Can you share the smallest decision you made that ended up having a huge impact on your life

Can you share the smallest decision you made that ended up having a huge impact on your life?

Well, well, well.

Hopefully that quote up there moved you.
If not you can stop laying your eyes on this answer right now.

I'm a strong believer in being responsible for what happens to us.
We can't control absolutely everything but there are things we can and should take action on.

Enough with the rambling.
Here's my story, cause that's probably what you're here for.

One day I was mindlessly browsing the web like always when suddenly a thirst for knowledge hit me.
I wanted to know what the Law Of Attraction was.
I remembered seeing it being mentioned here and there but it never sparked my curiosity.
Until that day.

I started watching videos for hours on end to educate myself and everything being mentioned made sense to me.
I realized that I needed to take action and that i could accomplish anything I wanted with the right mindset.

It was an eye opener.
It totally shifted the way i think and made me become goal-oriented.
I'm working on something dear to me right now and I see it thriving everyday.
That makes me believe in the principles of the Law of Attarction even more.

It might just be a self-fulfilling profecy but you know what? It fucking works.

I made a small decision to attend an interview just to try a new job.

I took off and went with my husband as it was far from our house.

I realised that they checked from outside how I walked in.

I came by myself or accompanied somebody.

First question was “ Do you have a car?”
I attended and could not answer a single question so it was clear that I could not get a new job and it inspired me to stay in same job for next 5 years.

After that I did my job with even more hard work and retired with dignity after 5 years.

Just one day interview at some other place changed my whole attitude about present job.

When you loose a new opportunity, you realise the importance of things you already have.
I attained lot more respect and working harder gave me new hope to feel content and happier.

I decided to ask a girl out for dinner, and now we’re married :)
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By starting to question myself about my perceptions, my habits and my beliefs!!
Rajesh Kumar Konda
Author – My 7th Love Story

Realizing you are responsible for your own life and everything that happens in that life.

People tend to blame external factors for their lot in life but such an attitude keeps the control over your life into the hands of those factors (external forces generally don't have our best interest in mind).
When you get wise enough to be responsible for where you came from and where you want to go, good things can start happening.

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