Can you share a poem of your own creation

Can you share a poem of your own creation?

I have written a few poems till now.

“Those eyes”
I looked at him
Then I looked at the skies,
Not oblivion of
Those Hazel eyes ,
In his eyes, lies millions of dreams
His face all pale yet it has a gleam,
Gleam like that those stars in the sky possess,
He stays nearby,
In his own tiny , dilapidated world,
World where opportunities are in dearth,
I encounter him every time he passes by,
I see him burning the midnight oil
I can see determination in those hazel eyes, I can feel his dream!
Those eyes narrate countless stories,
Stories that encourage
Stories that astonish
Every time I look at him, astonishment strikes me
I stop and admire him,
Every time I look at him !
He ain’t my lover, he ain’t my friend
He’s perhaps tomorrow’s:
“Slum dog millionaire”
Since it's 16 December today:
It was 16th December , 2012
in the capital of “Hindustan”
An intellectual, brave girl, along with her friend, how beautiful the day seemed to her
winds blowing around the two of them,
So perfect it was!
Only till the clock struck 9
Nothing tarnished her brave soul more than those 6 souls that entered her body ,
one by one
slowly and slowly they plucked out her innocence and destroyed every bit of her
but she stayed strong,
she struggled with all that she was left with
millions of hopes were shattered the day her soul left for heavenly abode!
look at the irony of the whole story!
the innocent one had to quit
and the demons residing in those 6 souls are wandering freely today!
what an epitome of humanity,
what an epitome of justice,
what an epitome of irony!
Rest are there on my blog:
Hope you like them!

I do write poems and I don't stick to any particular genre.

Number 1:
The Oracle
Who is who, if virtues are counted instead of pretty delusional faces.

If actions and not one’s creed, if decisions and not one’s ethnicity
Are to make a difference that change the way the things have been entirely!
A firm choice and not some hoax were to replace it,
With all acceptance and openness one were to face it.

What is what, if things aren’t rendered the way they were objectified?
Chaos, war, tyranny, iota of harmony are to follow,
If the Oracle were to be compromised.

And Number 2:

Lost in the tensions of conflict between nations,
Raging patriotism blended with sanguine emotions.

Soldiers killing soldiers, brothers against brothers
The heinous war, surging for years.

Distraught widows with eyes affixed at windows, in wait
For their love of life, who fought for the state.

Tears ebbing down their anxious cheeks
With trauma chilling the spine,results after the risks.

The war illuminati, consuming the future,
Feeding on the decomposing flesh, like a greedy vulture.

Young Adrian still in his mother’s womb
His loving father, now honored, in the tomb.

His mother in pain, thinks
Her faith now walks on broken glass.

Will remember his undying bravado, for years to pass.

Fighting the pain of labour,
Now God, being her sole saviour!
With a momentary jolt, she is relieved of her physical pain,
The midnight turns to a day, with the cry of Adrian.

The war gave heroes pride and immortality.

The future lies with ‘Adrian’, born with sane morality!
There you go, thanks!
The Oracle
War and Emotions …

Original lines :
Kabhi yun hi batein kar liya karte hai; main aur meri tanhayi.

kabhi un palon ke barein main, jo kabhi jeeyein hi nahi.

kabhi un sapno ke barein main, jo ab bachkane se lagte hai
ajib sa shor hai zindagi main; fir bhi anokhi si khamoshi.

bahot kuch ho raha hai par fir bhi kuch chhut raha hai.

shayad kuch yaadein , ya kuch ankahi batein ?
har pal naya sa lagta hai lekin har din ek sa.

itne sare chehre, par chehre ya mohre ? pata nahi.

manzil khadi si lagti hain aur main ? behti huyi si.

kabhi pans aati, kabhi dur jati, kabhi takra hi jati.

intazar hain muje kab se.
par kiska ? pata nahi.

shayad ye meri kahani hai; yan shayad hamari ?
Note : exact translations are impossible as every language has it’s own charm and elegance.
I’ll just try to give it a makeover with English charm.

We often talk; me and my loneliness.

about the moments I couldn't have/live.

about childish dreams I once embraced.

there’s too much chaos in life, yet this enigmatic silence.

a lot’s happening but something’s still slipping away.

maybe some memories ? or some obscure feelings ?
every moment feels new but each day feels alike.

a lot of faces.
all indistinguishable.

destination seems to be still and me ? floating.

just like one little wave in the huge ocean.

I’m waiting.
why ? for what ? I have no idea.

I guess this is my story.
or may be ours ?

The confusion you feel while reading it(hopefully you do) and at the same time the peace you can sense(hopefully you can), that’s what the main point is.

Well, I’ve never written a poem from a female perspective before.
That was until today…!
It’s kind of a love-letter or a diary entry of her thoughts in the form of a free-verse poem.

Hope you like it! :)
To dearest (would-be) husband:
As I wistfully move my fingers,
Over the soft lips in your photograph,
That I affectionately hold in my hand,
Which I took when I bid thee adieu,
At that bus station — teary-eyed —
Lips — that have uttered a thousand,
I love yous’ in my dreams to me,
In a million different ways and more!
Dreams — which have no one but you,
That well up my eyes with sweet tears,
Eyes — that seek redemption from the pain,
Of this distance betwixt us that ever,
So slightly is balmed by those words,
Words — that we exchange over phone,
But ephemeral remedy they are that,
quench not this thirst by drinking more!
Thoughts of you fill up my mind,
I seek everywhere of your kind!
My love for you, no container can hold,
It overflows to the brim and still yet more!
So, come hold me firmly as you own my soul,
And hug me — kiss me — make me whole!
I love you! I love you! I love you!
From the bottom of my heart!
I want to melt in your arms,
‘Til Death do us part!
— Your (would-be) beloved wife
Jatinder Singh , a lousy poet
For more such poems — you may stumble upon these pebbles on this cobbled path that bifurcated into two paths many years ago — and one of them led to a meadow in a dreamy land where the blackbird sings lovelorn poems~! That is where I belong! :)

Let's fly free while we are bound,
Let's get lost in what hasn't been found.

Let's prepare, Let's wait,
Let's love with hellish hate.

Let's dream while we are still awake,
Let's get low, Let's put up the stakes,
Let's be real with the fakes.

Let's put in whatever it takes.

Let's die young as our bodies age,
Let's break free all bondage.

Let's live while our time here ends,
Let's wreck, Let's do the mends.

Let's sing till our throats are choked,
Let's kill all feelings evoked.

Let's dance till our feet bleed,
Let's shoot for the best, and not just what we need.

Let's die while our legacy lives,
Let's take everything the world gives.

Let's give back what doesn't exist,
Let's fall in love with what we cannot fix.

Let's laugh through our very last breath,
Let's cry before we face death.

Let's sleep in chaos, Let's wake up in peace,
Let's keep walking, Let's deny to cease.

Let's be kids again,
Let's run, Let's dance in the rain.

Let's run out of ideas, while still not stopping,
Let's leave adulthood, Let's get hopping.

Let's fire up the blood in our veins,
Let's cut down the rusted chains.

Let's win everything, with nothing to lose,
Let's go with what we cannot choose.

Let's open up our hearts, Let's let them in,
Let's change the way the things have been.

Let's feel the pain, Let's get bruised,
Let's move on from the hurt of being used.

Let's kiss the clouds, Let's love the moon,
Let's realize existence is but a boon.

Let's bring down the kings, Let's spread our wings,
Let's wage a war against the gods, while the nightingale sings.

Let's stop before it starts,
Let's shoot the darts, Let's top the charts.

Let's talk once, heart to heart,
Let's be one before we part.

Let's cry for all the laughs gone,
Let's party while we mourn.

Let's love once, Let's love thousandice,
Let's leave the good, Let's get to malice.

Let's behold our mercies,
Let's forget all foolish courtesies.

Let's live for the dead, Let's die for the ones yet to be born,
Let's stitch the wounds once torn.

Let's stop while we still can,
Let's live in the moment, Let's ditch the plans.

Let's prepare and let's wait,
Let's love with hellish hate.

Written by Yashasvi Ghadale with Wardhan Arora


You made up your mind
You want to leave
with every passing minute
the thought of parting ways
reeks of emptiness in my world
It is harder
to pretend to be normal
to endure the pain
to act like an eccedentesiast
but I have chosen out of no options
I made up my mind
to let you go
but not stop loving you
till the broken pumping hearts
service comes to a halt
All I want is you to be happy
even if it’s not with me
I know
even you wish the same for me
but when will you realise
that you are my happiness
Have a look at the original post in medium.

When – Susmitha Reddy – Medium

With sun rays piercing through the bars of window
I got up with a beautiful smile
As I had you in my dreams last night
Amidst all my favorite dresses in the wardrobe
My hand always goes towards the Black one, your favorite
I bought a perfume that exudes redolent fragrance
but all that my body exudes is your scent
My eyes reek of hollowness without kajal
As they can hold your gaze petrifying you
Even as I smear my lips with French Vanilla
I could still feel the taste of you
As I step out of my room and walk
I feel my hands empty without your fingers interlock
With delicious items being served on the table
I remember the way you share your last bite with me
While going through mails at work
I secretly wish for your random sweet texts
I gift myself a new gown with frills
but all that my body craves for is your touch
Though my pillows hug me tight
And blankets wrap me in warmth
My bed feels empty without you
As the lights turn down
I sleep with your thoughts
Only to wake up with your thoughts again
I thought I could forget you
but I never stopped loving you
There is a whiff of you
in every thought that I have
And I am still in Love with You
I am still in Love with You – Susmitha Reddy – Medium

Rape is the first poem in the series and Lost-words from my heart is followed by the first.

On an average 12 women get raped everyday and more than 100 molestations.
1,00,000 Child Abuse cases register every year and many incidents go unnoticed.

Title: How a typical day turned in to a nightmare.

It was a typical working day for her,
As the early morning sunlight rushed through window kissing her eye lids, wishing her a good Morning,
She began her day
Sipping her coffee,
Sitting in her balcony,
Listening to the music,
Admiring the sun hiding the cloud,
She thought it was a perfect start.

She stepped in the hot shower,
Cleaned her hair, stepped out of the shower,
Wore her favorite outfit,
Decorated herself,
Felt comfortable and confident going to work.

It was a warm day, with cold breeze,
All she wanted was to go home,
Watch movies, relax and sleep
But she waited for her shift to complete
And started walking back to home
She almost reached her place
She just needed to cross two lanes to reach her destination
That is when she saw a dark shadow with daunting eyes,
grabbed her hand,
Pushed her,
Nailed her wrists to the wall,
bruised her breasts,
Stole her soul,
exploited her body,
She shouted, tried to move,
But a tree cannot do anything to stop an axe,
Just like she couldn't do anything to stop him,
She felt empty and exploited
Though she is independent she lost her freedom
He felt like the world was at his feet,
She begged him
but he thought he was the master of dark
He thought her body and outfit will be blamed
and the gutless society will not have her back and he killed her soul
He scarred her.

She was never the same again
touch of her lover remainded of him
Chills all over her spine
She felt empty
She felt exploited
No one could help her
Except the one who turned her typical day into a nightmare.

It was not to fulfil his lust for sex,
but to ascertain his authority and power
Which society taught him,that men are superior than women
He thought women should be caged in home,like good women should be
and when she is rising with confidence and earning her living he felt repulsive and left her scarred for life , feeling like rescuing the society from demons like her,
Where in reality he is a beast and the demon, who is powerless & a loser in real life and wanted to show his power this way.

This is how a typical working day turned into a lifelong nightmare.

It took her alot of courage and many reassurances to get back on her feet.

Noone could've stopped that, except the one who cowardly done that.

Hope this ends here , hope no women or no men experience this trauma ever again.

-Sreekanth Kalipatnapu
LOST-Words from my heart.

We can't change the past
 But we can manage
 To make another start
 This time from the heart
Her intelligence and beauty deeper than
 What lays upon the surface,
 She's the one with the sea in her eyes,
 One need to swim into her layers
 Drown in the depths and deluge to know her.

 She reached out,
 She placed herself in my care
 In my hands and I let her down.

 I stood there, silently thinking of what I lost.

I ventured myself in helping the misfits, misconstrued and misplaced
 Believing that their deepest wounds and fractures could be weld
 Leaving her in darkness,
 Where no one can hear or see the tears tremble down her heart and
 A friend of hers saw the reflection of her pain and stood by her
 While I stalled instead of standing tall
 No excuses for wantomly wasting what was and now yearning for more and
 I stood, silently thinking of what I lost
I have seen metal manipulated,
 Made malleable by flames in a Smith's forge;
 Like she had seen me, marking me;
 Leaving permanent deep impressions
 And the reason for who I am today.

 Each night her souls died slowly as I stepped out my vows,
 She found herself standing firmly in the ground yet the ground felt like quicksand.

 She's the one whose heart's broken, been mislaid, dismayed, betrayed but unafraid
 Even when she watched me walk away with all those things once she owned.

 I lost my words
 lost a little light in my soul.

Remember I said I could live without her?
 I tried
 But I dont want to
 I knew it was too late,
 But hope is avenue for those unburdened by fate
 I stood, silently thinking if what I lost
 I want to admit to you
 She is the only extraordinary thing I've ever known
 And I lost her.

-Sreekanth Kalipatnapu

I don't usually write poems.
Infact I can't possibly write any good poems.

But this is something I wrote for my ex and sent it to one of his female friend to send it to him.

So I wanted to make sure, we talk and apologize for our mistakes.
While I had apologized deeply, he did it formally which had stuck me hard.

This was what I wrote for him.

Please pardon me for my amateur writing.
Translation in English:
(Let's forget the bad moments,
Let's be friends till the end,
I agree I have you pain,
But you didn't wipe off my tears either.


While remembering the past moments,
I feel I am living in a dream,
Things don't end like this in a jiffy,
Then why are our roads all apart?

Don't stay with me,
But don't forget and disrespect those beautiful moments,
It's very tough to get true love and care,
So please don't forget your promises and words.


Let's come together once more,
Let's resolve the wrongs and rights.


Once more I missed you today,
Once more my eyes got wet today,
Once more I remembered the past today,
Once more I feel your presence today.


Will you not apologize to me?
Or will you not forgive me?
Do you not miss me anymore?
Have you really gone that far now?)
I don't wish to hate him.
He was a good soul.
Things didn't work out.
He left, I accepted that very late.
I wasn't ready for it so I became pain in his ass with my anxieties.
But I would never want to curse or hate him.

All I wanted was to make sure he genuinely apologizes to me like I did for my unintended mistakes.

: I got a reply from his friend, “Smita he is least bothered about you now, he is over these things”.
I decided never to hate him but never to speak to him or see him, untill he cries in front of me and apologizes wholeheartedly!

I am glad that people are interested in reading some unknown or random person's work.
It is making me feel special, so thankyou :) I would surely love to share my work with.
It is in English, if you are comfortable in Hindi, I would love to share that too :)
We had options to choose from,
We had decisions to take.

Maturity hit us,
priorities drifted.

One lane; in a dense forest waited,
Behind the fruits we ran,
Reasons faded like a shabby man.

Cobwebs had to be cleared.

Walls held their deep conversations.

Along side the lies,
we had built our shelter.

Hollowness grew within,
we realized later.

Emotions were real,
Inquietude was real,
One mistake was real,
all that made existence killing.

The carousel kept rotating,
We couldn't get off.

Talks subsided,
thoughts murmured.

Beneath the skin,
bonds were breaking.

Efforts were draining,
Crafting a void so cautiously.

Like cold winds,
past slammed the doors.

Neither could let it in,
nor did it forget the lane.

On our hunt for solutions,
peace suggested,
to hunt for love instead.

Pulled apart on the edges we stayed,
Thinking deep over the myriad trials we made.

Joining some pieces that broke,
Looking at the thread that was once all one.

Now all it reminds of some knots so blunt.

Didn't know where to go,
Didn't know how to hold on,
She stayed strong,
More than she could,
But this pain is smothering her,
She'd played all faces she could,
Now the mask isn't sticking anymore,
Now hope is losing hope,
Life is swaying slow,
Its better to cut this rope,
holding on a single thread.

all reasons to smile are fooling her,
escaping the truth has lost her.

The warmth is getting cold,
enough she has put the departure on hold.

marching on trust,
the heart has lost the battle.

Rebuilt and rebroken innocence is defeated,
those smiling eyes speak no more,
belief of feeling the fragrance,
are seeing the petals shedding.

Confidence is seeking guidannce,
From guidance; never guided.

walking is becoming tough,
no matter the road is even or rough.

Happiness is all left to remind the absence of sadness,
Reasons are tired of explaining,
listeners are tired of hearing,
but who knows defeat isn't tired of defeating.

Well I am just an amateur when it comes to creative writing.
You will definitely find that it lacks finesse, not a very rich vocabulary and trying too hard to stick to a particular rhyme scheme and it doesn't feel like a flow.
But the main motive of my poems is for you to feel the emotions that I try to portray in a lucid language.
So here I present to you…
Uncalled Despondency
He loosened the tie around his neck,
Because stifling was his life anyways
He grabbed a bottle and headed to the balcony
To reflect on the past few days.

For a long time he was frantically searching for a job,
In the rains and in the blistering cold
All the companies he tried to apply for gave him a letter
With the traumatizing words Application DENIED in bold.

Just when life seemed to reach a dead end,
He heard the postman ringing the doorbell,
In his hand was yet another letter
For the better or worse is what he couldn’t tell.

He ripped the envelope open carefully,
Removing the letter as if diffusing a bomb
The ecstasy that followed couldn’t be matched
It was like a calm that followed the storm.

He finally had a job, after months of patience
He went on to distribute sweets for he could finally afford the payments.

Within a month he would start working
And everything would go back to normal, at least that’s what he felt…
Just one day before he was supposed to turn a new leaf,
The company’s bigwigs decided on scraping all the newbies.

“We don’t need more people right now, there is enough of them already.

“Please try your luck in some other place,” he was told over the phone calmly.

The phone fell from the hand onto the ground,
He closed the door behind him and then came a sniffling sound.

He grabbed a pen and switched on the lamp,
And started writing this same poem of how it all began.

Thanks for reading!

I wrote this an year ago I think, out of sheer boredom, in my free time.
I don't know the genre of this poem (freestyle? It rhymes a bit).
It is simple english, with no fancy words.
I just wrote what came to mind.
I'd love it even if you laugh at it ;).

It goes like this -
It is no longer amusing
To leave my place and go for a walk
For not a single pair of eyes beam at me
Not even a single person talks
Joggers in trackpants, walking down the street
And fathers with their sons in the park, helping them ride on the swing
Couples at the ice-cream parlour, enjoying a little treat
But none of them approach, nobody greets,
And if they do, they're still looking at their feet
I don't know dad, this was not my idea of a city
I pictured happiness, but all I see is negativity
And for some reason it feels like it's known only to me
That at the end of the day, humans are what we're supposed to be
Say 'hello' to a lady and at you she will glare
Say 'hi' to a man and well, he doesn't care
Everybody prefers headphones over people
It makes this place feel so bland, so colorless, so dull!
The stout ones here are laughed at and mocked
And the disabled become the immediate laughing stock
While those who need help have their cries go unheard
Sympathy here, dad, is nothing more than a word.

I expected better, dad, this was not my idea of a city
Such despondent sights everywhere, such atrocities
It makes me feel like it's known only to me
That at the end of the day, humans are what we're supposed to be
All those faces i come across while I walk to my destination
Look as if carved out of crumpled expectations
Some look morose, some seem to be filled with regret
With their eyes radiating feelings impossible to be expressed in alphabet
They look scared and anxious, hopeless of life itself
Depressed of the reality – that it is never going to change
That the rest of their existence will be spent like this
That what they want for themselves and their children – will always stay out of range
And nobody lends a helping hand – 'tis a shame – neither do I
I observe, but I never act, and dad I often ask myself why
Why did I let this city change me? Why did I let truth be replaced with lies?
Why did I let them affect my nature – something that was once so nice?
Yes, father, I have changed, and when I come back you might not be proud of me
The present I am in, was a future I could never forsee
Never did I imagine I'll forget it myself
That at the end of the day, humans are what we're supposed to be…
Although I'll be humbled if you think I plagiarized this, this poem exists on one other place on the internet.
I posted it on my blog (which is full of bullshit and has no visitors and is a ghost website) – Humans Are What We're Supposed To Be.


This poem of mine is about 2015 Worldcup semifinal held between India and Australia.

It's the day when everything went wrong, nobody in Indian team was feeling strong.

When the coin was tossed , for a minute everything got paused.

Australia won the toss, how bad day it was.

Australians decided to bat, as all kangaroos were clever cat.

One by one players were coming, but when Smith came all Indians were running.

Smith scored 105, audience was upset by watching India's performance live.

Slowly n slowly Australia scored 328, it was really an unlucky date.

When India came to bat, everything was set.

Overs after overs the situation was becoming plight, wickets were shattering by the speed of light.

Luck of India was crushing around,the question was “is there any hope left for India in the ground”!
After acquiring one run Virat got out, every Australian gave out a victory shout.

Dhoni also got run out, now.
victory of India was a big doubt.

By the time passing it had been impossible for India, and the game inclined towards Australia.

India's luck ….
Australians catch, and finally KANGAROOS won the match

Congratulations! Australia

This is one of my poems (telugu:kavitha) recently published in a magazine called THIRUBATU.
In the picture i have rounded my name(
NARSIMHAREDDY) with red colour.

Sorry to say i could not translate it into english.
It's describing about the working and middle class people's life.

for the only telugu.

Another piece of my writings
ఎగిసిన మంటలు
ఔనౌను కొన్నిసార్లు
కర్రలు కరవాలాలై
కుతుకలు తెగనరుకుతయ్
ఔనౌను కొన్నిసార్లు
పావురాలు పాములవలె
పగబడుతయ్, విషమిడుతయ్
ఔనుమరీ కొన్నిమార్లు
తెలి,చలి కైరవి
ఎరుపెక్కి కాలుతది
ఔను సుమా అలసినవీ
అలసి అలసి విసిగినవీ
వేలెత్తి అడుగుతయ్
తమదంతా తమకేనని
కాలెత్తి తన్నుతయ్
పోరాటంలోంచె కదా
పుట్టుకొచ్చు స్వేచ్చసుధ!
Above one is the another one of my writings.

The above kavitha is about revolution, it's starts from common people who are tired of being like a slave in their own place.

I don't have much english knowledge so that I unable to translate.
Hope you understand.

Thank you for reading

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