Can you share some of your own written romantic poems

Can you share some of your own written romantic poems?

Okay! Am sharing the latest one I wrote earlier today and am not so sure about romance but love is a constant you will find.

Have read poems on women, but here's one dedicated to all the men in the world on behalf of all the women who have loved beyond measure.

The shining knight!
He is the enticing dream, you would want to live in.

He is the dew drop, that peeps through your window.

He is the aroma, of the freshly brewed coffee.

He is the breeze, you will always feel.

He is an encounter that lingers forever.

He is the laughter, that spreads across your face.

He is the beauty, that light up your eyes.

He is the one, who can uplift your soul.

He is the reason, that makes you feel loved.

He is the strength that keeps you afloat.

He is a rain drop, that quenches your soul.

He is the valley, with a breathtaking view.

He is the mountain peak, that will watch over you.

He is the silence, amidst the intertwined hands.

He is an emotion love can never explain.

He is a thought, that is here to stay.

He is a word, you were afraid to read.

He is a chapter, that never was written.

He is a knight, with scars as his armour.

He is a story the world will never know.

“He is a world who will walk beside, and step in only when required.

For some reason am in love with these lines.

Thank you.

Happy reading!

My Love is on Display Sound Track
When I think about you, I feel love is becoming true,
Life was never so glued until the love around you grew;
Never say never, my love is forever, baby you are my flower and please just don’t shiver,
My love is on display and I’ll be waiting for you all day;
For the first time when I saw you, life became a worthy light,
Remember the days we fought too, we became so close and tight;
Love was always in my heart around you, why you stealing which is for you now,
Seeing your face, I just go craze come on let’s go on pace, I’ll be with you all days;
Come with me I will make you queen of my heart and dream…
I will make the world around you, happy where you never cry,
Trust and patience I have on you, be the girl who wants to fly;
I can’t live my life alone without you, we are meant to be together now,
Get married a day while you look so graceful, let’s have two kids to play, enjoy life long always;
Let’s show that love is always young as we grow older…
My Love is on Display

There you go-
Take The Chance
I’m falling
I’m all yours
For You
You’re my cure
You’re my home
Source: Just me

वो लड़की
बागों में गुमसुम सा माहौल क्यों है
फूलों में और भंवरों में अनबन क्यों हैं
जाने किस के इंतजर में दिल मेरे गुम है
वो परी वो हुर ज़ीसक कायल हु में
उस की खूबसूरती का आशिक हूं मैं
दीवाना दीवाना लोग कहते हैं फिर
भी उसका परवाना हु मैं
कुछ पल का साथ नहीं है जन्मों का नाता है
दिल के बातो को इस तरह बयां किया
गाने लगा मन नाचने लगे कदम
चुलबुलापण तेरा मन को भाहे

तेरी सादगीपन दिल को लुभाये
वो लड़की तू है जिस गली में मेरा घर और तेरा आखरी घर ST

Anaam ek dard that,jise ishq koi keh Gaya…
Aab-e-hayaat ka ghat jo bhikra,ashq mein Badal Gaya.

English translation: Unnamed was the pain, someone called it love…
The jar of nectar that shattered,released the stream of tears…
Khabr mein bhi uski saansein chalti rahin.

Azeez ke khaatir duayein jo thamthi nahin
English translation:The breath,it ceases not,even in her grave.

For the loved one,many blessings,she doth crave
Dahleez par aahatein tham si gayein,
Ab shamma jalaana munaasib nahin,
Ru-ba-ru hain tanhaiyon se hum,
Kora kaagaz bhi sokh letey hain gham…
English translation:Footfalls have ceased to surround my doorstep,
Alas! the lights,they have no role to play.

Now that I have cosied up with loneliness,
Scraps of paper,absorb the pain….

Thanks for A2A

O dear friend……

Here’s one…
Fifty shades
and then there was
that Fifty Shades
starter kit we never used.

The proposition
was, we didn't know
what we were missing.

I could touch you in ways
that made your eyes
widen involuntarily.

You had that look
that drew tighter
than a noose

and a mouth
that smiled as your teeth
closed on my chest.

No, there was never
a suggestion
we needed any props.

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