Can you describe President Trump in one word

Can you describe President Trump in one word?

Let me make an analogy.
The Donald is like the aging guy who made a lot of money in various businesses but who always wanted to open that NICE LITTLE ITALIAN RESTAURANT.
He loves Italian food and because of that he has been wanting his whole life to open that restaurant.
He turns 70 years old, life is getting boring and life doesn’t last forever.
His friends think its a great idea because they’ll all have a blast if he pulls it off.
So the guy goes about putting together an italian restaurant.
One problem.
He has never worked in any restaurant in his entire life.
Not in a local restaurant, not in a mom and pop shop, not in a national chain.
While renovating a place, he puts a big huge sign out front, Making Italian Food Great Again.
There’s a lot of buzz around town and people just can’t wait for him to open.
But the guy quickly learns that he don’t know the difference between a head chef or sous chef.
And he can’t call on any because he has never worked with any.
He has no personal relationship with a head chef.
He has to come up with recipes and a menu.
He’s never been a CHEF.
He needs to hire waitresses, bartenders, bus boys, and he has to train them all about what to do and how to do it to carry out his vision.
HE DON”T KNOW HOW TO TRAIN THEM because he doesn’t have a clue.
So in the 1st 7 months after opening, he’s fired 8 employees because they didn’t know what they were doing.
He shouldn’t be surprised, because they never worked in a restaurant either.
He promised a new shrimp scampi that was going to change the world.
7 months later and he still hasn’t rolled out that new shrimp scampi.
His customer’s are complaining, even his best friends aren’t coming around anymore.
So you can see where this is going.
Its only a matter o f time before its closed.
Not even his kids and in laws can save it, because of course they didn’t know a damn thing about the restaurant business either.

Take your pick: Huckster.
Trump has no moral compass.
What’s good for him is all that ever matters.
And he’s never met a mirror he didn’t like.
I grew up in upstate New York, and spent plenty of time in and around New York City.
Trump distinguished himself there thirty years ago as a serial philanderer, braggart, and compulsive liar.
Nothing has changed, except he now holds a more prominent title to use when pushing people around.
Notice that New York, his home state, DIDN’T vote for Trump in 2016.
Why? They already knew him for exactly what he is: a draft dodging, self- important businessman, whose companies have gone bankrupt a remarkable FIVE TIMES, who swindles people into buying into his name and experience, and gives little in return.
He would likely be an anonymous pauper had his father Fred not given him several million dollars to bankroll his real estate holdings.
He is the very definition of the guy who was “born on third base, and thinks he hit a triple.

His ”university” was a con, he has been sued over 3,500 hundred times, mostly by people that contracted to perform work for him that were never paid, or paid less than the terms of their contract.
His solemn word means exactly NOTHING.

So let me ask you a couple of questions about his campaign promises:
Who’s paying for the wall?
Where’s our “great” healthcare coverage that will be less expensive and available to everyone?
Has he punished China for being a currency manipulator?
Has he “restored” America’s tarnished image and reputation in the world?
Where is the hardworking guy who criticized Obama for golfing and taking vacations too often?
The answers are: 1) The American taxpayer (the same persons who paid for those five bankruptcies);
2) it doesn’t exist, and at this rate, probably never will, unless moderates on both sides come to terms on improving standards under Obamacare (officially called the Affordable Care Act, by the Senators and Congressmen that passed it), rather than repealing it, which they also haven’t been able to do even with a majority in BOTH the House and the Senate;
3) Of course not.
He backed down immediately the first time he met the Chinese Premier, basically because America owes China so much money;
4) HELL, NO.
We are seeing daily how much every leader in the world thinks that our 45th President is a fool, a buffoon, and a pompous ass.
After first refusing to shake German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s hand, then very deliberately pushing aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro so he could be front and center for a photo op at the NATO meeting, Trump was very deliberately ostracized by the rest of the world leaders at the G20 summit, including our traditional allies from England, France, Spain, and Canada.
He is rewarded for his bluster and bullying just as one would treat a petulant child, and given a “time out.
” Take a look at the picture below.

“Now, Donald, you sit at the children’s table and don’t eat all the breadsticks.
The grown-ups are talking.

Notice anything strange? Like, that no one is looking at him, talking to him, or even remotely engaging him? Eventually, he had to signal to the one man in the room willing to meet him, Vladimir Putin, that he wanted his ear.
And then the White House failed to mention that they met in private, a second time, with only their translators present.
How’s that for transparency? Russia is our new best friend right? Huh? When did THAT happen? Is that why he was against sanctions against them for spying, and hacking us while trying to influence the outcome of the election? Personally, I kind of think it might have worked.

Is that making America great again? Are we once again respected and important to the rest of the world? Or the punchline of a joke about how crass, ignorant and poorly mannered we are? I’ll let you make that call.
But I think that rather than “great,” Mr.
Trump makes our country a laughingstock, with every new tweet.
Finally, 5) That hard-working, tireless advocate and leader of our country is on a 17- day (“working,”) vacation, which will mark 53 days off since taking office less than seven months ago, during which time he has golfed twice as much as Mr.
Obama had.
Obama also only had taken 15 days off in that same period in 2009 following his first inauguration.
Don’t believe me? Read it for yourself:

And all the Secret Service details, the jets, the catering, all the little perks? They don’t come cheap.
And you’re paying for that, too, buddy!
I know, I know, you can’t trust the lying, liberal media.
The Washington Post- aren’t they tied in with that Satan worshiping, child trafficking, ping pong pizza joint conspiracy? I’m suuuuure.
But the gators in Mar-a- Lago can verify this for you.
Or you can just count.
Facts are verifiable and objective.
Maybe it doesn’t “feel” like he’s taken that many days off, or he must really need the break after working so hard, not keeping his promises to you, whoever you are, that thought he would be a “refreshing alternative to politics as usual.

Not me, though.
I’m from New York.
I already saw the first act.
This is just the intermission, before the finale.
And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!
(Cue Bob Mueller and raise the curtain….

Disgusting, and if you’ll allow more words, illegitimate, unethical, lacks empathy, lacks sensitivity, lacks morals, lawless, and more.
Should I be allowed to go on from here, I would offer virtually every negative word found in any dictionary, English or otherwise.

But to show a bit of compassion for this loveless shell of a breathing entity, I now try to say something positive about him.

To quote Jack Benny in one of his most successful RADIO show bits after a long long long period of radio silence, he annoyingly said “I’m thinking…I’m thinking”.

And so after thinking, I can say something positive about Donald Trump.
He seems (I am not sure of this – it could be fake news) to be a successful marketeer of his own talents insofar as relatively normal cynical people tend to believe what generally turn out later to be outright lies.
That is a great talent, useful to a huckster or con artist or used car salesman.
Sadly it is not a great talent for anyone who aspires to lead others in diplomacy or statesmanship.

For that he be: for this reflects the malignancy of the man.

Anyone with an ounce of nouse should see that Trump is a turd; (see the definition of a turd in The Oxford English Dictionary,) as “a person regarded as obnoxious or contemptible,”)
Since writing this answer, the highly prestigious scientific journal “Nature” has published conclusive evidence that Trump, “he be turd,” – please see Nature: Scientists Find Trump on a Turd
His behavior also leads to this conclusion for which there can be absolutely no doubt: for example he

Pompous – I voted for him, but as every politician in the past, he apparently has his own agenda.
I do feel he generally has the the average persons best interest at heart.
His own agenda and personal image comes first.
Though I must say it's interesting and amusing how the press tends to twist things around to make him look bad in any light.
Whatever happened to honest reporting, all they have done is make no one trust the press.
I do believe Donald is at least trying to do the right thing, if only he could get at least some Democratic support.
Never before in the history of the Presidency has Congress made, in my humble opinion, such a laughing stock of the United States.
What other country doesn't for the most part stand behind their elected leader.
People are more concerned about who got elected, than what can we do to help fix our country.
Health care is in a death spiral and we are being petty about it because, I won't like any ideas because it came from him.
North Korea is flexing its muscle because they know the U.
Won't do anything to stop us except rhetoric because they are in too much disarray.
I say stop the madness and let's get our shit togeather.
We are still the strongest Nation on Earth, how about acting like it? Lead by example


I find his need for attention to be sad.
I find it sad his need to brag.
I find his shallowness to be sad.
I find his childishness sad.
I find his crudeness sad.
I find his pettiness to be sad.
I find his need to insult others to be sad.
I find his enjoyment in provoking others to be sad.
I find his having appealed to fear, ignorance, and bigotry to be sad.
I find his marriage to be sad.
( I suspect that it is loveless.
) I find his relationship with his young son to be sad.
( he’s hardly ever around the kid.
And Trump has said that, as far as he is concerned, a father’s only obligation to a child is to provide for them financially.
) I find his binary view of the world as being populated only by “winners” and “losers” to be sad.
I find his need to see himself as a “winner” to be sad.
( I suspect that his father was hard on him, rarely showed him love, was rarely satisfied with his son, and instilled in Donald a tremendous fear of being a “loser” in life and a resulting insecurity.
) I find his obsession with money to be sad.
I find his lack of knowledge and his poor language skill to be sad, considering he attended highly respected schools and once bragged that he excelled in English courses.
I find sad his inability to admit he was wrong.
And also his inability to say he is sorry.
I find it sad that he has great difficulty admitting to mistakes.

Overall…Donald Trump summed up in a word: sad
A sad little man.

If you don't think so, I bet I can at least get you to understand.

Allow me to tell you a story—a tale of two cities that can illustrate why I have chosen this word to describe the current president.

I live in an amazing city:
Just about 30 minutes up the road is another city:
Ladies and gentlemen: Welcome to Detroit.

Welcome to Michigan.
Welcome to the “Rustbelt".
Welcome to a “Blue Wall" state.
Welcome to the area of this country that, along with Florida, basically tilted the scales enough to get Trump into office.

Welcome to an area that has watched helplessly over conditions that simply got worse and worse over the past 8 years.

Welcome to an area that does not give two ****s about Russia because we need to find a ride to go downtown to pay an overdue utility bill.

Welcome to an area that most certainly gets a refreshing feeling from anything other than the policies that did nothing for the city's 99% for eight continuous years.

Welcome to an area that saw the democratic presidential candidate in 2016 as being no different than the previous 8 years.
In fact, welcome to a state that elected Bernie Sanders in an “upset" over Clinton—a “surprise” to other states, but within our state's borders we could easily see that poll numbers that predicted Clinton to beat Sanders were simply not true.
More reason for us not to trust the “elected” democratic party candidate once the November election came around, or any poll numbers that made her look like a landslide winner.
We're quite a bit more down to earth than that.

And, if it's like this in Michigan, we knew it's not too much different in Ohio.
Or Indiana.
Or Wisconsin.
Or Pennsylvania.

40% of a city population with no way to reach hospitals.
40% without the capability to exercise their given rights.
40% who were able to speak up with a vote.

40% of people who knew that just 30 minutes up the road, the situation is completely different.
40% of people who can't be heard, who don't have a platform beyond their neighborhood block, who live and breathe the widening socio-economic gap and inequality every single day.

Many people don't have a clue about this 40%.
But if you have been through what this 40% has been through for eight years, you yourself just might be describing the current president of the United States as “refreshing".

This 40% has something to say to defend their reasoning that Trump is “refreshing”:
“Grow up.
Get real.
Stop living in an insane reality where non-existent 'threats from Russia' are at the forefront of how you understand politics and are more important than people suffering right under your nose.
There is another reality where everyday people are being screwed over beyond any sense of decency.

Seriously, man.

Describe President Trump in one word? “Barnum” as in P.
There are uncanny parallels between the two men.
Barnum much like Trump was a marketing genius of himself and his ventures.
His early snake oil sales methods bordered criminal, but no one knew better how to whip up the public fervor for his shows (Trump campaign).
Barnum described his hoaxes and justified the act of perpetrating them (Trumps Twitter) by saying they were "advertisements to draw attention” (Trumps Fake News).
He was extremely loved and yet had many critics at the time (Trumpets vs Media).
Both Barnum and Trump shared the same entrepreneurial risk taking where they saw their fortunes rise and fall and rise again through shrewd business dealings.
Barnum went into local politics for a time.
Barnum’s views were both liberal-libertarian concerning social issues (contrary to Trump), but conservative about government meddling (aligned with Trump).
Barnum authored a book promoting his business prowess with “Art of Money Getting, or, Golden Rules for Making Money” originally published 1880.
Trump? “Art of the Deal”.
Barnum like Trump shared narcissistic behavior.
Cited in Wikipedia, “Just before his death, he (Barnum) gave permission to the Evening Sun to print his obituary, so that he might read it.
On April 7 he asked about the box office receipts for the day; a few hours later, he was dead”.
I suspect Trump will hold his own funeral before he dies (including ticket sales) so he can attend.
By the way I voted for Trump.
I felt the alternative was worse, but it doesn't keep me from being a critic of the methodology Trump uses in his role as President .

In a word: ungenuine.

Understand that I’ve never personally met the man, and everything I know of him is from:
It’s to be expected that anyone in a position of authority will face criticism, both genuine and fabricated.
It’s also expected that a leader’s positions on issues will evolve as they learn new information.

All indications seem to tell us that he reacts to criticism like a spoiled child being scolded, and has either no interest in or no capacity to learn new things.

His own words indicate that he holds no real convictions outside of watching out for himself.

Please understand that I don’t believe the man to be evil, or mentally deficient.
Rather, I believe him to be an inauthentic and self-absorbed man-child, willing to say or do anything as long as it benefits his ego or his pocketbook.


Never in the history of this country had a candidate of either political party been such a threat to the Washington establishment as to evoke such consternation from not not only the opposition, but from his own party as well.
The Republican stalwarts went so far as to try to subvert the very democratic process they were sworn to uphold in an effort to stop his rightful nomination.
In the end, he prevailed in a testimony to how fed up the American electorate is with everything from a healthcare system that gives us all the liabilities of government funded healthcare with none of the benefits (translation: “individual mandate”) to having to pay $20 for a steak.
The mistake the Democrats made was in believing people wanted more of that crap.
Rather than focusing on the very real problems facing our country, the anti-Trumpers are concerned with issues such as gender neutral restrooms.
Even with all of the obstructionism being thrown his way as he tries to keep America safe and revitalize the economy, he's still getting things done.
Welcome to the re-masculinization of America.
If we are to re-emerge as a strong, proud nation, President Trump is an absolutely necessary component.

If I can use more than one word, you can describe him as confident and successful.
The DOW has broken its all time high 32 times under the Trump administration, while job creation to job loss is over a million to one ratio! That’s over a million new jobs created in the Trump administration! If the entirety of divided Republican Congress can get their stuff together, and increase their 10% approval rating, the Trump administration can actually have a chance to get much more stuff done, and can be considered as a President who fulfilled his promises.
He is trying to fulfill his promises by the way, but for some reason not creating laws to fulfill those said promises are blamed on him, despite the fact that Congress had the main power of doing just that: creating laws.
Give this underrated President a chance (and a somewhat mediocre Congress with a higher than 10% approval rating) and you will see President Trump fulfill his campaign promises.

Buffoon—-a ridiculous but amusing person; a clown.

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Definition of buffoon.
1 : a ludicrous figure : clown.
2 : a gross and usually ill-educated or stupid person acting like a ridiculous buffoon.

buffoon – Wiktionary

buffoon (plural buffoons) One who acts in a silly or ridiculous fashion; a clown or fool.

English · ‎Etymology · ‎Noun
Urban Dictionary: buffoon

A clown; a jester.
A ludicrous or bumbling person; a fool.
See Sang.

buffoon – Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.


A buffoon is someone whose ridiculous behavior is a source of amusement to others.
People you might call a buffoon are a political rival or the guy at work who tells silly jokes at office parties.
The noun buffoon has changed its spelling over the years, but not really its meaning.

buffoon (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary

Define buffoon (noun) and get synonyms.
What is buffoon(noun)? buffoon (noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.

Buffoon | Define Buffoon at Dictionary.


Buffoon definition, a person who amuses others by tricks, jokes, odd gestures and postures, etc.
See more.

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Buffoon definition: If you call someone a buffoon , you mean that they often do foolish things.
| Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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Find descriptive alternatives for buffoon.

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buffoon meaning: 1.
a person who does silly things, usually to make other people laugh: 2.
a person who does silly things, sometimes intentionally, that make .

buffoon | Definition of buffoon in English by Oxford Dictionaries

Definition of buffoon – a ridiculous but amusing person; a clown.

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President Trump is the first president in a long time that truly cares about America and it's citizens.
For the past 8 years the American people have had to watch as a total scumbag has done everything in his power to cause harm to America and help enemies of this once great nation in every way he possibly could.
It's just to damn bad about all the whiny turds who are cheesed off because they feel as if the election failed them.
Worst president of all time (barack obama) had asked Donald Trump if he “would except the results of the election, even if it did not come out in his favor” well when will the losing side (turd obama included) stop whining and trying to undermine the new president.
For those that can not accept the results of the election, that's just to damn bad.
If they don't like it they can pack up and move.
America is a democracy and included with that is elections.
The better choice won and that's that.
All these asshats rioting and protesting need to stop their childish nonsense and go back to work (oh, that's right, they don't work).
The days of criminals sneaking over the border and getting paid to illegally be here are over.
The only thing that our government should give illegals is a one way ticket home (that is after no less than 6 months in jail, which their home government should be forced to cover the cost of) if they don't like that than they shouldn't have come here illegally.

The truth be told there's no other word that discribes Trump.
Whether you like Trump or not, love Trump or hate him, Donald Trump has got the media talking about him anytime Trump wants them to.
Trumps got everybody on Quora mentioning his name there are more links to the word Donald Trump then any link on Google.

While on business in New York and Hollywood I must have hear Donald Trumps name mentioned every three minutes by a number on people and big media personalities.
I all the world counted how many time Donald Trump was mention it may be on its second trillion by now.

Donald Trump has captivated America—and Google has the map to prove it.
And this was back in 2015 since then it's been multiplying.
Trump has accomplished more popularity than any other in centuries.
But what's strange, every day the name Trump is mentioned an estimate of nearly 500 time a day by all media world wide.
That's not counting the millions of students in colleges and other American that say the name Trump daily.

This Map Proves Everyone Is Obsessed With Donald Trump
You can see here just on Quora just search the name Trump and see the search questions, then look at the views see what you come up with.
And that just Quora!


Anything that comes out of his mouth you can’t believe, but must check with several sources.

“Make America great again”? He’s done nothing but work to make the U.
a laughing stock.
Not only by being an idiot himself (perhaps there’s little he can do to change that) but by creating an isolationist, xenophobic climate in the country.

He opened his campaign with a speech about Mexico sending us “rapists.
” Oh, great god almighty.
There’s a planning committee for this? And Trump heard this because he speaks Spanish? Maybe Spanish is his language because it sure isn’t English.

He accused Barack Obama of wire tapping Trump Towers.
Oh, please.
’Fraid of the bogey man at his age?
He promised the country a health care plan that covers everybody and is less expensive for all concerned.
That’s quite at odds with the present bill in the Congress, (gods only know the cost) which is projected to leave millions without coverage over the next ten years.
And these are people who presumably don’t have coverage through employers.

6 promises Trump has made about health care
Let’s not ever discuss the foolish, useless wall that Mexico was going to pay for, now, as it turns out, after the American taxpayer gets done paying for it.
There is talk about having solar panels on the wall to help pay for it.
But it also has to be transparent so if a member of a cartel throws a 60-lb bag of drugs over the wall, a guard can see it coming and take precautions rather than be hit with it and killed.

If you’re getting a faint whiff of bullshit, it’s not because I’m making any of this up.
It’s because the president is a liar.

SADISTIC: deriving pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.

Synonyms: cruel, callous, ruthless, depraved, heartless, perverse, uncouth, vicious, vulgar
Perhaps the only skill Donald Trump has ever mastered is the art of manipulating millions of strangers, en masse, to satisfy and serve his own selfish needs.
In fact, he is a true master at pushing the buttons of individuals on both ends of the political spectrum.
Not since protesting the atrocious Vietnam War have progressives been this angry and outraged—and the White Nationalists, who had been marginalized for decades, are now feeling more empowered and validated than they have since the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Trump has essentially brought back a level of upheaval this country has not seen since the turbulent 60’s.
Is this what Trump meant by “Making America Great Again?”
Don’t get me wrong.
I do not believe that Trump is at all politically strategic; in fact, I see him as incapable of utilizing his frontal lobe in any decision-making process, not even ones that deeply impact millions of people.
Instead, his decisions are derived from the primal survival instinct that evolved in all living organisms to protect themselves from immediate danger.

It just so happens that his debilitating insecurity and overwhelming need to get rid of the pain from his dreadful sense of self instinctively drives him towards the precise actions that push the most vulnerable buttons in both progressives and right-wingers.
By inflicting pain and suffering on millions of progressives all around the world, Trump is able to relieve himself of the deep pain he feels from the left’s complete and thorough rejection of him as a person worthy of even minimal respect.
On the other hand, by soothing the pain of his forgotten and disenfranchised base, Trump is able to get the unconditional and unrestrained love he so desperately needs.
He got so addicted to the cheers at his campaign rallies, he has continues having these self-indulgent events as president.
And this entire scenario satisfies his most compelling need, the need to be the center of attention at ALL times!
Regarding the characterization of Trump as a sadist, it’s obvious to see how that applies to the left; his vile words and bigoted policies are actually causing such a viscerally painful sensation in progressives, that they are now, themselves, consumed with finding ways to remove the source of that pain.
It’s a bit more difficult to explain just how the soul mate-type connection between Trump and his disaffected white working class/nationalist base is sadistic, considering the powerful emotional relief he is providing them.
But he is actually playing them for the biggest, most gullible fools I have seen in my lifetime.
He has filled their brains with so many blatantly obvious lies and absurdly irrational conspiracy theories that they have lost their ability to distinguish between fact and fiction.
As a result, he has done them a serious disservice: the disdain and repudiation that has been coming from the left, for years—the exact emotion that galvanized them to staunchly support Trump—has increased exponentially as progressives watch in disbelief all the absurd lies that Trump’s defenders soak up as truth, and all the facts they perceive as “fake news.
” In addition, Trump’s solidification of the two separate Americas, in conjunction with the fact that he cannot deliver on the economic relief he promised during the campaign, will leave all his defenders in a less empowered position—that is, if and when the truth behind his con game is fully revealed.

I have zero expectations that a time will come when Trump’s fervent supporters no longer believe that Obama illegally spied on the Trump campaign, or that Hillary, the focus of Putin’s wrath, somehow colluded with Russia (just trying to make sense of that claim damages my brain).
What I do expect is that Trump’s base will rise up in uncontrollable fury, if and when they feel that their newfound sense of validation is once again being stripped away by those evil, pretentious liberals.
They will not accept the downfall of the only president in their lifetime who has spoken for them and has genuinely espoused their values.

Many people seem to forget that Trump lived his life as a businessman.
He acts like one, talks like one, and sells like one.

When he gives speeches, it is ridiculous how people take him seriously!
For instance, during his speech to then boy scouts (July 2017), he said something along the lines of “This speech is among the Greatest speeches ever given!”
Obviously, this is an exaggeration.
Who on earth would think he is being serious?

But there are websites that track his “daily lies”, and when Trump exaggerates like this, they add to his “daily lie count”.

This is not helping!
Infer what Donald Trump is saying, do not take him literally.


Whether or not the president should act like this is a separate issue.
First and foremost, understand that he talks like this and compensate when you listen to him.


Unlike most of the other answers, I don't have a strong opinion on Trump.
I’m very apathetic when it comes to politics, but Donald Trump is the first politician I’ve ever actually liked.
To be honest, I couldn't care less about his policies.
I like him because he is easily the funniest president I’ve ever seen.
I remember watching a clip of him at one of his rallies and he said something along the lines of this:
“So I was speaking to the President of Mexico, and he told me, ‘Mr.
Trump, Mexico will not be paying for the wall!’ So you know what I told him? I said ‘Now that you’ve said that, the wall is going to be ten feet higher!’”
And he says stuff like that all the time! I guess the real reason I like Donald Trump is because, like him, I have a childish sense of humor.


Egocentricity begets ignorance.
We’re still not sure he reads, much less reads books.
That’s where most bright people learn things outside of their direct experience.

In my time in business, I met a certain number of business people like him.
They are generally untalented, but succeed only because they are consistently willing to go places most people won’t go in pursuit of money.

In addition, when negotiating, they are so selfish and ignorant that you have to give up the hope of a fair and lasting business deal in favor of just getting something done.
In those cases, the advantage usually goes to the obnoxious party.
People like the Trumps count on that for their bread and butter.

Original Question: Can you describe President Trump in one word?
[A] political position that developed in 19th-century Britain in opposition to Liberal proposals for the disestablishment of the Church of England—meaning the removal of the Anglican .
My rationale:
Donald J.
Trump wants to make America (1)proud, (2) strong and (3) great.

My proof:
(1) President Obama apologized for American crimes, aggression, imperialism and bowed to Saudi Kings.

(2) President Obama made the middle class poorer and weaker by ignoring their jobs plight.
Hillary continued this mantra—even called them deplorable.
She lost.

(3) Liberal trade agreements, a secret harmful agreement with Iran, and an eggregious attempt to help defeat Netanyahu.

My conclusion:
He stands against the breaking up of the America we worked to build.
Fairer treaties, jobs created with removal of government intrusion, billions added to middle class pensions in the stock market.
You've heard this occassionally, I'm sure.


I'm not sure if this is a real word, but both of my parents say it when they're referring to something that makes no sense at all.

“It's assanine to waste billions of dollars to build a wall around the Mexican border when that money could've been used for homeless people in 'Murica.

“Mexican people are smart enough to know what an airplane, a submarine, a canoe, a hang-glider, a shovel, a ladder, scuba gear, Hollywood makeup, an intergalactic booster pack .
is used for.
Therefore, it's assanine to think that a wall is effective ”
“Hasn't our Assanine President yet realized that all of his wives were also immigrants.
“What kind of assanine moron needs a golden toilet?”
“A certain douche-sicle should use some of his millions to invest in a hair piece that isn't completely assanine.

“Hey look! That Assanine jerkface over there actually believes that utilizing massive amounts of concrete, metal, wood, and hard labor are going to magically ‘Make America Great Again'!”
Trump = Assanine

Updated: 10.06.2019 — 10:40 am

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