Can you imitate the writing of the person who A2Ad you

Can you imitate the writing of the person who A2A'd you?

OKay, Yoey.

Hi, I’m Yoey Schwab, but online I’m sometimes called coyotedomino.
I like El Goonish Shive - among other things.
I’m in 10th grade and I love the word indubitably.
It’s very fun to say.
I am completely mind blown by the library of Babel.
I’m also the kind of person who buys dentist tools from his friends for…some reason.
I’m kind of afraid of heights but I have no problem with airplanes.
I can recall the names of 51 Quorans by memory.
I’m proud of that accomplishment.
I also one time had an online blinking war in which I blinked approximately 1,000,000 times.
Time doesn’t have an end, which is a FACT, and I also created a time paradox to murder myself which destroyed the whole universe.
I wanted to murder myself so I would avoid being arrested by the president and the FBI for bending a penny in a school door.
It was fun.
Other than that little incident, I get along with almost everyone.
I can sometimes be sarcastic in answers to stupid questions (see my answer to What happened if I drink a mixture of boiled and normal water? and An unkillable, untrappable, immortal goldfish is about to explode with infinite energy.
What would happen when it explodes, and what would you do?
I also lost The Game (mind game) – which SUCKS.
As of…at least…April 23, 2018, I’m still a part of…FroCalc? I also think you’re an idiot if you want to remove your own dog’s tumors rather than bring it to a vet.
C’mon people.
Seriously? I have some interesting musical tastes which are very diverse and range from 2cellos to Evanescence to Eminem to Survivor.
Interesting, right? I wouldn’t worship Thor is he appeared, by the way.
Just saying, ‘I would consider him a powerful sentient non-human humanoid from another dimension.
Not a god.
’ I also almost won a Nobel Prize for coming up with a cure to cancer, that being using DNA to make cells that target cancer cells, but heck, it’s already been thought of.
Oh, by the way, I’m apparently an unpopular nerd.
To support this “fact” I’m in Raveclaw and Horned Serpent, the two nerdiest houses in the franchise of Harry Potter *bows.
* BTW, I like The Matrix.
It’s cool.
I’ve also read a 600,000+ word Harry Potter fanfiction which I recommend.
If people think you’re crazy and weird in a good way, then good for you.
Just dandy.
I also know…a martial art.
I don’t specify which one, though.

There, I’m done.
While writing this I read through every answer you’ve ever written, so those are my sources.
Thanks for the A2A, I had fun doing it.

So, Allen Kinney, I guess?
Erin: Oh, you mean that self-proclaimed froz―
Ali: Ha, say what you want, mere human.
We frozen calculators are above your petty words.

Erin: There he goes again! And he thinks that these “frozen calculators” will take over the wor―
Ali: Soon, you will bow down to our race and be a slave to OUR society.

Erin: How? If they’re not even real then―

Bush: Uh―
Erin and Ali: You’re not in this, Bush.

Bush: Oh.
Erin: Okay, back to the conversation.
Ali: Well, frozen calculators are WAY better than humans.
Now, what has YOUR society come to? Just open up the news, see for yourself.

Erin: *searches up news on internet* Oh .
*sees news about Trump’s tweets, something Putin did, and North Korea* .
I see you’re right.
But that doesn’t make a difference!
Ali: Yes, it does.
Humans suck.
Calculators will reign.

Erin: This feels kind of like Skynet .

Ali: Oh, so now my intelligence is artificial, huh? Is that what you’re saying? Hm?
Erin: Sure! Programmed by humans, too!
Ali: Fine, we’ll see about that.
*pulls out calculator-shaped Walkie-Talkie* Yeah, hey Cruncher.
Can you come up here for a second? Oh, and bring some of your friends.
‘Kay, thanks.

Erin: What was that? “Cruncher?”
Ali: Number Cruncher.

Erin: Oh.

*While waiting, they proceed to play a game of Monopoly*
*knock on door*
Ali: Ha, finally! *opens door to reveal a group of frozen calculators*
Erin: Uh .

Number Cruncher: Hello, I am one of the highest ranking frozen calculators, the spokesman of the calculator military.
I may not be the most important, but I have a way with words.
And numbers.

Erin: Oh.

Number Cruncher: We have the most advanced armed forces in the world.
Though not well, known, we are clearly of higher class than your humans.

Erin: Yeah, right.

Ali: Actually, we frozen calculators have some of the most developed technology in the world.

Number Cruncher: Yup! Although, anything would be better than the human infantry.
It’s literally and figuratively composed of a bunch of babies! I swear, those infants are crying in every war movie I watch.
Oi, get over here, Cassio!
Erin: *starts laughing* His name is “Casio”? Like the calculator brand? *laughs more*
Ali: Actually, he’s a she.
Her name is short for “Cassiopeia”, a constellation.
I know this stuff, you know.

Erin: Oh shoot.

Cassiopeia: Did you assume my gender?
Erin: Calculators have genders?
Number Cruncher: Get on with it!
Cassiopeia: Right.
I am Cassiopeia, director of development.
So far, our current forces contain a few regiments of Canons, full forces of batteries, and of course our general is one of the best strategists in the world.

Erin: Who’s your general?
Ali: General Instruments.

Erin: Huh.
I see.

*knock on door*
*Number Cruncher opens it*
Bush: Hey, uh, have you seen―
Bush: What do you mean? I just go here!
Ali: Oh, it’s the other Bush.
The older one.

Bush: Yeah.

Erin: Okay, leave.

*Bush leaves*
Erin: Okay, where were we?
Ali: We were discussing your future enrollment in our brainwashing institution.

Erin: I don’t think that’s what we were discussing.

Cassiopeia: I was bragging about our calculator forces.

Erin: Speaking of which, are calculators battery powered? Like do you just put a battery in or what?
Ali: That’s enough, Cassio.

Erin: But seriously? Do you like eat anything then?
Cassiopeia: We consume your happiness.

Erin: Right.
*backs away a few steps*
Ali: Of course, we have other weapons, like Sharp weapons.
And singing lightsabers.

Number Cruncher: See, I have one here! *pulls out a sword*
Erin: A .
sword .
Number Cruncher: Yup, I named it Necesitas Morir.

Cassiopeia: I named mine Die Potato.

Ali: I named mine Armory’s Least Incredible.
Or, Ali Jr.

Erin: Isn’t this a reference to a Quora response somewhere?
Ali: How should I know?
Erin: I have no idea.
Anyway, this is going nowhere.

Ali: That’s absolutely right.

Erin: This has just been just a bunch of characters that I created randomly showing off their weapons to me.

Ali: Well, they are pretty awesome weapons.

Erin: Should we just like conclude this or something?
Ali: Good idea.
In conclusion, Erin decided to join―
Ali: Well then, overall―
Bush: Hey I don’t mean to barge in but―
Erin and Ali: BUSH!!!
Bush: What?
Ali: Leave already!
Bush: I just got here!
Erin: There’s another Bush?
Bush: Well, as you can see, I am a bush.
I’m obviously not human.
I’m a plant.

Ali: How were we supposed to know this? The only descriptor provided by the narrator was “Bush”.

Bush: Not my fault.

Erin: And you’re all blaming me?
Everyone else: Yup.

Erin: How is it my fault? I’m mimicking Ali’s style of writing.

*Everyone looks at Ali*
Ali: So, frozen calculators are also―
Erin: *facepalm*
And that’s Ali for you.

*reads some of both of their answers*
*Doesn’t feel anymore confident about this answer*
Emily Ruth
Question: Who are you?
Hi guys! I'm Emily :) I may be younger I am mighty smart for my age.
I have an IQ of 190 but I’m humble af.
I'm gay, yes there is a need to mention that on my post because LOVE IS LOVE and I am proud!
I love bts, I’m an ARMY, and I have this glow that attracts the people around me.

Here are some reasons to to follow me guys
So screw you Wyndelle! I’m a better friend!!!!
(I’m kidding I still love you, Wyndelle now A2A me something for revenge)
Asher Young
Question: What makes you cool?
I’m not cool.
I’m I just stay and people accidentally mistake it for cool.
Idk, maybe I am cool.
I’m semi popular on this quora website.
It annoys me when people say they like my stuff and it’s funny but doesn’t upvote it.

Do cool people make cool sounds if their cool? Like:
schoop schoop schoop schoop.

Yeah never made that sound, so I guess I’m not cool.
But if someone who is the dictator of coolness called me cool then I guess I would be.

So I am cool because I am cool.

End of hypothetical
Tried my best….

To be honest I didn’t read anything of theirs until today when I had to.

My bad, but in my defense I don’t even know Asher.

Ok, I’ll do my best for 5 people.
Please keep in mind I’m not trying to mock or make fun of anyone.
I just made a whole bio about you.
f you don’t like what I wrote about you, then tell me and I’ll delete your whole section.
It’s an all or nothing thing.

Just a quick disclaimer, I didn’t really write how they would write an answer, I kind of wrote a bio for them.
Just wait and you’ll see.

Mehran Jalali
Hello there! My dad introduced me to the stock market at age 13….
He then got me hooked.
On the way to preschool, I would check how the Dow Jones was doing, and would read up on successful companies’ plans for the future.

I also planned out the most efficient way to start earning money, using a combination of bonds, stocks, mutual funds, etc.
By the time I turned 1 I had already earned a 100% return on my investments.
I made it rain that year.
Talk about a great 1st birthday party.

What have YOU done?
(Ok sorry Mehran that was kinda mean if you want me to delete part of it I’ll understand)
Allen Kinney
I’m a fun little frozen calculator! Wanna know what 14×12 is? TOO BAD! You can’t punch numbers on ME! I will someday rule the world, then destroy it (yes, in that order).
I once got into a shootout with the cops, but I españoled my way out of the situation.

Try to find somebody like THAT on the streets.

Yo! I’m bi, and have way more courage than you.
I told my crush I liked him, WHILE my crush was a boy, and WHILE in my homophobic school.
That’s right chump, I had the courage to do what YOU didn’t do.

Anyways, I also write answers about being a teenager, oh, and I LOVE my Google Home Mini.
I don’t like bacon, and love to answer weird questions.

Lizzy Fields
I like cake and donuts and am proud.
I love my cat more than anything.

Kim Ryokshin
Yo, it’s your local Korean boy
*insert a multitude of puns here*
I find a way to come back from everything I’m dealing with, and my goal is just to put a smile on your face.


The time has come.
Today I have a big surprise for all of my lovely readers.

Throughout my Quora journey I have met many wonderful people and made many lovely friends along the way (That requires special manipulative skills only I posses.
They appreciated my answers, and motivated me to write more and more.

So, I thought if I could give them a unexpected surprise to make them feel special, nothing big though.

Let’s sing the countdown:



No, not enough.



I promise, this is last.



Here you go:
So, due to my extraordinary performance at my work I received a bonus today, and I decided to split it down among you guys.

Why did I decide so?
I’m feeling deeply humbled and loved.
I just can’t resist myself to share it with you guys.

And if you think it’s crazy, let me tell you it’s certainly not, I have my own reasons to do so.

Now, I’m about to tell you the further process to get your share of money, but before that, I must point out another aspect of it.

I strongly believe in humbleness and humanity, but just because I’m rewarding some of you by money doesn’t mean that I’m trying to lure Quora readers by money to make them read my answer.









See, how money makes people mad.



If you are angry at me, let me tell you: It’s not even Friday.
Edit 1: This answer is selected for Quora Digest! Yay!!
Smiles! ☺ :) ([math]\ddot\smile[/math])
Prince ‘The Mimicking Iron Man’

Hello, Minseo Kim.

Alrighty, MK.
Let me imitate your writing style.

Once upon a time there was a 7th grader named J Ban.

J Ban believed that Captain Marvel would save us all from toxic masculinity and defeat Thanos by permanently obliterating the wage-gap with the PUBG Pan.

This person:
Will destroy
With this:
Unfortunately a random 7th grader came to J Ban and made him into Big Anthony 2.

And then Captain Marvel came down and RKO’d the random 7th grader.

But then another 7th grader came to the battle scene.
He is:
As soon as J Ban saw Seungri he was so excited because Seungri was his favorite person in the whole wide world.

J Ban sided with Seungri to take down Captain Marvel instead.

But before the fight even began, Captain Marvel sided with Seungri too for no reason.

At this point Captain Marvel abandonded her goal of getting rid of the wage gap and saving us all from toxic masculinity.

Instead she decided to get rid of half the human population.
More specifically, she was going to get rid of all males.
Because all males are chauvinistic pigs.

Then suddenly it was heard from the sky:
And the Twavengers came in to destroy Captain Marvel and save the day.

After a long battle they defeated Captain Marvel, J Ban, and Seungri.

The End (game).

Lmao honestly what the hell have I just written….

Warning: No way meant to be offensive, also be careful, will be bad.

Q: How can you stretch properly before doing kicking sets(Takwaondo)
Oh, well I can help answer this!
In Tae Kwon Do stretches are super inportant so that you don’t overstretch or injure your muscles.
In fact, when the muscle burns, that means the stretch is working, and the muscle is actually breaking down and building up bigger and stronger.
That’s why you get sore.

Anyways, what stretches are good for warmups?
Honestly, I recommend pendulums, where you reah out your hand shoulder level, and swing your leg up to touch your hand.
Remember, don’t move your hand to meet the leg.
This stretch loosena your muscles for more serious stretches.

I also recommend a series of stances and stretches.
For one, there’s Kiba Dachi, also known as a straddle leg stance.
In other diciplines of Martial Arts, this is called the horse stance.

The stance enough can be good to build muscle, but to improve it, you can bend your back over and use your elbows to push out your knees, making a box.
You should feel the stretch on the insides of your leg near the groin.

The elbow.
thingamadoodle… stretch, isn’t shown in the image, but you want your stance to look like a box.

There are some other stretches, like lunges, middle splits.
You can also do exercises like one legged squats, wall sits, regular squats and middle splits.

Good look on your stretches! I really hope you improve!
-Emlyn Shen

Er folks, this is an A2A that has to be answered.

What Natalia doesn’t know is that I have a good knack for impressions(at least in person).
This would be my first attempt w/o seeing the person.

But whatever this is Quora and points don’t matter here :D
This is how she would probably rant about A2A’s if she studied in Germany:
I am ******an, can I study for free in Germany?- Google it dude, it’s a no brainer
How is XZY university for XYZ course?-How about using Google and reading experience reports?
What is your experience with XYZ university?- Eh dude, just no!
How do I get admission in XYZ university?-How about checking the university’s website?
Could I apply to XYZ course with XYZ GPA?- Sorry, but I am not on the admission committee.

Why is "college" free in Germany?- How about asking Frau Merkel!
Ugh, and many more.

Y'all, why can't you just go on Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst
– Poland’s brightest sparkle 😀
Natalia, it was fun answering this (also got to rant a bit :P)
Throw me a sheep, if you think it’s somewhat accurate ;)

Two people requested my answer, so I’ll tackle both of them.

Becky Butz
Question: “What’s the quickest way to make you angry?”
I’m a bleeding heart.
I feel what you feel.
If we’re even remotely close to each other, I’ll feel all of your pain, your happiness, your sadness, and your excitement.

If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.

But if you even THINK about touching a single one of my chicken fingers, I’ll rain hell fire down from the skies to torch EVERYTHING YOU’VE EVER LOVED!
That’ll make you sad, and I’ll be sad because you’re sad.
I don’t feel like being sad today, so don’t touch my chicken fingers, mmkay?
Julian Frank
Question: “When should I get married?”
You’re at a car dealership, shopping for a new car.
You don’t really know exactly what you want, so you scan your options until something catches your eye.

“That’s it! That’s the one!”, you think.

You rush over, grab the keys from the salesman, and take it for a test drive.

Maybe you get lucky and that car turns out to be everything you wanted, but odds are it’s not.
Do you stick with it anyway or test drive other options?
If you’re smart, you’ll keep test driving as many options as it takes until you find the one that you’ll be happy with.

Marriage is like purchasing a new car.
You should only go through with it when you’re absolutely sure you’re making the right decision.

Top Comment:
“Wow, you’re so wise! I can’t believe you’re only a teenager!
If you don’t already, I highly recommend following both of these users.

So, let me become Pranathi Tulasi for writing an answer.

Question: Who made you angry today?
A random nobody made me so unhappy today.

Today I woke up late.
And I stared at the sun for a little while.
I just loved the sun rays I don’t know why.
I was just feeling so happy.
I clicked my shadow in excitement.
Well, not everyday the sun looks so “cool”!
I opened Quora and I got excited to see a message.
So this random creepy guy had messaged me “Your answers are very nice and honest.
” My initial instinct was to not reply but then I thought that at least I got some appreciation and must thank him.
The person had asked if “we could be friends.
I was quite surprised by his text.
I very politely replied “Thanks for your appreciation.
But I don’t think so.

The person further messaged me saying “Can I know you more?” After reading the message I was like what? Seriously? You wanna know me more for what? But as I’m a very good person and I don’t like making someone feel bad cause of me, so.
I just replied by saying “May I know why?” And guess what! The random person blocked me in return -_-
I was left laughing so hard at this whole incident! I just couldn’t control my laughter! That crackhead played so well.
I was trying to be polite.
I should have blocked him after the first text.

If it wasn’t for the appreciation, I wouldn’t even look at you, you miserable Random Creep!!! -_-
So, yeah.
Sorry for the big rant, people.

But I hope you have a lovely day.
~The one whose name you’re saying wrong!

Oh! an A2A, how interesting.

Possibly, but I find it unlikely that I’ll be able to imitate your style, as it is simply not my own and there aren’t any extreme features of the style itself.

First, I click on Emlyn Shen’s profile in an attempt to study her style.
I first notice that each paragraph must be two to three sentences long.

It isn’t rare for her to put a short, one sentence “response/reaction” at the start of the answer, as seen above.

Topics include martial arts, being transgender/ethics, and piano expertise.

Lines like this are common.

The style can most easily be explained by having a short response to the question in the first line, followed by something that addresses the question or topic.
A four or five line paragraph, like this, is not the most content of the answer, but the information is split up evenly in each small paragraph.

The answer can be concluded with a short statement or a rhetorical question.
From studying her style, I can certainly say that she isn’t afraid to use a variety of punctuation!

Four people requested my answer to this.
I will do my best.

This is a BAD idea.
I will do terribly.
I’ve tried to include the most answered topic for each.
Forgive me if I seem mean, which is likely.

Shamil Mahadi:
No, definitely not.

There is no way you can copy my writing style.

You need to play more Minecraft.

Have a nice day(or night)
Eric Wang (not entirely accurate because all his answers are really long):
Historically, hardly any Romans could successfully imitate my writing style.
The main reasons for this were their language, Latin, and their only computer was completely destroyed in the Battle of Areata in 230 BCE.

Caleb Friesen (This answer is underrated What are interesting facts about color blind people?):
It is almost impossible to imitate the writing style of colorblind people.
This is because the colorblindness changes the way they write.
Also, if you do try to copy it there is a reasonable chance that you will go colorblind yourself.

If you do, be sure to take a colorblindness test :)
Allen Kinney:
Absolutely not.
The writing style of frozen calculators is impossible to reproduce by humans.
My programming is far to complex.

Please don’t kill me, all of you.
I am but a simple cat.

Well, for Yoey Schwab
“I’d like to share this link here, and comment a short and sweet little diddy for you… Zoo Wee Mama!”
And as for Daniel Pfeiffer
“I would like to tell you all about a video game that I like.

Phantasy Star Online on Gamecube is a good game, and it is a game that I like.
It is on Gamecube, that this game that I like, is.

This game is online, one of the first of its kind! One of the first online games was Phantasy Star Online on the Gamecube, and it is on the gamecube that one of the first online games ever released, was: Phantasy Star Online.

Let me also be blunt:
Phantasy Star Is my Favorite game, period.

If you disagree, you are wrong.

Don’t disagree, and you won’t be wrong.

I consider myself one of the smartest people I know.
You should too.

Also, follow my blogs, Super Smash Brainstorm, The Bigfoot Agnostics, and The Nerd Station.
Be up to date on the latest in Smash Character and stage ideas, and take note of Thomas Grennon’s entries, which are bad and I hate them.
They are officially not canon entries.

The end.

All this was in good fun, so Yoss and Dan, if you are in disagreement with my analysis of your writing styles and overall persona’s, please leave a negative comment and downvote.
Seriously, I love you guys.

Disclaimer: all names used are fictional.

Typical BoB meeting, 12:43.

I slouch slightly in my seat, scrolling through Quora on my tablet while waiting for the other BoB-ers to arrive.
My mind wanders aimlessly, trying to comprehend the situation my life is in now.

My thoughts are interrupted by a flash of movement on the tablet screen.

Aaron Lau has requested your answer to ‘Can you imitate the writing of the person who A2A’d you?’.

I click on the notification and am immediately transported to the Answer Requests interface.
I begin to type.

“Hiii, guys!”
I immediately jerk my eyes upward.
Leandra, our chairperson, has walked in, and so have a lot of other people.

“As you all know, we’re going to do some training for the finals today.

“Awww…” everyone replies, perhaps a bit too loudly.

“IT’S THE LIBRARY!” Leandra whisper-yells.


(At this point I think “You’re apologizing too much.
“Now, I want you all to form two groups, one in the front and one in the back.
Quick! You have 10 seconds.
10, 9, 8, 7…”

“I hate you, Poison Ivy.

It looks like we aren’t getting into groups anytime soon.

Just another afternoon at a BoB meeting.

I hope this was OK.

Okay John Seungjin Oh I totally didn’t just scroll through your questions and try to look for similarities because that would be weird, right?
So would using random things I see in your past five answers to try and not fail this, right?
Okay well *cracks knuckles* let’s do this:
*squints eyes*
What the hell do you mean some crazy girl’s trying to imitate my writing?!
Lilly Johnson

Yes she’s definitely an interesting person.

But overal I think she’s a great person and would 10/10 recommend.

Yeah so I wrote that part about myself then realized you’re too nice to ya know…be mean like that.

So uh I used the whole “squints eyes” thing from your infatuation vs love answer, the 10/10 recomend part from the one about No One, the whole “……” thing from one about Ethan James, I incorporated a picture because unlike me you actually do that, and I used bullet points because I saw ‘em a few times.

Okay so there’s my attempt…don’t judge, I have no idea how to act smart and like an actual good person :/

Mehran Jalali
Question: How can I make money through investing as a teenager.

When I was around 7, I happened to overhear my father talking about the stock market.
His major successes inspired me to further research the topic.
It is important that you do not only know about investing, but that you comprehend it.

So I, naturally, began to read everything I could, and researching the best stocks with the most potential, see this random graph that I somehow made or found, that perfectly illustrates my point.

The absolute last thing you want to do is partake in day-trading, always be in it for the long term, don’t sell unless you need to.

Mehran out.

[1] Twenty-three charts about wealth distribution in Greenland.

[2] Although you could never become as economically experienced and talented as me, you should still try! And more from Mehran Jalali.

This is mean’t for entertainment purposes, please don’t take any of this seriously.
The footnotes are also random but feel free to look at them if you so desire.
Also go support his Patreon while you’re here!

Mehran Jalali is creating a book | Patreon

Question: What are some things you hate?
Hehe you asked for it Mads.


Imitation is a circuit function.
It is the product of a transformer’s capacitance for the electrical energy that translates information and the inverse value of the current vector.
This is called the ‘re-current’ and it is the consequence of the potential energy that is measured in ‘re-volts’.

To find the value of the re-current we use ohm’s law in inverted form:
1/V = 1/I x 1/R
When resistance approaches a limit of zero (or ‘becomes futile’) the potential for re-volt and the re-current flow of imitation both reduce to insignificant values so the original circuit function and its reflection are identical.

If you are interested, many of these principles are represented between the lines of this Book of Proof.

[a literary caricature of my friend K Vardhan]

Alfred Yip wants me to imitate his writing style, and even if I’m pretty bad at imitating others, here I go!
So first of all, we’ve got to find out what we’re going to talk about, in which we’ve got to talk about something apart from writing like Alfred Yip.

I could talk about Star Wars, which I usually talk about, but I kind of feel that would go back on Alfred’s usual football talk.

And not to mention that I’m not actually very knowledgable with such an interesting and deep sport.

Should I talk about Star Wars, what would that do to spice up the answer I’m writing, which should be more like Alfred’s answers.

Yet there may be an alternative as to focus on both football and Star Wars at the same time.

In the Phantom Menace, you could see Anakin’s friends on Tatooine visit him while he built his podracer.

And as they talked, they mocked him and decided to go and play ball, which was somewhat mean of them.

Wondering why a “ball game” was present in Star Wars, I looked into the matter, and discovered “Grav-ball” a popular sport amongst the youngsters of the Star Wars galaxy.

However, as it would turn out, “Grav-ball” would not be similar to the joyous game of earth named football, rather a game that imitated the American version of the football game.

This made me upset, as football is a far better game than ‘handegg’
So upset in fact, that I’m going to bed.

I just imitated the way Alfred Yip starts a new paragraph for every sentence, and the way he starts of said paragraph, as well as a bit of his wording.

Nevertheless, I still enjoy reading his answers and I definitely recommend giving them a read.

Thanks for the A2A Shailesh Prajapati
Imitating: I am not good at it but I will try, shhh!! Don’t tell anybody if I fail.
I am Flash, Quora’s Silent Editor, you can message me at anytime but don’t expect a reply immediately.
Quora: Quora is my second (or so) love or hate, I am not sure because it mostly focuses on popular Quorans, it licks their feet.

Grammar: I am more than average in English and Grammar and I would be happy if you ask me to suggest edits to your answers.

Follow: I am not behind followers and also I am not following anyone on Quora, maybe because it’s harder for me to get impressed easily.
I am obviously not going to write down my whole documentary here, I am afraid to do so online.

Love! ☺ :) ([math]\ddot\smile[/math])
Shail 'The Imitated Flash' (referring to myself)

Thanks for the A2A John, though it may not be possible to do this adequately.
I’ve no clue if I can imitate your writing style.
I’m not you, so I can’t definitely say if it will be sufficient.

It is what it is.
I know making an attempt is all I can do.
The best thing I could do is to try & hope for a satisfactory outcome.
Imitating others is not easy, we are individuals after all.
How have I done?

This is going to be hard as Mehran Jalali doesn't have a strong and defining style but I'll try my best.
So I don't cause too much offense, I'll be answering the question ‘why is Mehran Jalali a good writer?’
Many people say teens shouldn't be on quora and they aren't good writers.
This is wrong.

Yes, there are some where you can see their immaturaties but the majority are actually beneficial to the quora platform.

Here is a graph showing my interest in Mehran Jalali's answers over time:
As you can see, it grows logarithmically with time.

When reading an individual answer, my interest looks like this:
The reason it is high at the start is he often states that the question is wrong or based on a false premise.
This is bound to pique anyone's interest.

It does then drop a bit as we get into the main information of the answers but as it draws to a close, I'm always left feeling informed.

I am so horrifically sorry.

2 A2As? I feel honoured.

Alright: firstly, Antoni Carl Mojica’s answer:

Secondly, Alfred Yip’s answer:
Yes, I can.

Alfred and I are quite close, as we are now in the Quora HK Whatsapp group.
Alfred is quite fun to be around and chimes in with the best memes and songs to fit the situation.

Alfred also loves to make his answers have many paragraphs and especially loves to A2A me on some slightly weird questions, such as, “If you were a girl, what would you want your name to be?”
He also likes to use photos to put emphasis on some things.

In addition, he has quite good grammar and nearly always bolds the first line of his answer, and also uses a variety of word formatting (although where it makes sense, unlike this one).

To summarise, Alfred is a cool dude, and he has some neat writing habits that I tried to imitate.
I’m not familiar with Antoni but I’m sure he’s amazing too.

Updated: 10.06.2019 — 11:25 am

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