Can you share a romanticsad short story

Can you share a romantic/sad short story?

Once a boy and a girl were best of friends, never used to hide anything from each other.

One day, the girl started dating a guy which she later confessed to him.

“He is such a charming guy you know.
He sings really nice, he plays a guitar as well.
The way he talks on phone is just mesmerizing.

Listening to all her concurrences, the boy pretends to be happy but deep inside he was heartbroken.

He used to love her since they became friends.
Though, he never confessed his love for her, as he knew the kind of guys she wanted to date with.
He was not one of those types.

He was just an introvert, nice guy types who hides behind their books all the time.

Nevertheless, he decided to remain silent about his feelings, although, this was like keeping a stone on his heart.

Soon, the girl started ignoring him.
Those late night calls and frequent what’s app messages started to evaporate slowly.
She gave his complete space to this new guy in her life.

But still, the boy smiled on his destiny and stayed quiet.
He concentrated on his life and moved on.

One fine day, the boy’s phone rings up.

“He has cheated on me.
He was having a relationship with some other girl and he lied too.
What should I do now? It’s all over.
” The girl spoke in a regretful voice.

After listening her part, the guy felt sad.
He thought of beating the hell off the other guy but he stayed silent.
He sympathized.

However, back of his mind, he was alleviated that he was gone from her life forever.

Henceforth, he took good care of her.
He started calling her daily and ask whether she ate or not, how’s she feeling and all.
He did whatever he could to make her forget her past.

One fine day, they both were roaming in a park.
It was the evening time.
She wasn’t yet over him and was hurt from inside.

“Everything would be all right.
It will take some time.
You will get over him.
” The boy assured her.

“Thanks for everything, you care for me so much.
You did everything for me.
” The girl spoke in a humble tone.

“Its all right pagal.
” The boy replied with a slender smile.

After few seconds pause, the girl spoke something which every single guy yearn to listen in his entire life.

“Sometimes I think, why didn't you propose me first? Then I wouldn’t have got hurt.
Didn’t you ever thought about me?”
By listening to these unexpected miraculous words, the boy stood numb.

“What does she just said, really! I am out of my senses,” The boy spoke to himself.

“Just tell me now, why are you silent?” The girl spoke inquisitively.

“Listen, I need to go now, I have some work pending.
” The boy replied in a puzzled tone and left the scene unspoken.

He came back at his place, stood at his balcony with his heart constantly beating.
He stared at the sky, blaming his misery for not facing her.

“Why didn’t I confess my love, why?” He said to himself in a deep grief.

Next day, they both met at a coffee shop.
The boy was still stunned on his entanglement of not being able to express his innocent, unconditional love for her.

“I am sorry that I left you at the park alone.
I was stuck with some work.
” The boy said.

“I didn’t mind, don’t worry.
” Girl replayed to his apologetic explanation.

They spent some time in the café together looking at each other like they have met for the first time.

The boy wanted to talk his heart out and show her the depth of his love.
He wanted to share every single thing he feels for her.
But he couldn't.

He was still that shy, introvert guy who was bound by his own dilemma of expressing himself to others.

“Hey listen, I need to go now.
” The boy spoke in a hurry.

“Again some pending work, isn’t it?” The girl tried to scrutinize him.

“No no, nothing like that.
Bye, see you soon.
” By saying these sentences, the boy took her leave.

As soon as he left the càfe, the girl saw something lying near the chair where he sat.
It was a pocket diary in which he used to write about some special moment of his life.

The girl picked that diary up.

Though, she knew that, its not considered as good manners to read other people's personal stuff but ignoring this fact, she started to scroll the pages one by one.

What she saw written in his diary, astonished her completely.

Every page of that diary was full of his memories with her.
All her likes and dislikes, what suits her the most, every single detail about her was written in that diary.

As she scrolled towards the last page, she saw some lines written just for her,
“I have always loved you, loved you from the bottom of my heart.

I have always loved you, since I saw you for the first time.

I have always loved you, when you tease me with others girls.

I have always loved you, knowing that you love someone else.

I know you can’t be mine, still I will always love you, love you from the bottom of my heart.

By reading these lines, the girl got tears in her eyes.

She never had ever read such sheer beautiful words.
These were all written just for her.

She understood his intense love for her.

She faught her tears and straight went at his place.

Looking straight in his eyes, she handed him his diary.
The boy stood silent.

“Listen, I…… I was just….
” The boy fumbled seeing her unhappy, shabby face.

Looking at his embarrassment, the girl replied.

“I know you love me.
But why didn’t you confess.
Were you afraid of losing our friendship?”
“This is what you call a real friendship?”
“Yes, I love you too stupid.
” She said with an alluring smile.

They both kept looking in each other’s eyes like they know each other from eternity.
They didn’t utter a word, their eyes spoke everything.

Not every love story has a sad ending.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Friday Evening 6:00 PM.

I was in kitchen and cooking the long list of items which are ordered by my children a long ago and suddenly I heard the voice of him and i don’t know why but i smiled slowly and stated doing my work.

He came and stood at the kitchen door and said what is my dear wifey cooking,wow…smells delicious but I was pretending to be busy and facing the stove and didn’t utter a single word but blushing.
he understood the reason.

Oh…So you are still angry on me.
please listen.
I said sorry already.
why are you not talking to me?.
but it was your mistake yaar…I had urgent work with that PDF…I want you to check on my laptop and I called you around 15 times…still I said sorry for scolding you…I don’t want to extend this…Please Shazu Leave this matter said in rough voice.

I listened patiently…Yeah i know it’s my mistake i didn’t attended the call but after that I called you hundred times but you didn’t responded and when you came from office yesterday,straightly you started scolding me…you didn’t even asked me once that why I didn’t attended your call…Even I don’t want to extend this matter.
please don’t talk to me.

Shazu…It’s burning…don’t show your frustration on koftha(meat item).
you know that it’s my favorite and he is laughing…Okay now I’m asking now tell me why you didn’t attended my call yesterday and still laughing.

I’m also blushing but maintained the roughness in throat said that I don’t want to answer now.
please don’t irritate me…and take your coffee and Go.
hey listen i don’t want to talk you for 5 hours…
he took the the coffee and laughed loudly and said for 5 hours… okay fine.
I won’t talk…we had dinner and didn’t talk with one another.
in middle he asked something but suddenly he remembered the condition of not talking for 5hours …oh sorry he said and still laughing.
anyhow even I didn’t talked to him and we slept.

12 : 00 PM
hey fawad(his name) get up……get up…he is still in sleepy mode.
what? he said.
you know 5 hours are over.
I can talk you now.
he was like.
what? are you mad? I’m getting sleep.
please don’t disturb me…hey get up stupid.
I said in Loud voice Happy Birthday!.
now he opened his eyes completely and sat on the bed for 5minutes and said.
Thank you shazu.
love you and we both are smiling .

Love you too but please get up and come.
his eyes were big and mouth is open by seeing all the decoration in hall and cake.
two of his best friends came and we celebrated his birthday and he was on cloud nine and was so happy and told thank you to me a million times.
and I gifted him one craft book that has the photos of us from when we met for the first time to holding our child in our arms…some are with happy, some with sad,some with anxiety but all the emotion we went though is only LOVE.

And I told him that this is the reason why I didn’t lift his call yesterday I was making this craft book in room and my phone was in hall…I actually didn’t heard that ringtone of phone.
Sorry for that…and I knew you get so much angry so easily but I even knew that you love me more…thanks for being in my life.

He was awestruck after listening to my words…he said that,but didn’t tell me like this before…I’m so happy and equally lucky to have you in my life…I almost forgot to celebrate my birthday after the children were born.
I’m still surprized, how you planned this .
Its one of the best days of my life.
I loveeed this surprise…shazuuuuuu.
love you…he shouted literally.

As usual Aarav got up at 3: 00 AM.
He lit the kerosene lamp and he saw a termite mound around him, He had expected this as it was rainy season, he was living in an old house.
He wondered how could termites build their home in a short span of time.

He was a par time newspaper delivery boy and on weekends he did carpentry, mechanic and all sorts of labor works he had to support his struggling family to make both ends meet.

He ensured he returns home at least by 7.
30 AM so that he was not late to college.
It was his first day of his college.
He was bit proud of himself since he got admission through merit in a reputed college and he only had to pay for books.
His admission fee was 2,500 Rupees for 3 years.

It had rained heavily the previous night, it was cold and the last tiny remaining droplets in the air splashed over him as he came out of his home.
These droplets followed him, he peddled as fast as possible.
It was pitch dark and as usual he cursed Kerala Government for not providing street lights on the roads he peddled.

He reached the bus stop and found the bundles of newspaper, the little droplets trailed him till the bus stop and disappeared.
He checked for his bundles and started unpacking them and his friends arrived, during the process of unpacking and arranging the newspapers they shared the review of Mohalal’s latest movie “Thanmatra”(Malayalam Movie released in 2005).
He was a die heart fan of Mohanlal.
Aarav didn’t watch the movie, he then made a rough calculation of his earnings and expenses for next week and he derived at a positive figure, he smiled and decided to watch the movie as the overall feedback he received was good.

He had to visit around 125 shops and houses to deliver the newspaper, some questioned him why he was late, he replied with a smile, “Chetta e rodilluday boat speedily odikkam, cycle pattulla” (Brother, only boat can go fast on this road and not cycle).

The village he lived was untouched by development and hence the village had its beauty, every day they had fresh air to breath and clean water to drink.
Aarav peddled through the narrow roads and most of the houses didn’t have boundry walls, they planted bushes, flowering plants and trees to mark their boundary.

These narrow roads were filled with clear water and the paths had flowering plants and trees on both sides, these plants and trees grew fast during rainy season and they stopped some sunlight from touching the ground.
The paddy fields were filled with sparkling pearls, the sunlight kissed each and every dewdrop on the paddy leaf.
He felt these paths welcoming him every day.

He had nothing with him but carried lots of hopes, he saw his reflection on the clear water with a powerful smile and he portrayed himself as a prince.
These fantasies gave him the strength to wake up daily and do his work.

First day at college
The college was almost 25 kilometres away.
All the faces were new but he managed to add some friends quickly.

He noticed a girl who didn’t speak to anyone, she looked innocent and cute, she feared the seniors of the college as they walked into our class and asked weird questions.
She felt alone and she occupied a corner place in the first bench.
She had lots of black marks on her face, neck and hands.
It was a kind of pimple marks.
Aarav asked her name during lunch break and her name was Vinu.

The boys approached all cute girls in the class and some of them proposed the very first day but no one got a positive answer.
Aarav thought he should also propose someone, he thought of proposing Vinu since she was not targeted by others but he had a fear – the fear of someone realizing he is a newspaper delivery boy.
He decided not to make the mistake of wasting his precious time on these senseless activities.

Nobody proposed Vinu as she had black marks all over and out of curiosity Aarav asked,
What are these marks?
These are chickenpox marks, I recovered just 2 days back from this, she answered.

Have you got Chickenpox?
“Yea, when I was a 6 months old baby, and I had similar dark marks all over my body, I looked horrible”
Don’t lie, babies don’t get Chickenpox, she replied with a smile.
She thought Aarav was trying to be funny.

Aarav didn’t know how to convince her.
He couldn’t reply, something struck Aarav right on his heart out of nowhere, he felt he was speaking to someone who will be a part of his life for ever.
He fell in love with her.

Within a week her black marks disappeared and she looked cute and beautiful, some of his classmates had crush on her and they were preparing to propose her.
Aarav spilled the beans, he pleaded his friends not to propose her and they agreed.

Aarav didn’t have any intensions to propose Vinu but he feared if she would accept any of his friend’s proposals.

One of Aarav’s friend revealed Vinu that Aarav was in love with her.
Aarav was not aware of this.

I heard you are in love with me, is it true?
No, I am not, who told you I am in love?
Many… Satish, Ramesh and Tara.

Tara? I haven’t told her.

What about Satish and Ramesh? After a long pause he said, yes I told them.

I don’t love you.
And Vinu walked away.

“Hey stop, I want to tell you something”.
He walked towards her.
I don’t love you either.

He still loved her but his ego grew much taller than his love for a moment and he did this mistake.

Days passed and also years passed they never spoke to each other, some of his classmates proposed her but they failed.

Aarav didn’t care much about his love, he had to work hard to make a living and so he was buzy with tuitions for children.
He knew he was not eligible to propose a girl as beautiful as Vinu since he was poor.
He cursed his poverty.

Nobody knew he was a newspaper delivery boy and he was successful in keeping this secret within himself for the past 2 years.

Final year at college
It was Onam (Festival) and everyone dressed in traditional attire and took part in celebrations.
A huge cake was ordered and it was cut by class teacher.
Once the cake was cut everyone bounced on it and managed to grab a piece of cake.
Vinu also managed to grab a piece of Cake and was walking around with the cake, asking her friends to take a bite, as she was doing this she came right in front of Aarav and she didn’t give him.

Satish Shouted, “look at her, she is feeling shy”
She walked towards Aarav and pushed the remaining cake into his mouth and replied, I am not shy.

Aarav didn’t know how to react, he was angry but his anger melted in a second as everyone clapped and whistled.

After the celebrations he walked towards Vinu.

We haven’t spoken for 2 years or more and how did you do that?
Aarav, I consider everyone in this class as my friend and I consider you as my friend.

Vinu, I saw my mother in you when you did that.
I don’t know if someone loves me as much as my mother does.

What about your father?
No, he doesn’t love me, he is a drunkard.
Do you know something? you might think I am rich, that’s not true.

I am also not rich as you think, so we are in the same boat.
She answered with a smile.

They never discussed about their family and their problems with any of their classmates.
Now they started to share their problems and as Vinu mentioned they were on the same boat.

Vinu’s parents were poor and they had financial problems after her elder sister’s marriage.
Sometimes they has to skip a meal.

My parents love me a lot and they treat me like an angle, I love them and I don’t want to hurt them, that’s the only thing I wish in my life.

When Vinu came to know that he was a newspaper delivery boy, she was surprised.

I never thought you are a person who is struggling so hard in life, how do you manage to hide it?
Just as you did.
They both laughed loud.

Days passed and whenever they got some time they searched for each other and discussed each and every minute incident they remembered in their childhood.

“Vinu, I made a mistake of not talking to you for more than 2 years, we have only few more days in this college, less than 20 days.
After these 20 days, I don’t think we will meet again”
She replied, It’s your mistake, whenever you were around me I expected you to speak to me but you didn’t.
I liked your character Aarav.

Are you sure Aarav, we won’t meet again?
Yes, that’s life, now we are in the same boat and we both need to get down and reach our destinations.
And I don’t think we will meet again.
May be we will meet in next life?
Ok let’s meet in next life and what do you wish in your next life?
You should be my wife and Vinu blushed hearing this.

Image courtesy: My paintings
What about this life, who am I to you Vinu?
“I am your best friend”
Do you love me Vinu?
No I don’t love you, you are my best friend Aarav.

I am in love with you, I wish I could marry you and live happily with you.
I don’t know how am I going to spend rest of my life without you.

Is it true Vinu, you don’t love me?
“Yes, I don’t love you”
They were standing in one of the corners of the college and Aarav wrote on the wall,
You are my life,
You are my soul,
You are the air I breath,
You are the light I see,
You are the only thing in me,
That I can never depart”
As Aarav was writing these words, he asked Vinu
“Ok, tell me you hate me and I am not going to love you anymore”
No, I can’t do that.

Why? you should do that, tell you hate me.
Aarav shouted and he asked this question several times and she was silent.

Finally, she said, “you are my life and how can I hate my life? “
Aarav cried like a baby and seeing his tears her heart broke and she cried.

They could not speak a word, they tried to speak, voice failed to come out of their mouth.
They looked at each other.

After a while Aarav asked Vinu.
Can I walk with you till the bus stop? and she was happy to hear that.

As they were walking towards bus stop she tried to console Aarav.

We have so many responsibilities and I cannot hurt my parents, my mother is having health issues, her health is deteriorating day by day.
She wishes to see me married as soon as possible.
My parents are in serious discussion with one of my relatives about my marriage.

I wish you find a beautiful Girl in your life and you should live happily with her.
I know you are struggling to meet both ends, you will definitely get a good job and reach great heights in your life.

They arrived at the bus stop and she got into the bus and disappeared.

The bus stop was almost 2 kilometres away from the college and as Aarav was walking back to the college bus stop he was feeling alone.
He realized that’s the journey of life.
Her role in his life has come to an end.

The next time he saw Vinu in the exam hall and they didn’t have anything to speak, he walked with her till the bus stop every day after exam.

On the last day after the exam Vinu was searching for Aarav.

She found him with her friends busy signing autograph book and writing quotes.

Can you walk with me till the bus stop?
No, I can’t do that, It’s time for me to walk alone and it’s time for you to choose your path.
I heard from Tina you are getting married next month.
You could have mentioned it to me.
I know why you didn’t tell me.
You don’t want to hurt me right?
Don’t give me that invitation card, I won’t attend your marriage.
I wish you all the best and live a happy life.

She walked towards the bus stop carrying tears in her eyes and Aarav in her heart.

Shubh and Shavi were bestfriends and were always with each other in college.
They both used to stick together and fight for each other.
Shubh was very emotional and soft guy and on the other side Shavi was a very tempered girl.

One day Shubh got a call from his home and he was shocked to listen and cried.
The very next moment he packed his bag and got to catch bus for home.

He switched off his phone because he wanted to be alone and don’t wanted to get disturbed.
All the way he was thinking about his mom because his mom was in hospital and going through a serious condition.

Then after reaching his hometown he rushed to the hospital directly to see her mother.
After reaching there, he got to know that his mom was in surgery room.
He was crying out loud on his father's lap.

On the other side,Shavi was very concerned about Shub because his phone was switched off.
She called his roommates .
His roomates told her that Shubh’s mom is in serious condition and admitted in hospital.

After listening to this,she started crying and thought about Shubh that how he would've handled himself and I have to be there for him.
He need my support.

Without any second thought she also went to his hometown.
She reached to the hospital.
There she see him with his father trying to consile everyone but himself he was lost and broke from inside.

Then he saw Shavi came here,he was smiling after seeing her.
He couldn’t control himself,run toward her and hugged her very tightly.
He was crying like a baby at that time and couldn’t control his tears.
She was comforting and consoling him.

Shavi : Don’t worry,Aunty ko kuch nahi hoga.
Just relax all will be fine.

Shubh : I love my mom very much and I cannot live without her.
She is my world.

Shavi : Don’t worry,I am here for you.
I missed all lectures for you.

Shubh : Tum class krti bhi kahn thi
Then he smiled a little.
She bring him a smile on his face.
After seeing him smile,she also smiled .
After that they went to sit on the bench together hoping to get a good news from the doctor.

Shubh : How did you get to know that I am here?
Shavi : You shouldn’t switch off your phone,you know I was so worried about you.
Then I called your roommate Arun and he told me.

Shubh : You know,when I heared about this news from my father.
I didn’t know what to do.
I just felt shattered from inside.
I could only think of my mom.
Sorry for keeping you worried.
I should have told you at that time.

Shavi : No,you did the right thing.
After all,Family is more important.
Don’t cry.

Shubh : You know at this moment ,I was thinking abour loosing a person whom you love the most it hurt more when they are not around us.
It hurts a lot.
(Tears were rolling out from his eyes).

She wiped his tear and said
Shavi : I know and I promise you that I will never leave you.

Shubh : Better not to be.
I want to say something to you.

Shavi : You can say anything to me you know that.

Shubh : After this happened ,I was thinking a lot about you and I want to say that I…
(Doctor came outside at that time and said surgery went successful.
You all don’t have to worry.
After listening those words,he went to the doctor and said a lot of Thank You .

He and his family were all happy and relaxed.
She was also happy at that moment.

Shubh went to her and hugged her again and said to her
“I LOVE YOU” in a low voice and also said I can't live without you.
You are also a part of my world.

She also break into tears and said “I love you too.

Both were so happy at that time.

And this the end of this Saga.

I know it is a bit long story but I hope its worth your time.

Thank You for reading and Edits are welcome.


“Wake up, Aaru, Wake up.
Bridegroom’s family is going to come to see you” Aaru mother shouted next to the ears of aarohi.
Aarohi, 25 years old, beautiful, bold and self-dependent girl.
She didn’t like the idea of getting married and become a slave, physically, mentally and financially.
But, her parents had been forcing her for 6 months before she agreed to marry a guy of her parents’ choice.
They had seen 10 matches for her until this day.

“Mummy, Ask them to come tomorrow” she said without opening her eyes and she pulled up the quilt over her face.
“Come on, Aaru, they already left for our home” her mother screaming by pulling down the quilt.
The next 2 hours were very difficult for her as she was wearing a nice saree, jewels and little bit make-up to impress the groom’s family.

“When i was in teenage, parents used to say don’t look at the boys, don’t talk to strangers, don’t go out with the boys.
Now, daily, they show one boy’s photo and ask me to look at him.
when groom’s family (strangers) come to house to see me, they ask me to talk to them, to go out with the boy.
crazy traditionshe said to herself.

The groom's family arrived.
After exchanging pleasantries, they were served with juices, sweets.
Aarohi mother started explaining about her daughter's educational qualifications, habits, present employment.
Groom's mother also gave befitting explanation about his son.
After completion of boasting about their offsprings, groom's mother requested bride's mother to call the bride.

Aarohi came and sat quite opposite to groom.
The bridegroom was Mr.
He was 27 years old, handsome, kind-hearted and honest guy.

As usual, Aarohi wanted to talk to Rohan privately.
Aarohi’s mother, initially denied that because 6 out of 10 matches were rejected because of her bold and open conversation with grooms.
But she had to accept it as groom also wanted to have conversation.

So, Mr.
Rohan and Miss Aarohi went to balcony to have a conversation.

Aarohi: Are you Mr.
Rohan: Rohan.
My name is Rohan.
You are Aarohi, right ?
Aarohi: yes.
So, Rohan, Do you believe in arranged marriage ? I don't.
( She told to herself “ with this question, he will assume that I may have a boyfriend, he won't talk much and he will reject this match)
Rohan: (He shocked, he didn't expect this question, but he was happy that she started asking some useful question) Well, to be frank, I am also.
You didn't know me before 30 minutes.
You didn't know how I brought up, my attitude, my habits, my preferences, my thoughts, my eating habits, my interests, my past.
If I want to conclude in one single line you know nothing about me so as I about you.
So, All of sudden, in the name of arranged marriage, if we start living together and if we find out later that we are not meant for each other, we will end up with either divorce, which brings dis-reputation to our families and to us, or end up having quarrels everyday.

Aarohi: (She shocked, she didn’t expect this answer, but she didn’t give up) That means you believe in love marriage.
Did you have any story in past ? (She assumed that he might have a story in the past that made him believe love marriage is better than arranged marriage)
Rohan: (He expected this question, he started liking her straightforwardness) No, I haven’t had any story in the past.
I haven’t found my soulmate so far.
I am not sure about belief in love marriage also.

Aarohi: (She got confused, She was silent for one minute and then said) I didn’t understand.
You don’t have belief in arranged marriage as well as love marriage.
How is it possible ? (She doubted his answer of NO to the love story in past)
Rohan: (He understood that she got confused) Aarohi, whether it is arranged or love marriage, the ultimate objective is to find the person who can understand you, can care for you, can love you the way you are, can help you to achieve your goals, can be loyal to you.
I haven’t found the girl with these qualities in my circle.
So, that's why i haven’t loved anyone.
In the meantime, my parents started seeing matches.
I saw 5 matches but i didn’t find the suitable one.
I came here in the hope to find the soulmate.

Aarohi: (Now, she got the clarity.
She liked his way of seeing the marriage, his orientation towards future wife)
But how can you decide in 30 minutes conversation whether that girl is suitable for you or not ?
Rohan: (he was impressed with her question) OK, i will take you as example, We have been having conversation from 20 minutes.
I figured out that you are bold, straightforward and have so much clarity about your future.
If my guess is right, you are a feminist.
Then, i will match these qualities with my requirements.
Then, i will decide whether to go ahead or not.

Aarohi: (She was shell shocked at his interpretation of her character.
He was dead right.
First time, in her life, she started liking one boy seriously)

Rohan: Are you okay Aarohi ?
Aarohi: Ye…Yessss…Rohan.

Thirty minutes since Rohan and Aarohi went to balcony, Aarohi mother was praying, inside, for this match to become successful.
Even Rohan’s mother was also doing same.
Then, came both rohan and aarohi with bright smiles on their faces.
Their hearts were filled with joy.
Both parents were excited after seeing their offsprings walking towards them with bright smile on their faces, which was not the case in earlier matches.

Marriage got fixed.

Aarohi house:
After some days, one fine evening, Aarohi and her mother were cooking something in the kitchen.

Rohan house:
On the very same day, Rohan and her mother were watching movie in their house.

Aarohi house:
Aarohi Mother: Aaru, i am so happy that you finally agreed on one match.
What is so special with this guy rohan ?
Rohan house:
Rohan Mother: Rohan, i am so happy that you finally agreed on one match.
What is so special with this girl Aarohi ?
Aarohi house:
Aarohi: “ see, Aarohi, your mother told about your educational qualifications.
You would have gotten a great job, but, still you started your own startup, found your own way of earning, own way of providing employment facility to the educated, talented girls.
That indicates you as a self-dependent person.
You are bold, straightforward and most important you are so kind.
You are an amazing girl.
This society needs your kind of people.
You have so many dreams to fulfill, goals to achieve.
You have fear that if I get married, you may have to sacrifice all this.

No need.

Aarohi, I found my soulmate here, it's you.
I promise that I will never ever stop you from achieving all your dreams.
I will help you to achieve everything you want to pursue in your life.
I am looking for a lady like you.
Will you marry me ?” Mom, rohan said these lines during our matchmaking process (Aarohi swept her happy tears after telling this )
Rohan house:
Rohan: (He lowered the volume in TV) “ Rohan, I literally shocked at your way of understanding me.
Nobody understood me better than you did.
I am bold, but i am kind.
I am straightforward not only asking in questions, but also in showing love.
I am self-dependent but that won’t stop you from giving your valuable suggestions.

You will marry me.
No, you should marry me.

You are so kind rohan.
You understand persons and situations very well.
You are very supportive.
I never thought that i will get a good guy like you as my husband.
I promise you that you will never regret your decision of marrying me” Mom, Aarohi said these lines before we came out from balcony on that day.
( Rohan felt proud while telling this her mother.
Both mothers were very happy.

Tying a knot or exchange of rings or signing in marriage register is not a marriage.
It's a sacred promise between two souls that they will live, love, care for, trust,loyal to each other till the end.
Marriage should improve person standard of living.
It should not restrict one person’s dreams, goals and happiness.

Thank you.

“You ready?” He asked his bestfriend
“ Yeah I'm ready but are YOU ready?” His best buddy questioned back
“It's your day Buddy.
It's your wedding day and why are you asking me that I'm ready or not?… See I'm full dressed up, wearing tuxedo and stuff”.
He said with a laugh, covering his emotions.

“ Just asking because she will be here” he heard him say and mention of her was enough to bring back all the memories.

“ I know but I have moved on” his words burned his own tongue while saying Moved on.

He knew, he can never move on, not after loving her so much, so much that the mention of love means Her to him.

Wedding ceremony started.
He smiled seeing his only bestfriend getting married.
But for the fact, his eyes were searching for her one glimpse.

All these years he spent portraying her in his poetries, stories but today, he wanted to become little selfish by breaking the promise he made to her to not meet her again.

He knew she will come here to attend her close friend's wedding just like he came.

Every thought, every moment he wasted thinking about how she will look after all these years? Will she recognise him or not? And the answers to these questions went inside the drain when his eyes finally found her.

There she was looking perfect, beyond perfect, with a beautiful smile, same as before.

With every step she was taking forward besides the bride, his heart beat increased ×10 times.

Ceremony started, everybody was involved including her.

He wanted to go forward and say Hi because why not? What's the harm?
“It's okay… it's okay” was all he chanted to make himself calm.

“ Take a deep breath” he kept saying things like this for a minute or two.

He knew this is the moment and he moved forward to stand besides her.

” He thought he said Hi but nothing came out.

“………… “ again he tried and this time she looked side way and her already big eyes, went bigger by seeing him.

He smiled.
She didn't.
She teared up.

This is not what I wanted to do.
Making her cry'
He thought.

He was still smiling because this is what he practiced before coming here, for days, for weeks.

Next thing he knew that she was running out from the ceremony.
He followed her just as the last time he did when she told him to go away, to get out from her life.

He didn't try to stop her but after going far, far from the eyes of people, he gently held her arms.
She jerked his hand away.

“ Don't touch me” she said angrily
“ I…” she didn't let him complete the sentence “I….
What?… I'm sorry? Or I missed you? Or… or I love you?” for him, it was hard to tell from her voice whether she is angry or hurt.

“ Nothing” everything he practiced to keep his compose didn't work.

“ Nothing? You have nothing to say? Okay then let's go inside” was all she said before making her way back to the ceremony.

“ Wait…” he said finally and she stopped.

He moved closer and turned her to face him.

“I love you” he just said it without any second thought
“ No you don't” she fired back and tried to move away from him
“ I love you and I have always loved you” he said looking in her eyes, holding her more closer.

“ Why did you let me go ?” She asked
“ How can I not? You wanted to end everything and when I asked for reason… you said, you don't feel for me anymore.
I was heart broken when you said it but I was not weak”.
The memories were clear in front of him.

“ I was stupid.
I didn't mean any of the things, I said that day but you believed it even after claiming for years that you know me well enough to know what's inside my mind and heart.
You were a liar.
I know, I did wrong.
I took wrong decision but at least I came to know that you never knew the real me” she was out of breath after saying so much.

“ I tried calling you but you changed your number.
I tried reaching you but you stopped everybody to help me out” He felt anger while saying it.

“ I never stopped anybody” she pushed him hard but he didn't budge from his place.

“ It was hard for me” he said for a reason known to him.

“ It was hard for me too” she sobbed
“ I wanted to hate you for doing all these with me” he said hugging her.

“ I wanted to hate you more but I couldn't find any reason” she said hugging him back.

“ By each passing day, I felt even more for you” he rested his head on her's.

“ I read some of your poetries…” she said before realizing.

“ You did?” He was surprised
“Hmm…” she kept herself close to him.

He holded her longer than he intended to and she didn't show any sign of discomfort.

After minutes or may be an hour, she looked up.
Her eyes were swollen and so was his.

“ Now what?” She asked
“ I don't know….
” He genuinely answered
“ Let's go inside” she said and he felt the pain.
He knew this is it for them, again.

But before that I want to ask you something” she said and continued, taking his silence as a yes.

“I wanted to ask….
Can we.
you know… can we both….

“Yes” He smiled reading her mind and heart, both.


It had been more than 2 years since Rahul and Tanya had a conversation.
Both had a contact saved which they neither dialed, nor deleted.
After the extensive fight they swore never to contact each other again.
But Rahul gave in.
He called her from a different number fearing she might not take his call.

“Hey” Rahul chimed in.

“Who is this?”, a familiar voice answered.

“Don’t you already know? You used to recognize me with a hey before.
Do I need an introduction now?” Rahul answered with a sarcasm.

“I don’t think you have dialed right number.
Please contact the right person.
” Tanya was an expert in playing difficult, yet secretly elated that he called.

“Okay, so, I wish to speak to Tanya Sharma! And this is Rahul Thakur speaking in case you have forgotten my voice already, which I know you haven’t, you are just acting it out.
” Rahul knew her.
More than she knew herself.

“Okay, so you are speaking to Tanya Sharma, but I don’t happen to know anyone named Rahul.
” Tanya retorted.
Ego was playing it’s part pretty well.

“yeah? Really?”
“Today is my birthday!”
Before waiting for a reply Rahul continued, “I know whatever happened in between us was wrong.
But I also know you love me even now and will continue to do so.
I know that you have been waiting for me to call or text.
I know that you put up a status every year on my birthday to wish me but never a direct text.
Yes, I know everything.
I miss you Tanya, I thought we will move on with our lives, but I couldn’t.
And I know you haven’t moved on either.

Tanya stayed silent.
She could hear the pain in his voice.

“Say something please? Tanya?”
Wrong Number!” Tanya couldn’t continue to hear the pain in his voice and disconnected the call.

She wanted to scream and tell him how much she loved him, but she neither had the energy nor courage left in herself to tell him she only had a few months of life left.

It wasn’t ego which broke them apart.

They never spoke again.

Some stories are left incomplete at an abrupt ending.


Whatever happens.
We will not let anyone destroy our friendship.
It will remain for ages till we die and our children will be the best friends like us.
It will be a circle.
Eternal and infinite.

She texted him.
He read it and sat for a long time looking through each and every words in that text.
He felt the warm tears running through the corner of his cheeks.
He was disturbed into senses by her another text.
“Are you there? “.

He replied
“promise me that you won’t leave me alone in my life.
she asked
“I promise you Swetha.
I will never leave you.
But life won’t be the same as you think… ”
he texted
Life is what we make it.
Sridhar, I know you won’t leave me….
She typed.
Suddenly she received a call.
She ended the texting and answered it.

After 15 years
Wake up.
It’s time for school… ”
he said.

“Papa– It’s sheethal ‘s b’day today.
I want to buy a gift.
the little boy rolled in his blanket.

“OK… We will buy it for her.
he said.
As Anirudh woke up and went to brush his teeth.
His wife came over to the room.
He smiled at her.
She combed her long hair with a brush and he hugged her from her back.
She smiled.
“Sorry I couldn’t keep that promise.
he said in a made in sad tone.

“What promise.
?? ”
she asked.

“Our old promise of making our children the best friends.
And making the circle eternal.
he said and smiled.

She smiled at him.
“But you kept the promise of being with me together in my life… And we are still the best of best friends.
she said.
He hugged her tight.
Their bond of hug broke when Anirudh’s little smile came to the room.
He closed his eyes tight.
They laughed.
“Life will never be the same Swetha.
he said to her and she smiled.

“Life will never be the same Swetha.
he said with the tears running out of his big old glasses.
His eyes were aged and lack vision.
Everything seemed to be blurred like past, but it was as beautiful as his past to see her smile in that photo which was kept clean for the past 40 years in his cupboard.

“Mr Sridhar….
You have a visitor.
the warden said.
He wiped the tears from his eyes and went to the visitors room.
He saw Anirudh and his wife who looked very angry like someone had pulled her to visit him.
He smiled.

“Daddy are you fine? ” he asked with a fake concern.
he said with a fake happiness.
Then a little boy of five came dashing on the door and looked at him, and then at Anirudh.
He seemed to identify the old man.
He let out a gasp.

“Daddy, This man was dead right? We have his photo framed in our old home.
he said in his childish voice.

Anirudh was not shocked by his son’s words.
He remained quiet.
The old man took his walking stick and balanced himself onto the ground.
He stood up, and went slowly to his room.
He took her photo.
But this time, his eyes didn’t watered.
He smiled at her.
“I am sorry Sridhar.
Life is never the same.
he heard her voice.

The statement was justified and the cemetery was ready for him.
a voice came.
A boy of eighteen came running with a photo in his hand.
“Keep it with him….
It’s only his property.
he said.
The photo smiled at his lifeless chest.
Life always changes.


“I am leaving “, she said aloud.

He was baffled to hear this from his daughter.

He rushed to her room and saw her whimpering.

There were photo albums scattered around her.

“May I know why?”, he asked gently, and slowly walked towards her.

“Where am I? “, she questioned pointing out every picture in the album.

He stumbled to reply.
This made her cry furiously.

Suddenly, a voice passed into the room.

“Who is crying?”, she asked in a caressing voice.

“Mommy…”, she squealed and jumped into her arms.

“Any problem my dear?”, She asked and the kid ran into her room.
She came back with the pictures which she showed to her daddy.

“Mommy… where am I? I see only you and daddy.
You both have went to all these places without me.
Why did not you take me?”, she asked with tearful eyes.

With a smile, she looked at him.
He stood there perplexed and anxious to know what her response will be.

She slowly turned through the pictures.

Their whole night talks, their first meet, the proposing moment, the first kiss and the crazy surprises gushed into her mind like a short film.

“Tell me mommy”, she nagged, shaking her out from the past.

“Whom do you think was taking pictures when daddy and me were posing? You forgot?”, she asked, wiping her wet cheeks.

A complete silence filled the place for few seconds.
“Did I?”, the kid asked excitedly.
“yes my dear”, she told, hugging her close.

Her husband was blown away by her wife’s reply and showered her with flying kisses from behind.

They both sat together with their kid, reliving their fun filled days.


It was Saturday evening and Riya as according to her schedule ,she went for a jog.

On her track she discovered her batchmate karthik.

Although they see each other daily in college but lack significant interaction.

But this time things were different.
Now they were not just batchmates; they are jog friends too.

Days passed and with every sunset their feelings created a new equation.

One day while their conversation Riya asked karthik – What next karthik? (Riya expecting karthik to express his feelings.
Karthik: Next !!! Next is our end semester.

Riya: I am talking about us ?
Karthik: Riya we will be friends forever.

( Tears rolled down from her cheeks.
She left without uttering a single word.

Riya now started early morning running and tried every possible excuses to avoid Karthik.
She doesn't want things to go ugly between them due to her feelings.
Because Friendship was the only thing which was left.

(Riya's behavior completely stirred him up.
He couldn't figure it out what happened? )
Months passed.
Exam over.

Convocation ceremony!
Moment where what lies behind us in past and what lies before us in future doesn't matter much.
It's all about what lies within the moment.

Everyone is promising to remain in touch.
And in all this, Riya just wanted to see karthik for the last time.
Restless her! She kept looking for him.

And then someone tapped her from behind.
No, obviously he wasn't karthik.
There was a sweet little boy with a message –
“Riya what next? Kindly turn around”
And …and .
yes Karthik on his knee with a Ring.

Karthik : Next !! Next is us.
You and me.
I want my jog partner to accompany me for the rest of my life.
I don't know whether this is the right time or not.
Hell I don't care.
All I know is from this moment till the moment I breath last, I want you to be mine.
I love you.
Would you like to spend the rest of your life with this stupid guy
who even doesn't know how to frame words for a marriage proposal ? Riya Will you marry me?
And this time tears rolled down again from her eyes , through her cheeks.

It's better to cross the line and suffer the consequences than to just stare at that line for the rest of your life.

And they made the cutest couple ever.

She liked him, he liked her too.
She was young, so was he.

Her first love, prince charming, for whom she always dreamt of.

His Princess and the girl with a crooked tooth.
He lived in her grandmother's neighbourhood.

Five years elder, five classes ahead, I'm your senior, he said was the first memory of him in her mind.

All these years he was the senior and she was the junior.

After 3 years she came back to her grandmother's home.

Let's play cricket in the backyard, she chuckled to her younger brother.

Leave it, Didi( elder sister).
Last time we played you broke the window.
Either you get bowled or you break the window.
I don't want to play.

Ae Listen, kid.
Don't act oversmart.
C'mon I will show you how to play cricket, She said with an enthusiastic voice and confidence in her eyes.

She touched his head, splattering his hair said I will bat first.

What else can we expect? Said a thin boy behind the wickets.

She gave him a furious look.

The first ball she faced was wide as she declared.
And the next one she took a shot and the ball flew away.
And none of them could really trace the ball.

“What have you done Sister? “
A sound of breaking of glass, they could here.

Grandmother came running towards them.
What happened??
I don't know, grandmother she said in an unsure voice.

When they peeped outside the gate.
They could see broken glass pieces and oil spread all over the floor.
And mango pickles were spread over the floor and on his white shirt.
He looked drowned in oil.
It looked like someone has played holi with oil.

Grandmother shouted looking at the him, “Oh! lord, just look at him.
Are you okay son?”
A boy with a broken glass jar, all oil around his clothes.

He said, a ball came from somewhere and hit the jar.
I lost my balance and This is something that happened next.

The two boys playing cricket with her quietly ran away.

Grandmother enquired, “Who hit him with the ball?”
“I will tell my mother to send you another jar said boy trying to clean his hands with water.

Okay son.

Grandmother placed 500 Rupees in his hands, these are for, two jars.

No, It's fine.
You don't need to pay for the broken jar.

Ahh, Take it, son.
It's our mistake.

“Grandmother, these kids were playing cricket.
They hit the ball in air and broke the jar, I should have stopped them,”she said in a dim unconfident voice.

A voice came from behind.
It was You Didi who took the shot.
Don't you lie!
On hearing the voice from behind, he couldn't stopped himself from smiling, Nice shot!, he teased.

She replied, “I’m really sorry.
forgive me senior!”
The word 'senior' took him years back in his memory lane, when he used to command her and tease her.

Oh!! You junior! After so many years.
I'm still your senior.
They both laughed.

Things Changed.
From senior, he was now her friend.

They used to play cricket and roam around.
And their friendship grew stronger.

They meet every year when she visits her grandmother.
They were young, they never tried to figure out what exactly their relationship was.
They were happy so it never bothered.

Years passed, and meeting once in a year became something they look forward every year.

Other than this they had no other way to communicate with each other.
That was not the era of WhatsApp and frequent calls.
Even STD calls were expensive and not such common things.
Mobile phones were not so popular like today.
All you can do was write a letter.
But how can You? Fear of being caught by parents always clouded them.
If someone found about their relationship.
They will be in a big trouble.
So all they had left with was a ‘wait.

Wait of Summer's.
The special time of the year for her and for him.

She used to cherish, all his memories till next summer.
It was his love that made her smile from this summer to next.
He gave her a bag of smiles and happiness every year and she spends little by little whole year.

The summers were near she was more than happy.
The happiest girls in summer was she.

This time it was most special, as he shifted out of his small city and went to a new city.
He was in college now.
He always wanted to live in a big city and go to a big university.
He promised her last time to tell him every story of his new college life.
More than him, she was excited about his new life.

After all, everything was about to change and another occasion was their five years of togetherness.

She was so excited to meet him.

And finally, she was at her grandmother's home.
It was surprising he was not around.
Maybe his train is late, she thought.

The day passed and the night too.
There was no news of him.

She tried to inquire of him but nothing she could trace.

Noone knew where was he? Her five days trip of summer, which were always the happiest days of her year's, happier than her birthdays or any festival, was the saddest without him.

She couldn't resist herself from visiting his home in the neighbourhood.
She wanted to know, where was he?
On reaching his home, His mother told her that “he is getting engaged” with this girl studying with him in college.
She showed her photograph of a girl in salwar kurta.
They were in a relationship from almost 6-8 months.
So I decided to get them engaged.
There is an engagement ceremony within 15 days.
Are you staying for 15 days? It will be fun.
You should stay.

NO! I 'm leaving tomorrow Aunty, she answered.

She wanted to run away at that moment from his place.

How could he do this?
No! it can't be true.
She pinched herself to check if it was a dream.
It wasn't a dream.
All these years were illusion, I should have pinched myself earlier.
She thought.

Even in her dreams,she never expected something like this, a betrayal.
A year-long she waited to spent these five days with him and all she got was a broken trust, a shattered dream, and a pain like someone shot a gun through her heart.

She took a decision, never ever she is gonna come back here.
After these five days, she would never think about him, nor talk about him or never look back.
All the summers, she is leaving behind.

On the last day of her trip, She saw him.
standing silently.
Simply standing not a word he had utterd.

Simply looking at her, said nothing.
She had no guts, no heart left to even ask him a question.

All the time she looked at him.

“Tears were speaking, mouth was shut.

Words were silent, eyes were screaming.

The body was fine but the heart was destroyed.

No questions were asked and nothing was left to answer.

He took luggage and gave them a ride to the railway station.

She acted if he does not exist and left.

One last time, before the train was about to leave.
He looked at her and she chose to look the other side.
But through the mirror, her gaze was still at him.
“Maybe he will stop her” a small part of her was hoping.

Standing outside the train's window, he chose silence, took the last shot on her heart and broke it into pieces.

And inside the train, she saw her lifeless hopes and belief scatterd all around her in to small pieces.

She had good memories of five years and a feeling of sadness and betrayal for life.

This time, also he gave her a heavy bag full of memories, gloomy memories, that she has to bear all her life.

Years passed, they had no contact, she never saw him after that day.

The last memory she had of him was outside the train's window with no words to say.
And two eyes looking at her, same eyes but gaze was different.
Not a trace of love for her, she could find in those staring eyes.

Years passed the phone bell rang.
Said 'Hello' a familiar voice.

She asked again to confirm “Who is this?”To assure herself.

And he said, “we had five summers together.
You don't recognize my voice.

And said she,
you are not him, and you can never be.

I had my five summers, with a boy whom I loved and he loved me too.

And now he lives nowhere but in my memories.

He is missing, and last time I met him,
he was mine but this time he was not there.

On last day of my trip, a man of the same face but a different soul, resemblance of looks but different overall, had came, he drop us to the Railway Station.

He looked like him but was not he.

I think the boy I loved has gone somewhere and he will never came back.
Or be with me, in this life again.

“And she cuts the call, and again a summer ended.

This time summer was the longest.
And he will never be back.
Her heart knews.
Now, She don't want him back, now she waits for no summer.

No longer she waits for a reason, an apology, a senior, a boy or those five days of a happy Summer.

And this was my first heartbreak.
Your fathers know about it too.
When my first love broke my heart, I thought I would never Love again but when I met your father, I no longer need to worry about my heart as I know he is always there for me.

Stop crying, Ritu, my dear.
The right one will take care of your heart, life and your smile till then hamse kaam Chala lo Beta( we are here for you).

Yes, mother, said Ritu with a smile.

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This story is very close to my heart.

The Garlands :)

Dressed in a simple t-shirt and lower with the pair of sports shoes .
He was in his mid forties, hair little smokey-grey from the sides and a few wrinkles around his eyes.

He looked at the flowers while crossing the flower shop.
Picking up his wife’s favorite flowers he remembers the date, it was their 25th wedding anniversary , he smiled looking at the flowers.
He asked the florists for his daily parcel, giving him money as he headed towards his home.

“What are we gonna do on our 25th wedding anniversary ? How are we gonna celebrate it ?” he remembers how her beautiful wife used to ask him.

His eyes got blurry as he reminisced in their beautiful love story.

He remembered how he was so afraid of getting married at that time , “I don’t want to get married ” he had said , reluctant to see the photograph of the best suitor her mother has selected among many for his marriage.

your wish, but at least see the picture once , your decision might change ” she said while she left the room.

Frustrated he opened the envelope, mesmerized by her beauty he looked at the picture.
She was in yellow and white salwar-suit , with no trail of make up on her face, smiling shyly at the camera.
She was beautiful, he thought.

He still have that photograph in his wallet.
He remembers the first time they met.

She was sitting at the corner of her house in an open verandah, few trails of hair coming over her beautiful face , she was cleaning utensils when he entered the gate of her house with his family , tired from the long journey .
He remembers how quickly she ran to her room as he gazed in her eyes.
She was too shy for that.
And he knew that he has fallen for her simplicity.
He remembers how they waited for one and a half year to get married and that too without even talking with each other.

He recollects all the memories of their wedding day standing in front of her .

He remembers the moment when he has put garland over his bride on their wedding day.
Its the same him , the same garlands but she has left , its only her photograph now.
He shed tears as he put the garland on the photograph of his wife .

Happy anniversary darling ” he whispered.


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She's engrossed in her book as her phone rings twice and stops, she ignores.
It rings again, this time for longer and she sees an unknown number.
She picks it up and hears no voice, but a familiar way of breathing, the caller hangs up.

She doesn't bother to call back and continues reading.
Her phone beams again, she stares at it and lets it ring for a while.

A memory flashes, because she knows who is it.

Her phone rings again, this time she picks up immediately and says, "I know it's you".

He whispers, "for one last time".

She looks in the mirror and exclaims
"this chapter demands a closure".

as she hangs up.

he thinks, thinks about the happy times and the scene shifts back to the Waterfall.

She : "for how long do we have to climb?" "I am so tired".

He : that's why you should lose weight.

She punches him as he stumbles and falls.
She starts laughing and the sound of her laugh reminds him of clinking bangles, the one she wore in the picture, she hates pink but she keeps wearing it and she pulls it off.

She : what are you thinking? Are you hurt?
He : So you care about me huh?
She : In your dreams.

They climb for hours and reach on the top.
there's no one as she stares and waves her hands saying "This is stunning!"
He stares and says, yeah you are.

She blushes.

I wanted to tell you something, and this is the most mesmerizing place I have ever seen and it deserves to be made more beautiful, just by your presence.

She laughs, "weren't you unromantic brat when we met?" this is so unlike you! What's wrong?
He holds her and before he says something, she splashes water on him.
they both play in water like kids and forget about everything.

He sighs and forgets what he had to say and wonders.

" maybe some other day"!
In present, they meet where they drifted the first time, when he realized he was in love.

She climbs down from the train in black and moves hair from her face and is all sweaty.
His heart skips a beat again, the whole world stops again but he hides the spark in his eyes and moves away.

As they both sit near the shore for the one last time.

She asks are you sure? As a tear rolls down her cheeks.

He says nothing and looks away.

She wonders how cold he is and asks, you never loved me?
He says nothing as he lits his cigarette up and blows the rings.

She looks at him for the last time and says, may you get everything in the girl you love which I couldn't give you.
And runs away crying on his ruthless behavior.

Little did she know, he's dying inside.
Little did she knows, he has less time.
Little did she know he died when he thought of being apart from her.

The reality hits, the train is leaving, the worst has happened.
His nightmare has become a reality and he can't do anything about it.

A tears rolls down his cheeks and he wipes it and starts walking towards the sea closing his eyes and whispers.

"I think you know what I feel is beyond love, keep it a secret sea, it's our secret"
Edit :
People asked about where they met at the first time? Find it out here.

Anjali Jaiswal's answer to How did you fall in love with your girl?

"Never again" he said to himself.

Started walking back to his house.

Thinking about the number of times he has liked a girl.
Never had the courage to ask anyone out.

This time he made an effort.
Went out of the way for this girl.
Became her friend.
Today was the day he was going to ask her out.

He went to the roadside corner for the morning tea as usual.
There she was looking beautiful as ever.
She was dressed up.
He had half expected to see her there.

He was going to talk about seeing her in the evening.
Make it sound casual.
He was not going proclaim his love at a tea stall.

"Hey" she said.

"Hi, did you have a bath today ?" He teased her.

Just put some good clothes.
I am all for saving water.
" she joined the fun.

They used to have this friendly banter.

"2 special " he said to the chaiwalla.

I have to go.
Just then a bike stopped .
It was Arjun.

Wearing a leather jacket.
One could still tell this fellow works out a lot.

"Hi" Arjun said to both of them.

"Hiii" smiled the girl.

"Shall we go" asked the bulked up man.

She nodded and smiled.

The girl looked at Avi and informed him that Arjun had asked her out last night.

"But Valentine's day is today " Avi wanted to shout.

Arjun smiled at him and they zoomed pass him.

He was late .
He should have asked her a couple weeks back.
He wanted to wait for the Valentine's.
Make it special.

"Never again am I going to wait for Valentine's day" he said to himself.

She opened her eyes and looked at the clock.
It blinked 3:00 am.
She looked down at his favourite evening gown of her’s.
She had worn it to throw him into a fit of lust.
He had promised to be home by 12, after all it was their tenth Anniversary.
The dinner had turned cold and the burnt wick lay in a pool of solid wax.
The gift, that she had bought for him after days of searching, lay unopened at his side of the bed.
His well kept side of the bed.

She checked her phone.
It was unlike him to have not called to inform about being late.
Finally, the anger started building up in her usually understanding mind.
"How could he forget our anniversary? Especially after all the times I reminded him.
" She screamed into the nothingness of her empty house and found no response.
In a fit of rage she tore the gown off her body changed into her pajamas and sat down on the bed.
Looking at ruins of her perfect night, she decided to finish off the bottle of wine.
She was halfway through and a little tipsy when the phone rang.
She somehow dragged herself to the phone.
An unfamiliar voice said something, almost incomprehensible.
In bits she heard "He.
She screamed out aloud.
She reached for the car keys and ran into her driveway.
But she stopped right in front of the car.
She felt that someone was calling her from behind.
She looked back and saw no one.
She wiped her tears and sat in the car.
She was driving on her way to him when she drove into a truck head-on.




He screamed out loud.
He wiped the sweat from his forehead, but couldn't stop crying.
He looked at the gift she had bought him – a handcrafted wooden frame with their best picture, just what his office needed to remind him of his love for her.
He looked at her side of bed, her as usual untidy side.
He closed his eyes and imagined her radiant smile in his favorite evening gown.
He was the luckiest man alive until that stupid prank call he had made.

Little had he known that he was gonna live the same nightmare every night for the rest of his life.

Divya and Arpit were in a distant relationship for a long time.

Around 4 years!
They were committed to each other!
They had crush on each other since their school time and Arpit finally proposed her on the last day of school .

School love didn't remain till school .
They both were admitted in different colleges and in different cities too.
Divya went to Banglore for studies and Arpit went to Bombay.
They remained in contact with each other yet.
They used to call each other daily , they used to have video calls often and they loved each other with all their passionate hearts .
They used to go to their hometown same time so that they could catch each other at least there as it was difficult to meet each other while being in different states.

Whenever they used to go to their hometown, they had dates and spent most of the time together .
Soon their families came to know about this and they were happy to know this and didn't oppose it at all.

Soon their families told them that they could marry each other once they settle in their careers.

They went back to their colleges and started their studies again and used to have talks often as earlier.

Soon for no reason Divya stopped calling him ands accepted his calls rarer times .
This bothered Arpit alot and he decided to talk to her clearly.
He tried but their was no positive response and she tried to show that everything was fine though to Arpit something seemed odd.

He decided to go to her college in Banglore and meet her .
He went there and surprised her but he could not see the expected smile on her face and joy in her eyes.
She asked him that why dis he come there and what is the reason .
She said “ Is everything fine back at home or not”.

Arpit told her that everything is fine at their homes but something seems very wrong with her.

She tried to show that everything was fine but could not stop her tears running down her cheeks.
And she hugged him tightly .
Arpit got stressed took her to the coffee shop and discussed the matter with her.

At coffee shop-
Arpit : Now you may tell me everything that what is wrong these days that you are not answering my calls neither you were happy to see me here.

Divya : I really didn't wanna bother you but now looking at you I feel I should tell you everything.

Arpit : Obviously, you should tell me everything, we have committed to each other.

Divya : (Weeping like a child) Everything is ruined nothing is left.

Arpit was not able to understand anything !
Divya : I .
I .
I ….

Arpit : Speak further Divya !!
Divya : (With tears in her eyes) I have been raped by my college professor :(
Arpit : (Startled at that moment) You know na what you are speaking.

Divya : Obviously I do ! I knew it after this you gonna hate me and would never talk to me .
You will leave me after knowing this , you won't be marry a girl like me.
( Crying continuously )
Arpit : What are you saying ?? Don't you trust me ??? I have commited to you.
I would never leave you alone in even the hardest of times .

( Holding her hands )
He said, “ Divya , you are my life … all what I want in my life is you and just you … You would have told me all this earlier… Now we would go to the police and that man has to be punished at any cost”
Divya : No Arpit no , We can't go to the police , I will be ruined and my family's reputation will deteriorate completely.
The society will prove me wrong.

Arpit : I don't care what the society will say … Such people have to be punished at any cost … I love you and you love me what else we want … The existence of this society hardly matters to me … What all I want is just you and me … and Justice to you .

Divya hugged him tightly !!
They went to the police station.
After long term investigation that professor was punished and Divya earned Justice .

Arpit was happy and after some time they again started living the normal life .
Again , they used to have long talks and calls .

After they both settled in their career , they got married and forget their past…
They made the best couple…♥️
Mille Mercis❤️

‘He's crazy’, uttered the warden as he trespassed the wall separating our girls hostel and canteen.
I gave out a squeaky laughter seeing the weird face he made looking at me, while I continued to provoke him using my ‘weird face making’ abilities and managed to drive him nuts.

I got ready, perfectly plaited my hair, put on that microscopic bindi and finally gave a pink gloss to my lips and walked to the school.

Knowingly or unknowingly, I don't know, but my eyes were searching for that familiar envisage who had been my best buddy for a whopping 14 years.

Suddenly my eyes stopped moving, pondering upon the tiny details of that eyes, yes the same eyes, that always makes me forget all my worries and miseries.

My cheeks curved, to make the most beautiful smile I could ever give, while my legs, even without my own coordination moved towards him.

‘You brought my record right?’, I yelled at him.

He pretended to be absorbed in fidgeting his Keychain, while I continued throwing my question daggers.

‘This is totally unfair, you do this every time, oh my God, Neela mam would kill me today.
And listen, I will never give you my record again.

My eyes welled up, thinking about loosing the ‘Topper’ tag, while he suddenly pulled my hair and said,
‘Miss drama queen, if your lecture is over let me tell you something, I already submitted both our records, after drawing the picture of the cockroach that you left out.

I tried to cover up my embarrassing self by patting his shoulder while seriously hardworking to put up a cute face.

Interval times are the best part of the day, with the corridors buzzing with gossips, smell of home made snacks and the book and paper ball cricket matches of our fellow buddies.

‘Won't you be there for the match?’, he asked while eating those crispy pakodas from my hello kitty lunchbox.

Nope da, I have some works to complete, trust me I'll be sitting in the front row of the gallery, shouting your name, for the finals.
So let me take a rain check today’,
I uttered while he was imitating me.

‘Come on yaar, you already know you are my lucky charm, please stay back’.

That sounded innocent enough to change my fickle minded self.

Where's the match?’, I asked.

You just come to our basketball court, we'll together go, come sharp at 4.
30 just after the extra classes’

I nodded.

The day went by just like any other boring school day.

The sky was all darkening.
The kids were already busy making paper boats to float in the puddle.

I rushed to our basketball court.
Even from the distance I could perfectly distinguish his silhouette from all those who were standing there.

‘The match is canceled, just the way you wished’, said him while he absent mindedly took those heavy books from my hands.

I unknowingly smiled seeing this gesture realizing how much he cared for me.

All right, so let me give you a special chai treat.

As the rain drops fell down one by one, he took my hands in his and hurried towards the tea stall.
We got in and ordered our cup of teas and samoosas.

We munched them on, sipping the spicy chai, splashing rain drops on each other and gossiping about the school stuffs.

And then we parted, but even now the sparkle of his smile is beaming in my heart.

Am I falling in love with him?
Good night diary”
I hurried from the kitchen hearing a roar of laughter from the bedroom.
There he was standing, holding my most precious possession, my diary, that he sneaked from my cupboard while we were cleaning it the morning.

This is totally unfair, how dare you sneak into someone else's privacy, you are a bad person’, I shouted, and ran behind him to snatch it back.
And he pulled me into his arms and said,
Oh Miss Drama queen, I mean Mrs, what is the problem even if I read that, most importantly when someone had written the whole thing describing the love for me’.

My cheeks were glowing just like the red tint on an over ripen cherry.

‘I know that all I did these years was just pulling your leg every time, even during our childhood, teenage and still after our marriage.
And you know, that I'm the worst in expressing things.
But let me tell you today, Apu, thanks for being there for me.
I can't imagine a day without you.
I love you so much.

I could see tears in his eyes, while he said those words.
We hugged, we cried, expressing the unsatiated love we had for each other.

We stood by the window, in each other's arms, feeling the cold drops of rain.
I continued to blabber our old stories while he listened with the same sparkling smile.

True love stories never have endings
~ Richard Bach
Amour ❤️

“One coffee, please”, Ananya was sitting in the restaurant.
Only a few people were there.

She heard a couple sitting next to her table.

“One coffee”, said Abhi.

“Why only one? Make it two”, said his gf.

I just had a biryani from this restaurant when I waited for you here as I was hungry.

“Ok, then”, replied his gf.

Ananya was astonished because as per the waiter biryani wasn't prepared yet!! After finishing the coffee, Ananya ordered one more, took it and offered it to Abhi.

“Hey, you sound tired.
Have this coffee?”
what the.
who are you, goggles wali ladki?”, asked his gf, angrily.

“I am no one.
Just a stranger.
He probably doesn't have the money.
That's why he didn't order a coffee for himself.

“Abhi, is it true?”, asked his gf.

Who are you to interfere in my matter?, Abhi was furious.

“But you lied to me, Abhi.
I am going.
”, His gf left, infuriated.

Madam, you just broke my relationship!!”
“Oh, well, your ship already seemed broken when your gf didn't understand your lie!!”
“Are you lie expert? How the hell do you know that I didn't have enough money?”
“OK, then, pay me for the coffee I gave you.

wait are you.

I am blind.
But sometimes people like your gf make me question my own blindness that whether am I blind or are they blind?”
“Gotta go.
See you if destiny did allow!!”, Ananya chuckled.

“Can I have your number?”
“I don't think that 'having' my number would make your stomach full.
You can have that coffee instead!!”, Ananya walked after taking her stick which was near her table.

How can I repay you?”, Abhi asked.

“I told you.
If destiny did allow we will meet somewhere!!”
Abhi's eyes sparkled as it was glued on her with utter happiness!!

As soon as the Lunch Break bell rang, Hriday rushed out with his basketball to the court as he always did.

Jannat, as usual shared her lunch box with her friends and later on went to roam around the campus.

While she was passing by the basketball court, she lifted her eyes to see him playing and hoping that he would look at her and give her the wink he always did.
But this time he did not.
For the first time in two and a half years, Hriday had not given her a wink and continued playing.
He had deliberately done that.

Soon the break was over and she comes back to find that Hriday had shifted his seat to the other corner of the room with some other group.
But this time Hriday waived his hand to show that he had moved there.
She felt ignored .

“Neha, are you carrying the water bottle” asked Hriday to the girl sitting two ahead of Jannat.

“Sure, here it is” replied Neha.

He knew he was raising issues, afterall Jannat was the one whom he used to borrow a water bottle from.

The last period got over and everyone got up and left for the day.

The landline of his home rang and he picked up the call.
It was Jannat on the other side.

“Hey, wassupp?”
“Nothing much, going out to play basketball.

“I hope, I am not bothering you.

“Not at all but if it’s not important, shall I give you a call after an hour.


And she cut the call.

A couple of days passed.
Neither Hriday sat beside her in the class nor he gave her the wink, she was used to seeing.

Suddenly, one fine night, the telephone buzzed again.
He knew she was the one calling seeing her number on the caller Id.

“I hope I’m not bothering you, we can talk for few minutes”

“So, tell me what have I done to deserve such behaviour of yours?”
“Excuse me!”
“Don’t try to act smart, Hriday.
I know you’re ignoring me.

“I’m sorry but I’m just trying to be normal with you.

“Dare you lie to me.

“Okay, perhaps you have missed me being there at your side in the class, perhaps you missed my winking.
But the reason is I was getting too much attached to you.
I had proposed you two years back and since then I’ve been waiting to hear a positive reply, but in vain.
Now I think I should move on.
I don’t want someone to mock at me because of all this.
I’m tired, can’t you see that?”
And there was silence over the call for next few minutes.

“Hello, are you listening Jannat?”
“Yes, I’m.
Okay, let’s do one thing.
We end all this thing here.

He knew the trick had failed.
The trick to ignore someone to make that person realize how much you matter to them.
But he was checkmate.
He was about to say something when she said
“Let’s end all this right here and date me for the rest of your life.

He had almost lost his sanity.
Gathered some courage and said
“I don’t know what to say, but are you sure?”
“Yes, but it is subjected to a condition”
“What?” (Anxiously)
“From now onwards, you’ll not tell anyone that Basketball is your first girlfriend.
I am and I’ll always be your first and last girlfriend.
Everything comes second.

For the umpteenth number of time, he fell short of words and the purest form of love blossomed between the two.

#A Fountain Pen And A Love Story
It was my English exam.
I opened my Parker pen and started writing.
Omg! I forgot to fill ink in my pen.
I was shocked.
With an idea of getting a pen without the knowledge of the invigilator, I looked on to the easy possible ways.
In the corner of my bench, the newly joined girl had almost finished a page.
I saw her.
She also saw me that I was seeing her.
My heart craved to ask a pen from her, perhaps, my male ego didn’t permit me.
After few minutes, I shut my male ego inside a tight sack and I showed my pen and asked her to give a pen to me.

“This is the pen I write for a long time, if I give it to you my hand-writing will change,” she whispered.

I saw in her pencil box, she had another wooden fountain pen.
I pointed it and asked, “What about that pen?”
“This is the first pen my daddy brought for me.
I am having it for seven years and I don’t give this to anyone.
I am sorry,” she whispered and gave me a helpless look.

“It’s fine.
I will manage,” I told her.
Some of my friends had told me that she was arrogant and cunning.

“They were right,” I thought.

Fifteen minutes passed by, I was pretending as if I was thinking answers.
Then, the newly joined girl dragged her wooden fountain pen towards me and asked me to start writing.
I smiled with happiness and I began writing.
The pen was smooth to write.
My desired heart started to love that pen and I wished to own it.
I always had craze for pens.
I would fight with my parents and ignore food to get new pens.
Perhaps, this pen attracted me more than any other pen I ever had.

In the afternoon, after the lunch break, I was sitting along with a group of my friends; she came near me, and asked her pen.

“I am sorry.
I forgot to give,” I smiled and gave the pen.
She went without saying anything.
After she went my friends mocked me.
“Arey! What’s happening here? What is going on with you” one of my friends asked.
“A Fountain Pen And A Love Story,” other replied.
Many of my friends had told me earlier that she was beautiful, I felt they were right.

After a month, our exam papers were given.
Newly joined girl asked my papers.
I gave it to her and told her thanks because had she not given her pen then the scenario would have been different.
She smiled and said, “No sorry and no thanks and no mentioning of anything in between friends.

As days went, we started talking to each other more often, more frequent and more than necessary.
I sat near her and played with her against my other friends’ jealousy.
Like this our school days went on.

On that day during the recess, I saw a wooden pen in the ground.
I took it.
It was her pen.
Cunningly, I thought I would keep it with myself.
Then I scolded myself for thinking like that and went to the class.
She came crying at me, “Krishna… my pen…my…”I shut her mouth and told, “I have a gift for you,” and showed her fountain pen.
Immediately, she grabbed it away from my hands and kissing her pen, she told thanks again and again with tears and smiles.
I wondered was she the same girl, who told me that there should be no thanks and sorry in between the friends.
This incident increased the strength of our bond.

It was my birthday.
And as a gift, I asked her fountain pen not because I loved that pen but because I wanted to know how much I meant to her.

Her face dulled, “Ask me anything other than it; you know I can’t give that to anyone, not even to my papa.
Moreover, my friends tell that when we give fountain pen to our friends, the friendship bond would be broken and they would separate or quarrel.

I didn’t force her to give her pen because I too was a little afraid of the story that friendship may eventually break when one gifts a pen to his/her friend.

It was the last day of our Ninth standard.
After we finished our examination, I met her.
She asked me whether I would be studying in the same school.
I told her yes.
I asked her the same question.

She replied, “I won’t miss you.
I won't go anywhere away from you.
I will study school, college and whatever only sitting next to you always.

I felt so relieved.
And then we both were about to depart.
Suddenly, she called my name and gave me her wooden fountain pen.
I hugged her immediately and giving her pen back, I told her, “I know how much this means to you.
You keep it safely with yourself.

“You are more important than it.
I know we won’t quarrel or separate.
Whenever you remember me, write with it.
Whenever you write with it, remember me,” she told me.

Then her father’s car arrived and she went.

After this, we, boys, kept a cycle race.
In home, I excitedly looked on my bag for her pen.
I didn’t find it there.
I last remembered of keeping her pen safely in my bag only but I didn't find it there.
I went in the same road in my cycle and searched for the pen, I didn’t find it anywhere.
It made me to cry.
Earlier I had lost many of the costliest pens and many other costliest things but I have never cried.
But losing this pen caused me a great sadness and regret that I couldn’t console.
I felt sad day after days.
I felt missing it.
It wasn’t merely her gift.
It was her legacy and my promise but now my promise was broken and her legacy was lost.
I wanted to tell her that I had lost her dad’s first bought pen.
All of a sudden, I wanted to meet her and tell how much hurt I was by losing her fountain pen.

I begged to God to end my vacations soon.
Luckily, the two months’ vacation passed soon.
I hoped to bring that non-stop talking sunshine back into my miserable rooms of heart.
I went to the school in the earliest and eagerly waited for her arrival.
She didn’t come for a long time.
I waited and panicked.
She didn’t come for the whole day.
I asked many of my friends none knew about it.
She didn’t come for the whole week.
This made me to feel weak about myself and I ended up in the principal room to inquire the details about her.
They didn't have any idea of her.
I went in her school bus and asked a girl from our school, who was near her home.
She told me that her father’s finance company was attacked by people and the whole family fled to an unknown place.
I went to her home.
It was now occupied by another.

That’s the end of the fountain pen and the love story.

I studied in the same school up to my twelfth standard.
She didn’t come thereafter.
I used go to the places where we used to share our stories and thought about her, sometimes feeling sad and sometimes smiling.
I missed her so much.
I couldn’t believe that she had gone and I couldn’t hope that I would meet her again.
Many a times, I used to wonder whether she too missed me like I did.
I would be confused asking myself, “Is this feeling love?” I never got an answer and I knew I would never get one.

Years passed.
Presently, I am in a book store to buy the first fountain pen for my daughter, “Tamil Arashi”.
I know how much it means to a girl, especially to a daddy’s girl.
Suddenly my eyes caught a wooden pen that is similar to that fountain pen, the girl on my school days gave me.
The shop keeper filled ink and gave me to check it.
I took the pen and wrote the name, “Tamil Arashi”.
The first name I write whenever I buy a pen, the name of the girl – who stayed in my life for a short time during my school days but took a permanent place in my heart.
Her beautiful name it is.

If you liked the story , kindly share it with your friends too and help making it famous or publishing it… I will be happy if #Camlin or any other pen brand can make a short film from this story.
Can anyone help with that??

“Why didn’t you come to class today?”, She asked a bit angrily.

“I had a fever in the morning.
” I replied in a numb voice.

“And of course, you won’t visit a doctor.
Because, you have no time and money.
” I could sense her sarcastic tone over the voice call, because that is the only excuse I used to make, not to visit a doctor.

I smiled and replied, “Ok, don’t yell at me.
I am already suffering.
I will visit the doctor in the evening.
I want to sleep now.

“I will also come.
Meet me at 7 pm.
” Well, she was the boss.
I agreed.

Call ended but the notion didn’t.
I kept thinking while lying on the bed, I am lucky to have her.
Well it was summer and I was not able to sleep under the fan.
But, I didn’t know when I fell asleep thinking about her.

When I woke up, it was almost 6 pm.
I still had one hour but what could be better then if I reach early and give her a surprise.

Unaware of the fact, that a surprise was waiting for me, where everything was going to be changed upside down.

It was a summer evening with a little darkness in the sky.
I was roaming around in my college campus and there I saw a couple, holding their hands behind those trees.
But I could recognize that suit in that darkness.

It was hers, may be they were kissing each other.
I was curious and the feeling of betrayal was killing me with each passing moment.
I froze, until they came out of that tree.

What happened next, read here: Have you ever had a dream that affected you in real life?
My whole world changed within few hours.
I wish I would never had woken up from that dream.
One moment, it was beautiful and then in another it turned ugly.

Do I curse love?
No, Love is always beautiful.
It is the people who ruin it.
Now, in my dictionary “Love” doesn’t exist anymore.
People call me, I have a heart of stone and I am glad I have it.

So,did I cease to be the same person?
It changed me a lot.
After continuous sufferings of pain this“Teenager” became a “Man” too.

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