Can you make a full paragraph without the letters A E or I

Can you make a full paragraph without the letters A, E or I?

You ought to cross now, thus you'll know thy wondrous own to vow for.
Your thought should not bow, nor should down go your brow to frown for old droughts: up you look, go on God's good hook, try not to go gloom.

Duck soup.

Okay, now that I’ve demonstrated I can write a paragraph that meets your minimal requirements, let’s move on to a more interesting question.
Can I make a paragraph that is worth reading without the letters A, E, or I? Here goes:
You could tour Togo, but why? Should you go? Would you go? How would you go? You could fly to Morocco.
From Morocco, go south by gnu or oryx — ouch! my bottom! — through B.
to Togo.
Do fun stuff.
Turn brown from sun on Coco.
Shop for voodoo dolls or wood toys.
For lunch, you could nosh on koklo or fufu.
Yum, yum.
You should go soon.
Good luck!

Vocabulary notes:
Gnu, oryx = two animals that would be uncomfortable to ride on
Coco = one of Togo’s more famous resort beaches
Koklo meme = a traditional Togolese food
Fufu = another traditional Togolese food

No prob, bud.


Actually, yes.
Technically speaking, the word “no” can form a complete sentence, and there’s such thing as a one-sentence paragraph.

Therefore, the word “no” is both an answer to the question, and proof that I can do it.
That makes “no” as an answer a bit of a paradox, though.

To be fair, you didn’t ask me to make a full paragraph without A, E, or I.
You just asked if I could.
If I was to actually try it without being a smartass, I probably wouldn’t be able to do it.
I could maybe nix one of those letters, but all three? Creating a coherent paragraph without using any of the most common letters in the English language would be exceedingly difficult.

To Matthew Gordon,
Why do you put forth pushy, boxy thoughts to blot out such strong, surly symbols (not dubbed on my spot, so you do not focus on my flubs)? You must know by now just how much doubt must grow to oust roughly four (but not thoroughly four) top-notch — not just OK — hot-shot symbols from such work!
Go for mobs of bucks, but just don’t cry — or look down (or up)!
Image of vowel blocks.
Courtesy of HeftyList.

—Sarah M.
5/10/2018 — keep looking up!

ORIGINAL QUESTION: Can you make a full paragraph without the letters A, E or I?

Possibly, but why would I?


Just O, U? But why, huh? Colorful words could form cool thoughts.
No color, sounds no good too.
Look now, Gordon, my son, nobody would buy such non-rosy rush jobs.
Loss only to you, you know, for round on round you go, form loops, swoon onto ground soon, only to cry out ‘Ouch! SOS!’

Oh, you could do so.
But, “Y” counts for long sound.
Thus, not four, nor two long sounds for you.
How to do so: only by poorly wrought words, not wrought good.
Corrupt words.
Lots wrongly wrought, but “dug” (to know of) by you!
OK to do? Full of words?

My work cut out forsooth! How knotty Gordon’s job turns out; such common glyphs’ loss looks thorny.
Why would you not doubt my know-how to knock out prosody of good form? To usurp words from orthodoxy could mould full thoughts, but not truly thoroughly show goals.
My upshot occurs to my soul: “no.

On my own? No.
My guru though would support my try.

“Unjustly”, you cry, or just rumour? Hurtful ruckus won’t upturn truth, my chum.

You must succumb; humour my humdrum tryout.

To sum up: to blossom, to bloom, our sun must show.
You must hold sunny thoughts.
Go on.
Tour through my story.
Honour my product.

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