Can you become a good writer

Can you become a good writer?

Why I have to write?
One of my roles in the company is to create online content.
Variety of contents made me frustrated at the first time.
Because I'm not at the writer background before.

But I do take this role because it really challenges me a bit.
It's just a bit! I cannot imagine myself as a writer in the future.
I just want to become a successful entrepreneur, why should I have to sit and write and share it with others, I always curious and ask myself all the time.

Someone may answer this question to themselves easily but for me, it's very difficult.
I found that when I try to figure it out why I have to do this or to do that.
Every time by doing that, I don't get any productivity afterward.
So I decided to change my habit.
I jump into writing even I am not sure what the exact results are!
Write, Write and Write!
I am not born as an English native speaker.
I'm just a Thai person using Thai language since I was young.
But I realize that if I need to become a successful entrepreneur in a regional or global level, My English must be fluent.

I try so many ways to improve my English such as join toastmaster club, reading English books, start to write it in google doc but it never got more than 100 words each article.
It's always tough when we start something new that we don't get used to.

2Rs : Rules & Results
Anything would be work if you continuously focus on doing the same activity for 21 days, I got this rules from someone who told me.
So I follow the rules.
Focus on one thing during almost 3 weeks, that's hard!
But the results were very amazed me.
I have done the online English content for our company's site almost 30 pieces(500-700 words) and 3 articles(1,000+ words).

Nowadays I provide the content almost 100 pieces, 10 articles, every week copywriting for social media, Ads.
writing for the company.
I'm not saying that I am a good writer, I have a very large room to improve, but I feel very happy when looking back for the productivity I have done.
And you should get this same feeling from your productivity too!
Keep Going!
From the person who not sure about myself that "Could I become a good writer?"
It's doesn't matter you could answer this question or not.
By the way, I would like you to ask yourself another question instead.

“Have you ever want to write a book for yourself or deliver your experiences that you have to the others?”.

If it's always running in your heart, then please don't care how well of writing skill you have.
It can be practiced as long as you keep continuously writing, then you will found the daily productivity, found that you have more confidence, found that you have to improve your articles, and finally found that you are very happy!
So let's get started!


There is a strange perception within our society that all artistic talents are talents and not skills.
You may not have the stroke of genius to write something like From Here to Eternity, but pretty much anyone can learn to write.

The key is to actively improve.

It’s not writing, which I have a natural knack for(I’ve been writing fiction and essays almost constantly since I was nine years old, naturally practice might be a better way to put it) but my drawing and painting took a course like this:
If I continued down this path then I could probably make it to some commercial success, but I reached the point where I can do what I like fairly well(which is mostly landscape paintings and figure drawings) and I focus on my writing and gemstone carvings instead.

You can’t just bang on a keyboard and get better.
You have to actually try to improve.

One of the coolest parts about my job? I get paid for people to critique me.

If fiction is your get down then go where people read amateur stuff for fun.
Reddit and WattPad are both really good places.

Otherwise, Medium and a bit of social media acumen will get readers for you.

Just keep going.
Those who write particularly well didn’t just grab a pen or start bashing on a keyboard one day, they’ve done it through hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands of hours of practice.

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