Can you share some of your own written poems

Can you share some of your own written poems?

The Vanished Love
From the corners of sky,
To the centre of earth
I have been loving her.

A day, years ago,
Walking upon the green turf,
Drifting into love
And not knowing how to tell her.

I really miss those days,
When we use to share a common bond,
Where everything was spoken without any hesitation,
When you were there to put my left out tiffin box in my bag, When you were the reason for my attendance in class.

But all these things got vanished one day,
You were gone,
Gone like, sugar vanishing in the glass of water.

I know now,
She would not stay for me, and who can wonder?
She would not stay for me to stand and gaze.

I shook her hand, and tore my heart in sunder,
And went with half my life about my ways.

What Should I Write about?
Today I had a strong urge for writing something,
But problem was that I was not able to think of anything.

I wondered what should I write about?
Should I write about that rich man who is weeping despite having everything ,
Or should I sputter my ink on a page about a man who is still smiling despite being burdened,choked and afflicted by impoverishment thing

Should I write about those beautiful waves which strikes the seashore everyday
Or about those giant,demonic camaflaougic tsunami waves which can tear anything into pieces anyday.

Should I write about the iconoclast man who died of protecting women from evil traditions
Or should I dishonour my pen by writing about mysogynist rapist,sexist,lecher or sexual predators.

Should I write about incident of demanding evacuation of seat by girl from a guy when the girl just returned after vociferously lecturing on feminism.

Or should I write about the another girl who completely stood against a separate line for women in the name of another type of feminism.

IT feels like thoughts have got choked and caged in brain as if some somniferous serum has been injected,
or it is just because of the fear that again I will be rejected.

These were two poems I wrote a while back .
Hope you like it and if you liked my work please do visit ELPIS and give your valuable feedback :D:D

Hellos Fellow Quorans!
Here I gleefully share with you a bouquet of the choicest flowers { poems }, which I plucked { have written } — ever since I joined Quora!
And since expanding them all would make this answer abnormally long — as well as — I can’t pick up my favorite! I like them all! :)
So, here you go! Have a joyous ride!
More to come soon…!
Some of the above poems are also posted in Ray of Dope — a fabulous Poetry Blog, which can be reached from the Posts section of my profile!
Hope you liked it! :)
Jatinder Singh, the lousy poet

I’ll share a few with you…
First I would like to add that Quora won’t let me separate my poems into the stanzas as I wrote them, which was quite aggravating and slightly messes up the appearance of the poem.

The first I’ll share is a poem I wrote earlier this school year, if you are familiar with I Am From, we had an assignment to create our own.

I Am From
I am from thirteen hour plane rides,
From Abu Shakra and grape leaves for dinner and Corn Flakes for breakfast.

I am from eccentric final projects,
From straight A’s and long, stressful days.

I am from speeches to families and loved ones,
“Thank you all for attending today…”
I am from just walking around an amusement park,
Being too scared to ride any of the rides.

I am from hot, photography filled days,
From plays and, plays and, plays.

I am from dancing like an idiot,
From tap, ballet, and jazz choreography.

I am from soothing Florida beaches,
From Noche Buena and el año nuevo.

I am from alcapurrias and ropa vieja,
I can smell it now as if it were cooking in the next room.

I am from cooking all day for fun,
From forgetting to add the sugar.

I am from daily meals at the Malt Shoppe,
From buying him too many milkshakes.

I am from laughing so hard that I can’t breathe,
From comparing hair and peanut butter.

I am from staying up late just to hear him say “I love you”,
From worry, longing, pining, and loss.

I am from long nights rehearsing,
From concerts that ended up being just perfect.

I am from finding the perfect key,
From: Ab? C major? Bb? Yes, perfect!
I am from overnight festivals,
From long car rides and nerve wracking auditions.

I am from marching in the heat and rain,
From skipping to instead go celebrate.

I am from day trips to Costco,
Those berry smoothies always got me good.

I am from “you make my heart go wiggity woo,
You know it’s true.

I am from high standards,
From pushing myself to the limit.

I am from overachieving,
From doubling my course load.

I am from chastisement,
From betrayal and solitude.

I am from dissimilarity,
From sitting in a different place at lunch every day.

I am from hiding away,
From being sad and alone for far too long.

I am from the thoughts inside my head,
From self-depreciation.

I am from the scars I make on myself,
From moments when I lost hope in everything.

I am from self-hate,
From thinking I wasn’t worth it.

Until I found someone,
Someone who showed me that I was.

Someone who loved me for who I was,
Someone who made me feel complete.

I am from my experiences,
The good and the bad.

Both deserve to have the same light shed on them,
They are equally important.

This next poem I also wrote this year for a different English class, the assignment was a catalog poem.

~The Colours of My Life~
White is my clothing When I’m visiting my grandmother in Egypt.

Red is the passion I feel when I’m with someone or doing something that I love.

Orange is the colour of the basketball I once loved to dribble up and down the court every afternoon with my father.

Yellow was my stuffed dog when I was a small child, just learning to walk.

Green is what I feel when I see my “friends” having fun without me.

Blue is the colour of the gigantic waves on the West Palm Beach shore, where I would visit my mother’s family every other Christmas.

Purple will always be the favourite colour of the one whom I will always love the absolute most.

Black is what I feel when I am left alone with my thoughts.

This poem is specifically a sonnet, which has a special meter and rhyme scheme we had to follow, as all sonnets do.
I forget if there was a specific subject we were assigned, but nonetheless I wrote about a wedding.

The Wedding
There are church bells ringing in the distance
The bride and the groom both exclaim “I do”
They trust each other without resistance
They will both embark to start something new
He gently slips the ring on her finger
She smiles and looks into his kind eyes
In the background, they can hear a singer
The soft sniffling as her mother cries
“You may now kiss the bride” one says with joy
They walk down the aisle, with hand in hand
Once a young couple, love was like a toy
Now, leaving their wedding, that was so grand
He says “my dove, I will never leave you”
She responds “my husband, I love you too”
The next poem is another one I wrote for school, I wrote this freshman year, we had to use three of a few presented literary elements.

Morning Aurora
The sound of waves
Crashing into the shore.

So lovely and pleasing to me.

I am the sun
Glowing from far away.

Stretching for miles and miles.

Orange, purple
I discolour the clouds.

Like an artist’s colour pallet.

I shine off water
Wrinkles in the ocean.

I see seagulls fly overhead.

The sound of waves
Crashing into the shore.

So lovely and pleasing to me.

This next one actually got published for the Young Writers Project when I was in eighth grade, so a few years back…
Things We May Ponder
How would you define love?
A sensation of fluttering butterflies whenever you are near the thing you love the most?
A bond that can’t ever be broken?
Something that is so strong that you could never be torn away from it, no matter the force?
Something you can’t live without?
Something you would do anything to protect?
Or something you would hurt for it’s own good?
Now, the definition of this emotion
Is specific only to the one experiencing it.

Some may feel that you always need to be near it and never let it go.

Some feel it is only a one time thing.

But that’s the beauty of it,

It’s undefinable.

People express it differently.

To me, love is an emotion or action you feel or do towards a person, object or even moment in your lifetime.

The only thing I think people can agree on when it comes to love,
Is that when it happens, you just know.

But without love, what do people live for?
Most say that love is one of the main things that keeps people wanting to live more,
But it can also be a thing, emotion, or feeling that makes people depressed.

So in a way love, could be the essence of life
But that leads us to another question:
What is life?
A chain of events that happen in such a sequential order leading up to your death?
A goal and an outcome?
Now scientifically,
Life is; the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.

Another definition is; the existence of an individual human being or animal.

But here’s what life really is.


That’s what life is, nothing.

You live and you die.

Life is only worth something,
if you make it worthwhile.

Find someone who makes you happy.

Or make a difference,
A change.

A big change.

Something that will change the world and the way we live today.

That’s what life is.

Doing something that will fulfill your need for completion,
Or affection.


Who do you love?
Most will say their friends.

But here’s another big question we all must ask ourselves;
What is friendship?
Most will say the term is closely related to love, compassion, and affection.

But, in order to define friendship you must first define friends.

So, how would you define friends?
What are they?
Who are they?
The people you love?
The people who love you?
Are they the people you trust?
Are they the ones always at your side?
Or the ones who will never let you go?
Do they encourage you?
Always tell you the truth?
Will they be completely loyal to you until the end of the universe and time?
Do they make you laugh?
Or cry?
What is a friend to you?
I will leave you now with this ending statement;
Think of the things you have read or heard in the poem.

Think about them every day.

It will make your life much better,
I promise.

This last poem is a poem I wrote one time when I was severely depressed and having the absolute worst night possible… I haven’t ever edited it or made revisions, and I don’t plan to…
Shitty Poem #109
I’m sad.

I don’t know why I’m sad,
I just am.

I feel nothing.

Yet everything at the same time.

It’s like something is eating away at all my emotions,
Dreams, and passions.

It will devour me.

I’m empty.

Yet filled to the brim with hate, longing, and sadness.

I am weak.

Why do I let something as trivial as this,
Get me down?
This too, will pass.

Or will it?
How can people,
Just flip their emotions so quickly?
I think it’s all my fault.

I feel so alone,
Yet completely surrounded.

Is it all a charade?
Everyone saying they love me,
Saying they care for me.

Only to leave me in the end.

Because everyone will leave eventually.

Voluntarily or not,
Everyone has to leave.

Everyone has to move on.

Whether people like it or not.

They must leave.

Is leaving the finishing touch?
Like the frosting,
On a warm and gooey toaster strudel?
Or it just another part of that person’s book?
A new chapter to write with someone else.

Someone new,
And more exciting than me.

Someone interesting, perhaps?
I’m broken.

No one wants to be with broken.

I try to fix myself.

Again and again,
I try so hard.

Nothing seems to work.

I always go right back to square one.

I lie,
And tell myself it’s okay, it’s going to be okay.

Everything will be okay.

Fake it ‘till you make it.

At least that’s what everyone says.

Faking it is for people who believe their own lies.

People who don’t seem to care,
What other people think.

I care.

I really care.

What other people think,
Is the same as what I think.

We are one in the same.

They hate me.

I hate me.

See I said I was sad before.

But I’m not just a little bit sad, I’m

All I feel is just the same as
Feeling nothing at all.

I try to be happy,
But the only thing that does so is you.

And you’re the reason I feel this way.

I don’t mean to put blame on you,
My love.

I mean to bring to your attention.

Your actions affect the people around you whom
You love.

I know you don’t mean it.

I know how you are when you get angry.

I know that this too,
Shall pass.

Though it might pass quite slowly.

I know you will be there for me,
In the very end at least.

I wish you could be here for me and with me now.

You always know how to put a smile on my,
Beautiful face.

Yet at times you make tears stream down my,
Beautiful face.

I know though,
If I call it will only make things worse.

Much worse.

It’s best to just leave you be.

Let your anger fester in the solitude of your own comfort.

I’ll get over this sadness.

It will leave scars,
But they will heal with time.

I have to go through this alone.

It’s “my problem.

That’s what you said to me,
When you heard in my voice I was about to cry.

“It’s your problem, and you have to deal with it.

The thing is,
It’s not my problem.

You did this.

Your anger, your frustration, and your disappointment
Is making me feel this way.

I don’t mean to put the blame on you,
My love.

I mean to bring to your attention.

Your actions affect the people around you whom
You love.

And I ask you kindly,
Be mindful.

Think about who you are speaking to,
Before you speak.

It saves us the time and the sadness.

I know how you are when you get angry.

I know you don’t mean it.

I know I wish you never said it.

That’s all I have as of now.
Or at least all that I would like to share… I’ve written many poems over the years, it’s a type of writing, along with creative storytelling, that I actually enjoy and do in my freetime.
It’s a way for me to get my thoughts written out and attempt to convey to others how I feel.

Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or suggestions please don’t hesitate to message me or comment!

Even Bottom Writers™ write poetry:
‘A Day in the Night of a Murderer’
“The defendant will rise
And hear the verdict
As spoken by the jury.

‘Your honor, we find
The defendant guilty
Of murder in the first degree.

“So say you one, so say you all?”
‘Murder in the first degree.

The words were echoed
Throughout the court
And ground into his brain.

A bolt of shock
Crept through his body.

Easing into pain.

A reign of terror, confusion, fear,
Easing into pain.

The entire courtroom’s
Violent eruption
Was that of volcanic flare.

Gleeful vengeance
Of electrical crowds
Lingered in the air.

A humid, gagging environment.

It lingered in the air.

Phone booths filled
With anxious reporters,
Eager to earn their salary.

Photographers mobbed him,
Gnawing for pictures,
Adding to death row’s gallery.

A final trip to infamy.

To death row’s gallery.

The news spread out
Into the streets.

“Hope they gas the bum!”
‘Wha’d I tell ya?’
“Too bad.
” ‘Two bits.

“His hell has just begun.

Eternally waiting, waiting for doom.

His hell has just begun.

The sentence read:
In thirty-five days,
Death by means of the State.

To die in a chamber
Reeking of gas,
What a horrid and ominous fate.

Such cruel, inhuman punishment.

What a horrid and ominous fate.

Sweating it through,
Day after day,
Now only one solution.

“Thank God!” says he,
Prolonging his fate:
“A stay of execution!”
He can breathe now once again.

A stay of execution.

Yet time’s impatient
And hurries on,
As death prepares it’s meal.

Desperately fighting,
Clinging to hope,
He wins another appeal.

The vicious cycle grinds again.

He wins another appeal.

On and on
The torture burned.

Now he savors every breath.

For he knows a thing
That few men know:
A mere hour before his death.

He knew a thing that few men knew:
Eleven years of death.

Accompanying him
On the endless walk
Was death disguised as Man.

They dragged him in
And strapped him down.

His final torture began.

A helpless, frightened creature now.

His final torture began.

Like the deafening sound
Of atomic bombs,
The tiny package dropped.

His mind screamed,
His body writhed,
His breathing, now, had stopped.

No more must he endure the pain.

His breathing, now, had stopped.

“Come on! Wake up!”
He felt a splash.

A chill upon his face.

“Are you all right?”
He felt his head
Now swimming a furious pace.

Unbelieving of his mind
Now swimming a furious pace.

Ecstatic joy,
Rejoice, relief!
‘It was all just a crazy dream!’
“You only passed out
When the jury returned.

“Quiet down, you’re causing a scene.

‘Why, what the hell? Hey, where am I now?’
“Quiet down, you’re causing a scene.

“The defendant will rise
And hear the verdict
As spoken by the jury.

‘Your honor, we find
The defendant guilty
Of murder in the first degree.

“So say you one, so say you all?”
‘Murder in the first degree.


From: “Moments in the Life of Udo Andre”©1974
Poetry of Life.

The bus stopped at the station
The number plate read- 1951Constitution
I entered the bus
Packed with the biggest population.

The conductor charged
An overpriced fare
But frowned at my objection
“Pay or get lost! I don’t care”
Paying the money
I smirked at my own defeat
And burried myself into the crowd
That trampled one another’s feet.

Jumping up and down
With every speed breaker
The bus ride was more
A roller coaster.

At every turn
Flies out a paasenger
But to the driver
It doesn’t matter.

A clever man
Gets up and shouts
And in next bump
Goes flying out.

“After fare, I don’t care”
Winked the conductor
While we sat like pets
Obeying the cruel instructor.

The driver never stops
No one’s in.
No one’s out.

Newcomer could be smarter
He doubts.

His seat is fixed
The bus is going on
He has the control
That’s all he wants.

Every now and then
The driver spits out
Doesn’t care
If anyone’s down.

The signal is red
The streets are filled
But who cares
If anyone’s killed.

The paasengers are afraid
Everyone’s quiet
There’s no opposition
There’s no fight.

The bus squelches
Out of rhythm
Yet, the driver is praised
For the stability within.

The fierce driver
Drove us recklessly
But out of fear
We appreciated our excellency.

The bus jumped on street
Up and down it went
But nothing seems unconstitutional
So let things go as it went.

Happy Republic Day, India.

I am sharing a poem written by me:
My Country India
With the stroke of midnight hour,
We made a tryst with destiny,
A nation born which was ours.

And being Indian was now our identity.

With a new life, a new idea,
Was born my country INDIA.

The tricolor is up and high,
Still, there were tears in the eye,
Remembering the struggle of those who bled,
With their blood, they color its thread.

To remember their struggle, their demise,
And to ensure our future a better sunrise,
Some new pledges and promises were made,
On them, the foundation of our Nation was laid.

With a golden pen, writing a new saga
Will reach heights my country INDIA.

70 years have passed now,
We harvest more than what we sow,
A few promises were fulfilled,
A lot not, though,
New ideas, new obligations are required,
From the struggle and sufferings, they should be inspired.

Teachings of Gandhi, Nehru, we should embody,
Mixing them with youth's will and audacity,
We can write a harmonious melody.

With a new awakening, a new era
Will keep rising my country INDIA.

I salute the mother, this nation of mine,
With the hope in my heart,
That this generation will not get malign.

Saying all that, I am putting my pen to rest.

Because I only want My INDIA to be better than the best.

May this dawn of many millennia,
Will never leave my country INDIA.

Image Credits: crpatel42 and Gaurav Julka
Thanks For Reading!

Life is all about relations and desires,
And everyone wishes to have a special friend,
Who will help and understand him or her in all situations,
In my life, I've many friends,
But someone like you is the first one,
where I felt like you are going to understand me,
Very few of us are lucky,
To have such a single friend in their life,
Because these guys are gifts of God to us,
I think life rely on two principles,
One is friendship and other is love,
Because these two begins with friend,
Friendship is born gifted to us,
Due to its simplicity towards life,
It makes sense true bonding between us,
Love is the application of friendship,
Because it starts with just a friend,
later it turns to the relationship which we call love,
Friendship is conscious of life,
That raise your hand in difficulty,
and it leaves back happiness and joy to you,
One of the most beautiful things about friend,
Is that it will never come to you always,
But it will direct you to right path,
We are assuming that love is everything,
Because the ultimate aim of friendship is love,
And then it takes to happy life or ends life,
Another part of friends is that,
They define your value,
when your with them and not with them,
Sometimes we make friends with no means,
But these friendship has two sides,
one is bad other is good,
The mystery and laws of friendship are,
We can see bad friendship by naked eye which makes blind,
Some good friendship we can't see with naked eye that light in our eyes,
At last, I would like to say thank you for being a part of my small life,
And teaching me benefits and losses of friends for the lifetime,
Once again thank you.

Thank you,
@ $ |-| i $ |-| (Ashish Pandurang Hajagulkar).

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