Can something be so beautiful it hurts Dont beautiful things make a person feel good

Can something be so beautiful it hurts? Don't beautiful things make a person feel good?

Yes something can be so beautiful that it can hurt.
However, when I say hurt….
I mean experiencing something we have not felt before…I don't mean hurt as in causing us pain.
An example of this can be when connecting with God, the love between two humans, seeing someone's compassion and kindness and even being in touch with nature.

Something I have recently been experiencing is when I meditate and chant (to connect and experience God) I have noticed tears come out of my eyes.
For a Sikh this means the soul is connecting and returning home.
This is such an indescribable feeling but its like euphoria and feeling of being free.

In the western world we may see tears as a bad thing, a weakness even or even a non male thing to do.
But sometimes, some feelings pierce the soul and make us feel good.
How we express them is not limited to a tick box (good or bad, happy or hurt) or someone else's understanding.
So crying for me can make me feel good, but by others crying might be perceived as bad, sad or hurt.

Have you seen cats brain freeze?
You can’t keep looking at something very beautiful without blinking.
Your eyes will hurt.

But indeed beautiful things could hurt occasionally.

Updated: 09.06.2019 — 4:08 pm

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