kiss to be forever.
In the end, she bit my lower lip so hard that it began to bleed.
She sucked it all and said, "You are the only guy whom I'll never regret.
Just don't contact me ever again.
Thank you Neil.
Thank you for making me know my worth.
Thank you for making me feel special.
I'm proud of myself that I found a gem like you.
Goodbye forever.
" She ran away to hide her tears.
She had to leave my hand so she did it as soon as possible.
The lesser time you take to remove the pus, the quicker the wound to heal.

Tears fell from my eyes.
I didn't stop them.
I didn't tell her that I was also addicted to her.
She had become my drug too.
I used to wake up every morning at 3:30am just to see whether she was awake.
I used to wish her Good morning and instant reply would come.
If I had a problem, I would make it into a philosophical question and she would give me the best possible remedy.
I was so much in love with her.
I wanted to shout and call her back.
But I didn't.
I didn't want to hurt her again and again.
Her teary eyed face was so saddening.
I loved her so much and would give my everything in bargain for her smiles.
Those baby pink lips that were so soft and kissable.
I feel fortunate enough to have been there in her life and to be someone she would never regret.
I finally gained confidence that what I did was correct.
I had no other option.

I went home and couldn't sleep.
I checked her WhatsApp id.
I didn't turn on the mobile data to check her last status.
She had read the book I suggested.
I loved it because it was full of awesome quotes.
This was also one of my favourites.
She was quoting it.
She even had a pout face in the dp.
I saved it as a screenshot.
Then I took the hardest step ever.
As soon as I turned on the mobile data, her dp vanished.
Her status vanished.
She complied to my request.
I decided to study to get distracted.
I took the physics book.

The theories made no sense.
I couldn't understand Bragg's equation at all.
The electromagnetic radiations reminded me of a distant past.
I decided to close the book.
I stood to leave.
Suddenly, I felt the back cover of the book had something in it.
I used my craft knife to open the covers.
It had a letter written in a beautiful handwriting.
I sat down to read.

"Dear reader,
First of all, know it that you are reading a suicide note.
Don't go to the police as it would be useless and my parents would regret me.
If you promise that to a dead soul, then read further.
I promise to reserve a seat for you in heavens if I find one for myself.
Just kidding.

I'm Zahir Alam and I'm a student of Std.
I am one of the bright students who is expected to make it big.
But as they say, the bigger your dreams are, the bigger is the price.
I wanted to marry this girl named Zubaida Imam.
But I couldn't because of the reasons given ahead.
She is really an angel.
She is so beautiful and flawless that you can't imagine such a person can exist.
I confessed my love to her and got a pleasant surprise.
She loves me too.
I was very happy.
But I can't marry her.
Actually, I'm a drug addict.
I couldn't ruin her life as I've wasted my parents fortunes.
So I broke up few hours ago and it has broken her too.

Life is strange.
You are addicted to someone or something that you can't live without.
To quote my favourite book, "Life is all about doing what you never wanted to do.
Love is all about doing what you never thought you could do.
" I got addicted to drugs.
I never wanted to.

I fell in love with the most beautiful girl and now I want to live.
I never thought I would ever find a reason for it.

She says she likes my dark maroon circles underneath the eyes.
What she doesn't know is it is the side effect of the thing that is killing me.
I need to leave her for her good.
I must go.
So I leave.

My friend, this letter might not appeal to you.
But you know what? Men are like that.
They replace one addiction with another.
They collect empty bottles and empty boxes to fill the emptiness in their lives.
They fill one emptiness with another.
I really loved that story by Sadat Hassan Manto.

Anyway, too much of useless talk.
A suicide note shouldn't be this frank and personal, isn't it? Are you kidding me? This is my last letter to the world.
This must be the best letter written straight from the heart.
You'll know about it when you fall in love.
It's the best drug ever.
And the previous statement is an excellent use of irony, oxymoron, metaphor and what not.
Time to leave buddy.

Yours deceased friend,
Zahir Alam.
I hid the letter back in the covers.
I stapled it the way it was.
I had lost my addiction.
I needed to find myself another.

I reached the same building.
The dilapidated house.
Shakeel was still there.
He looked at me and smiled.
I smiled back.
I placed my gold chain in front of him.
He took it, checked it and placed a packet of white powder in front of me.
"It is worth 4 packets," I said.
He threw three more packets and said, "Overdose of something that makes you feel like heaven can make you slip into hell.
I had had the overdose of the drug called love.
Obviously I needed something to subside it.
He said, "I would have given the remaining three one by one because you can't control them.
The rest is upto you.
" I paid no heed.
The packets were torn.
The powder was dissolved.
As soon as I injected it, the beautiful spectrum engulfed me.
The colours looked even more beautiful.
Then the colours began to intensify.
They began to mix and form white.
The radiance increased.
My soul finally left the boundaries of my body.
This time never to return.
Even never is a promise meant forever.

So that's my story.
I'm a spirit because of what I did.
And I have no regrets.
Maybe next life, I'll be with Zohra.
I still meet her.
I have kept my promise.
I do follow her.
And she knows it.
I'll tell you how.
But first let me tell you about what happened to other characters.

Shakeel was caught because he was caught selling my chain.
It was a part of my plan.
I knew I had to end his racket and this appeared to be the best way.
I did it and I'm proud of it.

My parents were devastated by the news of my death.
The autopsy report confirmed the obvious.
Drug overdose, it read.
My parents began to curse their upbringing.
Hopefully, they'll understand someday.
I just want them to stay happy and not to regret me.
And this comes from the son who took to suicide in the worst possible way.
Sorry dad and mom for letting you down.
Hopefully, I'll be a better son next time.
They are now working for an NGO which aims at eradication of all these rackets.
Proud of you, dear parents.

I met Lakshya here.
He was apologetic.
He didn't know what was right or wrong.
He died two years ago but his death was hidden.
I've forgiven him.
Why to hold a grudge against someone whose smile can light up your days.

So I take leave.
Don't worry, I'm just going to read Zohra's diary.
She writes too well.
That's the quality she developed when I left.
It brought out the writer in her.
She writes to escape reality.
All her protagonists are inspired by only one person.
Neil Awasthi.
She still avoids using my name in her stories.
Only one place is there which is full of my name and that's where I'm going.

From Zohra's diary:
30th May, 2016
An year ago.

A guy came into my life.
To make me feel what heaven was like.
Yes, I had been exploited.
I believed those who said they loved me but only wanted to explore my womanhood.
But he made me feel special.
He made me feel different.
Even when he left, I was crying but amazingly, I fell in love with him even more.
I didn't know I could experience such a love or whether I deserved it.
All I know is he kept his promise.
I know he's there.
Hiding somewhere.
Reading my diary as I write.
I still haven't unblocked him because he told me to.
I need to thank him for making me the person that I couldn't have imagined myself to become.
Yes, I love myself because he loves me.
You made me feel worthy of being loved.
Today, when it rained in the evening, I went upstairs to dance in the rain.
A cold wind passed and it felt as if he had whispered the three magical words in my ears before kissing me on my nape.
God, I'm still so much smitten by him.
I feel his hungry gaze at me everytime.
And it makes me feel so wanted.
Like always, even today's entry would end with the same words.

Love you, Neil.

Just now, a cold wind rushes in from the window with a sweet fragrance and I'm reminded of the passionate kiss shared by Neil.
Our last kiss.
I wonder why! I don't think there is any rehabilitation centre to cure the drug of love which has a supplier as lovable as you.
Neil Awasthi.
I love you.
I always will.

Are you readers also smiling the way I am? And hence, my love story continues.

He woke up and looked at his mobile, it showed 9:00 AM.
He have to be in his office at 10.

He quickly got up, brushed, bathed, got ready and walked to the bus stop.

He saw a girl there waiting for her bus, his heart skipped a beat, he couldn’t take his eyes off her.
He couldn’t breathe properly.

She was wearing a beautiful yellow salwar, her hair was open, straight but curly at the end.
She had yellow bindi on her forehead.
Her eyes were wide, black and mesmerizing.
Her lips were red and magnetizing.
Her nose was small and sharp.
She had a golden glow in her face.
She could make any guy fall for her.

He was doubting even if she was a real human being or an angel from heaven.
She was constantly looking at her watch and Shyam was constantly looking at her.

The bus he was waiting for, came.
She also got into that bus, he followed her.
There were two empty seats.
She sat on the window seat.
He sat next to her.

She gave a stern look.
He smiled at her and said “Hi”.

She bluntly asked “Do I know you?” and turned towards the window.

Would you like to have coffee with me sometime?” he asked and tried keeping his face like cute little puppy.
He failed.

She said “No”.

He put his hands around her shoulder.
She didn’t say anything.
There was so much rage in her beautiful face.

Are you not going to talk to me at all?” he asked without hope.

What do you want me to say?” she asked with a straight face and continued “You wanted to have coffee right?, let’s go out, not a problem but I don’t think I can go on a date with myself again” she said and two tiny tears rolled down her cheeks.

I am sorry baby, I was stuck at work all day and my phone died, no one else was there at the office, I couldn’t inform you.
It was a very important project.
I tried calling you later but you didn’t pick up the call, I am really sorry.
I promise you, it will never happen again
” he said trying to keep that cute puppy face again and this time he succeeded.

Today evening 5 o clock?” she asked him smiling.

So madam, now you are asking me out? Let me think … Let me think …, Okay let me try going out with this gorgeous girl once” he said smiling and winking at her.

She blushed.

He never broke his promise ever again.

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“Baby please you do it for me.

Clutching my hand she cried through the pain.
The doctor had warned us about a difficult delivery and we were prepared.
Or so we thought.

When Sana had conceived, we had discussed who would be in the delivery room with her, and the options had narrowed down to me and her mother.

"I don't think you should be in the room with me Armaan.
Mumma will do fine.
"What? Why not?! Who will take the video then? And crack jokes to keep the mood light?”
"Yes that's what I need someone in there for, right? To laugh at me when I'm dying of excruciating pain?"
"Okay I'll hold your hand too.
Happy? But I would love to be there, to see your crying face.
Urm I mean to support you.

"We all know who'll be crying that day.
"We'll see.
"Well I don't know what you're talking about ma'am.

Weeks passed at the blink of an eye and I soon found myself in that room.
A room designed purely to torture and scar people for life.
Why is birth called a beautiful experience again?
My eyes burned and ears turned red.
I could feel heat emanating from my face.

"Push Sana, you have to be strong.
She's in a difficult position, you have to try harder my child!"
the doctor instructed with remarkable patience.

I looked around helplessly.
Everything was blurred.
I couldn't understand anything that was happening.
There was blood everywhere with sweltering heat.

Or was it just me?
Tears covered Sana's face, her hair was slick with sweat.
"I'm trying! I'm trying really hard, I just feel so tired!"
I held her hand, unaware of my next move.

"Look at me child! Think about your baby girl.
It's a matter of minutes.
Now come on push! Take a deep breath! Push! Push! Breathe! Push! You have to try harder Sana or we'll be in trouble!"
the doctor scolded.

Sana cried louder.
Closing her eyes tight she said, "Baby I'm trying my best but.
it's too much!" She took another deep breath and before she could try pushing, her body went limp.

The doctor continued to coax and shout, "You're doing good Sana, now come on!"
She turned towards me with desperate eyes and begged, “Baby please you do it for me!”
My limbs had turned into jelly by now.
My mouth was dry and it felt like sand had been poured down my throat.

How do I make this stop? This needs to be stopped! How? How do I do that? And why the hell is my vision compromised!
The doctor looked at me with accusing eyes, perhaps expecting me to do something miraculous.

The whole sight was mind numbing.
I needed more preparation for this.
Why wasn't I more prepared! Those books were useless.
What was I supposed to do now, especially with this betraying vision!
Sana was suffering.
This was too painful to watch.
And I was just standing there unable to do anything!
I bent down, held her hand and kissed her forehead.
Then I asked her to just look at me and breathe.
She nodded but had barely any energy left.
I counted till five and every time she would take a deep breath and push.
After about three excruciatingly painful minutes we heard a loud gasp and the doctor say, "She's here! Congratulations!"
Sana managed a smile before her eyes welled up and she burst into soft sobs hugging me tight.

She looked up at my face and laughed out loud.
Holding my face in her hands she wiped my tears and said, “Look at your face, it looks like it was you who just delivered her!”

Riya stood in the line to take her boarding pass while a tall guy stood just behind her.

His smell of deodorant and his aroma mesmerized her instantly.

She wanted to look behind but couldn't as she thought it to be awkward peeping towards a stranger.

She took her boarding pass and sat on a chair just opposite the ticket counter.

To her surprise, the man sitting next to her vacated his seat to be occupied by some other.

Here walks the same guy who stood behind Riya with a briefcase in his hand.

He spotted the vacant seat and sat beside Riya.

Riya sat speechless and pretended to read a magazine on fashion but was still curious about this guy sitting next to her.

There was a spark in him which attracted Riya instantly to a stranger, first time in her life.

“Excuse me miss, you have dropped your purse” said the guy.

“Oh gosh!” spoke Riya picking up her purse.

“Thank you so much” said Riya.

“Ronit is the name” said the guy sitting adjacent to Riya.

Riya smiled and Ronit did the same.

While Riya again pretended to read her magazine, her mind still wasn't letting her concentrate.

While Riya was fighting her curiosity, Ronit finally broke the glass.

“You seem to be interested in fashion industry.

“Yes, I am a fashion designer.
” spoke Riya with a slight smile.

“And what about you?” Riya enquired.

“Well, I am a commercial pilot.
” spoke Ronit.

“I also thought the same looking at your attire.
It mustn't be a cakewalk to fly such a huge aircraft.
” Said Riya.

“Yes it isn't.
Though I am living my dream of flying high in the sky.
” answered Ronit.

“You mean like a bird, don't you?”
“Haha, yes like a bird but with wings of metal.
” spoke Ronit.

“Obviously, those bird friendly, small wings won't fit you ever.
” Laughed Riya.

“Yes, very true.
You seem to have a good sense of humor.
” Said Ronit praising Riya's quick witted, funny replys.

“Well, I hope not cause what you said is just an understatement.
” Said Riya giggling.

Ronit's laughter had no stoppage.
He laughed like this after months as his hectic, routine flying life didn't allow him to do so.

“Tell me then, what is the funniest thing you ever did in your life.
” Asked Ronit.

“I once locked my professor in a gents’ toilet.

“What! seriously, then what happened next?”
“Nothing, he just shouted his heart out for rescue.

“But why did you make him suffer the fragrance of the men's toilet?”
“No one used to like him because of his rude behaviour, so I gave him this sweet smell of suffering.
” Spoke Riya giggling.

Ronit laughed again.

“Now you tell me, what is the craziest thing you ever did in your life.
” Asked Riya.

“I once attampted a suicide.

“What!” Riya exclaimed.

“Yes, you heard it right.

“But why.
” Asked Riya frowning her eyebrows.

“The girl I loved the most, left me for some other guy.

“Oh, I get it.

“But I am out of it now, it’s been three long years.
I have moved on for good.
” Said Ronit with a regretful expression on his face.

“You sure to be a tough guy to overcome that.
” Riya spoke consoling Ronit's plight.

“Well, if you say so.
” Said Ronit smilling.

“Do you want to laugh again?” Asked Riya.

“Yes, why not, but how?” Ronit enquired.

“It’s very simple.
You just need to type some numbers on your mobile phone and give a missed call to the girl you are talking to right now.
” Riya winked her left eye.

“Well, I guess, I need to do this as soon as possible or else, the girl I am talking to right now would disappear from my life forever.
” Smiled Ronit looking in Riya's eyes while winking his left eye as well.

Hey guys,It's not written by me but I thought I should share this.
I don't know why but this story took my heart and gave goosebumps.
It's an small story from “Falling in love again” by Ruskin bond.

The eyes have it.

I had the train compartment to myself up to Rohana, then a girl got in.
The couple who saw her off were probably her parents.
They seemed very anxious about her comfort and the woman gave the girl detailed instructions as to where to keep her things, when not to lean out of windows, and how to avoid speaking to strangers.
They called their goodbyes and the train pulled out of the station.
As I was totally blind at the time, my eyes sensitive only to light and darkness, I was unable to tell what the girl looked like.
But I knew she wore slippers from the way they slapped against her heels.
It would take me some time to discover something about her looks and perhaps I never would.
But I liked the sound of her voice and even the sound of her slippers.
‘Are you going all the way to Dehra?’ I asked.
I must have been sitting in a dark corner because my voice startled her.
She gave a little exclamation and said, ‘I didn’t know anyone else was here.
’Well, it often happens that people with good eyesight fail to see what is right in front of them.
They have too much to take in, I suppose.
Whereas people who cannot see (or see very little) have to take in only the essentials, whatever registers tellingly on their remaining senses.
‘I didn’t see you either,’ I said.
‘But I heard you come in.
’I wondered if I would be able to prevent her from discovering that I was blind.
Provided I keep to my seat, I thought, it shouldn’t be too difficult.
The girl said, ‘I’m getting off at Saharanpur.
My aunt is meeting me there.
’‘Then I had better not get too familiar,’ I replied.
‘Aunts are usually formidable creatures.
’‘Where are you going?’ she asked.
‘To Dehra and then to Mussoorie.
’‘Oh, how lucky you are.
I wish I were going to Mussoorie.
I love the hills.
Especially in October.
’‘Yes, this is the best time,’ I said, calling on my memories.
‘The hills are covered with wild dahlias, the sun is delicious, and at night you can sit in front of a log fire and drink a little brandy.
Most of the tourists have gone and the roads are quiet and almost deserted.
Yes, October is the best time.
’She was silent.

I wondered if my words had touched her or whether she thought me a romantic fool.
Then I made a mistake.
‘What is it like outside?’ I asked.
She seemed to find nothing strange in the question.
Had she noticed already that I could not see? But her next question removed my doubts.
‘Why don’t you look out of the window?’ she asked.
I moved easily along the berth and felt for the window ledge.
The window was open and I faced it, making a pretence of studying the landscape.
I heard the panting of the engine, the rumble of the wheels, and, in my mind’s eye I could see telegraph posts flashing by.
‘Have you noticed,’ I ventured, ‘that the trees seem to be moving while we seem to be standing still?’‘That always happens,’ she said.
‘Do you see any animals?’‘No,’ I answered quite confidently.
I knew that there were hardly any animals left in the forests near Dehra.
I turned from the window and faced the girl and for a while we sat in silence.
‘You have an interesting face,’ I remarked.
I was becoming quite daring but it was a safe remark.
Few girls can resist flattery.
She laughed pleasantly—a clear, ringing laugh.
‘It’s nice to be told I have an interesting face.
I’m tired of people telling me I have a pretty face.
’Oh, so you do have a pretty face, thought I.
And aloud I said: ‘Well, an interesting face can also be pretty.
’‘You are a very gallant young man,’ she said.
‘But why are you so serious?’I thought, then, that I would try to laugh for her, but the thought of laughter only made me feel troubled and lonely.
‘We’ll soon be at your station,’ I said.
‘Thank goodness it’s a short journey.
I can’t bear to sit in a train for more than two or three hours.
’Yet I was prepared to sit there for almost any length of time, just to listen to her talking.
Her voice had the sparkle of a mountain stream.
As soon as she left the train she would forget our brief encounter.
But it would stay with me for the rest of the journey and for some time after.
The engine’s whistle shrieked, the carriage wheels changed their sound and rhythm, the girl got up and began to collect her things.
I wondered if she wore her hair in a bun or if it was plaited.
Perhaps it was hanging loose over her shoulders.
Or was it cut very short?The train drew slowly into the station.
Outside, there was the shouting of porters and vendors and a high-pitched female voice near the carriage door.
That voice must have belonged to the girl’s aunt.
‘Goodbye,’ the girl said.
She was standing very close to me.
So close that the perfume from her hair was tantalizing.
I wanted to raise my hand and touch her hair but she moved away.
Only the scent of perfume still lingered where she had stood.

There was some confusion in the doorway.
A man, getting into the compartment, stammered an apology.
Then the door banged and the world was shut out again.
I returned to my berth.
The guard blew his whistle and we moved off.
Once again I had a game to play and a new fellow traveller.

The train gathered speed, the wheels took up their song, the carriage groaned and shook.
I found the window and sat in front of it, staring into the daylight that was darkness for me.
So many things were happening outside the window.
It could be a fascinating game guessing what went on out there.
The man who had entered the compartment broke into my reverie.

‘You must be disappointed,’ he said.
‘I’m not nearly as attractive a travelling companion as the one who just left.

‘She was an interesting girl,’ I said.
‘Can you tell me—did she keep her hair long or short?’
‘I don’t remember,’ he said sounding puzzled.
‘It was her eyes I noticed, not her hair.
She had beautiful eyes but they were of no use to her.
She was completely blind.

Didn’t you notice?’

Bwahahaha! Don't blame me for the length of this story.
You asked for it!
*Devil grin.
*Phone Buzzing*
Dhruv looks at his phone.
It's an unknown number.
“Not again.
I don't want any customer service please”,
he mentally mumbles.
After staring at the phone for about 10 seconds, he decides to answer.

“Hello?”, he greets on the phone.

“Hi! This is Riya.
I saw your ad online about the guitar.
Is it still available?”, a sweet voice on the other end chimes.

“That name… Not again! Stop it Dhruv get over it”, only if his heart could stop reacting that way.

“Yeah, but the price is non negotiable.
It's in a brand new condition, never played.
”, An annoyed Dhruv answers.
He has been trying to get a decent price for this guitar for a very long time.
He just wants to get rid of it, along with all those memories… “It's priceless you fool.
You'll never understand.
the same thought and rage engulfs him everytime a person tries to negotiate on it.

“Actually, I am surprised someone still has this model and is willing to sell! They don't make it anymore.
It's been ages since I was trying to get my hand on one these pieces, and the fact that it's a limited edition is even more astonishing.
I always wanted it, but couldn't afford back then.
I am just so glad I finally found one!” Riya goes on with her jibber jabber.

“She sounds pretty excited.
Uff! Do all girls talk that much? Or it's exclusively about girls with that name? Yeah it was hard to get this piece and yes it costed me bomb! But it never reached 'her'.
Shut up Dhruv.
Get rid of this thing and all her memories once and for all.
he pulled himself back into the conversation!
It is a limited edition.

“Never played you say?”
“Nope! Not once.

“Wow! Are you serious? Why would anyone buy such a magnificent thing and not use it?”
“Look, do you want it or no? I don't have time for your chit-chatting.
” Dhruv immediately regretted that reaction.
Sh*t, only if he could calm down.
“It's a common name you fool! You can't avoid it all your life! You can't blame every Riya in this world so man up and be nice!” He took a mental note.

“Chill dude! You don't have to be rude.
Ok, when can I pick it up and from where?”
“I live in Kothrud.
Tell me a convenient time for you.

“OMG! That's very far.
I live in Pimpri.
I work in Baner though.
Can you bring it anywhere near?”
“Baner works for me.
Tomorrow evening at 7?”
See you then.


*Call Disconnected.
Dhruv looks at the guitar lying around at the corner of his room.
Tears well up.
He takes a deep breath and gets busy with Netflix.

*Following day, 7PM.
The ringing phone startles Riya.
Dhruv's name pops up on the screen.
“Oh froook! Completely forgot.
I'm getting my guitar today.
Yey! It's funny how life works.
After all these years, I'm finally getting what I always wanted from a person with the same name that I lost.
Ok Riya! Now is not the time.
You've already spent last night thinking about him.
Coffee can not keep you stay
awake all week! Get over it and be happy about the guitar.
Riya pulls herself out of the trail of her thoughts and answers the phone.

“Hi!” She chimes in with the broadest grin on her face.

Dhruv senses her excitement.
He wonders whether he should tell her or not.
“Look Riya, I don't think I can sell you the guitar.

“Hello? Riya? Are you still there?”
“Why?” Dhruv's heart breaks at the sad tone of her barely audible voice.

“I am sorry.
There are so many memories associated with this thing.
And while I was bringing it here, I realized however hard I may try, I can not get rid of it.
Memories are all I have.
I hope you understand.

“Wait, what? Are you here already?” Riya gets a little hopeful.

“Well, yeah.
But… I'm not selling it anymore.

Riya takes a moment to think.
She knows the value of memories.
She's been living with them for 10 years!
“Yeah, ok.
I get it.
” she's still disappointed but sounds understanding.

” Dhruv exhales a much audible sigh of relief.

Riya laughs.
She finds this gesture very amusing.
“Ok, how about this? Can I atleast come over and take a look at it?”
“Yeah… I guess… Yeah ok, I'm near D'mart.
Where do you want me to come?”
“Wait there.
My office is nearby.
I'll come.


*Call disconnected.

*Ten minutes later.
Dhruv turns around.
“No!” His jaw drops open.

Both are standing still now, eyes wide, mouths open wide, just looking at each other.

—Yup! You guessed it right! It's them guys, it is The Riya and Dhruv! Smart readers.
Guess what will happen next? You want them to hug, don't you? :D—
Riya rushes over to him and throws her arm around his shoulders.
Dhruv embraces her in a tight hug.
A few moments pass before they realise it's a very busy road, specially at this hour.
They untangle themselves from each other.
Not yet wanting to let go, they hold hands and look at the other with tear filled eyes, smiling, yet crying, totally in lack of words.
10 years and yet they are still so much into each other.

“Where were you? I looked for you everywhere! Nobody knew anything about you.
Not one person had a clue! You're not on Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, where were you Riya?” Dhruv finally managed to speak up and shoots all the questions in the same breath!
“I am, but with a different name.
I am Cute Angel in my online avatar.
” Riya answers sheepishly.

“WHAT?” Dhruv doubles up laughing! “OMG! You are a silly angel if anything.
How lame is that? Oh.
“Shut up!” A pissed Riya commands.
“I have been looking for you too.
Where were you? I didn't find you online either.

“Well… me… ummmm…” Dhruv scratches the back of his neck looking for a way out.

“What? Tell me.
You stupid guy, do you even have any idea how hard I've been trying to look for you? I even went back to Bareilly but your family had moved from there.
Where have you been? And you are telling me, you are on Facebook, why couldn't I find you then?”
“Well Riya, I am the Handsome Hunk online.

They both burst out laughing together this time! “Who is lame now? OMG! That is so stupid.

“Ten years, and you haven't changed a bit!”
“But you look… great.
You got rid of your specs I see.
Joined a gym?”
We moved to Pune after your family shifted.
Just trying to trend up with the crowd here.
I didn't want to be the geek all my life!”
“Oh but I loved that geek Dhruv!” Riya blurted out before she could stop herself.

“What? What did you just say?”
Riya blushes and starts counting the tiles on the paved footpath.

“Riya?” Dhruv gently touches her cheek, blushing her even more.
Her eyes close.
“And you don't love this Handsome Hunk now huh?” Dhruv teases her playfully.

Riya's laughter falls like honey drops on Dhruv's heart.
“Who the hell told you, you are handsome you silly potato! Have you ever checked the dictionary for the meaning of hunk? You are an idiot and you always will be that!”
“But you are still pretty.
I still love you Riya.
I know I never told you this before, I know I should have.
I have always loved you.
My god! How desperately I've been looking for you.
Your family just vanished over night.
And I kept coming back to your place, checking to see if you had returned.
One day I saw all your stuff gone.
And then new tenants moved in.
Where were you Riya? All these years, tell me what happened?”
“My grandfather was sick.
Dad had to quit his job and move back to the village.
He was the only one to take care of all the lands and cattle there.
My uncles wanted to sell everything and divide the money, but my grandparents wanted to save the ancestral property.
They would have kicked my grandma out, if not for dad.
Grandpa expired soon after and I was sent to boarding school for better education.
I am sorry, it all happened so quickly, I couldn't even say goodbye.
” She looked at him with apologizing eyes.

“Hey, you don't have to be sorry for anything”, Dhruv cupped her face in his hands.
“I am just glad you are here, infront of me, after all these years.
And… wait a minute.

Dhruv picks up the guitar from where it rested at the corner, “This is for you.

Riya looks at her dream guitar with eyes shining bright.
At the very next moment she threw a confused and questioning glance at Dhruv.

“I bought it 10 years ago, for you.
I saved all my pocket money for two years to get you this one.
I wanted to gift it to you for your 14th birthday, I knew how desperately you wanted it.

Once again her eyes welled up.
She wanted to hug him so bad, but just couldn't, to avoid judgement.

Dhruv seemed to feel the same way.
“Let’s go somewhere else.
” He gently entangles his fingers between hers as they walk away.
“We have a lot of catching up to do.
Tell me everything… What brought you to Pune?”
“Hold on Dhruv.
Who is being a chatter box now? So as it happens…”
*Voices trailing off.
The end!
PS: Phew! It took me hours to write this one.
Haven't done proofreading.
Suggestions are welcome.

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