Can psychopaths write poetry

Can psychopaths write poetry?

Yes, psychopaths can write poems and even better in many cases.

There is a link between creativity and mental illness which is frequently referred to as “The Sylvia Plath Effect.

Here are some writers and poets who were mentally disturbed

- Sylvia Plath
One of the well know poets Sylvia Plath while still in college, she plummeted into depression and was hospitalized and treated with shock therapy.

She made multiple suicide attempts before eventually succeeding in 1963.
She consulted physicians that same year and complained of severe depression, even speaking about her numerous failed suicide attempts.
Her doctor prescribed an antidepressant and acknowledged that she was, indeed, severely clinically depressed.

She was also known, among friends and colleagues, for her frequent mood swings, tendencies toward impulsivity and a mercurial temperament.
She was easily plunged into dejection by even the smallest rejection or perceived failure.
Her poetry deals with shock treatment, suicide, self-loathing and dysfunctional — all subjects with which she had firsthand experience.

-Ezra Pound
Pound was placed in a hospital for the criminally insane following his 1945 arrest for treason.
During his 13-year stint at the hospital, he was formally diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).
While NPD is not considered a major mental illness, it may have influenced much of the poet’s work and certainly his behavior.
Pound was outspoken about his ideas on poetry and politics, and some critics have credited his development of the ideogrammatic method with NPD.
Pound was also diagnosed with schizophrenia.

-Virginia Woolf
Woolf had her first bout with depression at the age of 15, battling it throughout her life — even being hospitalized in 1904 to treat the illness.
Her creativity was frequently compromised by intermittent mood swings punctuated by sleeplessness, migraines and auditory and visual hallucinations.
Sadly, Woolf eventually committed suicide in 1941.

So yes,they can write,paint etc

I will say Yes and No.

Psychopaths are traditionally defined as person having personality disorder characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and dis-inhibited or bold behavior.
Now considering poetry where there is an external world which they need to imagine and portray with their poetry words, it is not easy for them to concentrate for that period of length unless or until there is some calmness under their extreme nature.

Psychopaths are single minded thinkers which makes their mind to think only on certain path like sorrow, revenge or negativity.
It can provide them to write an awesome poem, yet it will only on the narrow topics.

The intensity of pain will be exuberantly exposed in their work, they can relate the poem with their own life.
Their are high chances where they can be lost in between the poem as when they start to write with a certain content on their mind an when they complete explaining it they (some may) will find it difficult to finish the poem and some may end abruptly.

Arguably the best poems can be written by psychopaths, yet there are certain factors which may not give them the overall aura to constantly write different genre poems.

Yes, but not how you are thinking.
Most people write poetry due to their emotional experience.
I can write it, and it is good, but it will never be great.
I can appreciate good poetry, I really enjoy, The Raven.
I don't have it in me to write something like that though.

Emotional expression is not something that I as easily as some, but for those it matters for, my parents for instance, I have written them some poetry and they adore it.
I got good grades on poetry in school, but I write it because I can, not because I enjoy it.
It's an exercise of necessity that I am never eager to undertake.

This is purely my opinion, but.

I think that many great artists/poets/musicians COULD have a psychopathic streak.
After all, psychopaths are usually very good at interpreting people — what people want, why they want it, and how to give it to them.

In addition, psychopaths tend to be susceptible to boredom, and creative pursuits are fantastic for alleviating boredom.

I wouldn't be surprised if some of humanity's more prolific, more successful artists are psychopathic to some degree, or at least share some traits with a psychopath.

In terms of poetry, I'm not sure that this would be a good venue for the psychopath-cum-artist, because it's not particularly lucrative.
I would bet they'd go more for music — it's much easier to make money by producing "poppy" music that everyone loves.

A great candidate might be John Lennon from the Beatles.
Top 10 Unpleasant Facts About John Lennon – Listverse


Having a named psychological condition, even one with the negative connotations of psychopathy, does not mean a person lacks talent in the arts or literature.
Furthermore we judge art on its own terms as art, not by judging the artist.
Great poets in particular are quite often people with monumental personal challenges against which they struggle, not always successfully.
In fact it is the process of overcoming or struggling against great challenges that forms the crucible in which some of the best poets grow and flower.

Labelling someone psychologically tells us nothing about their art.

Poetry is a powerful forma of art which can penetrate into the minds of all including a psychopath.
If it does, I am sure it will bring out some wonderful outcomes because you do not need proper functioning of brain but coordination of emotions to bring the perfect blend of words that we call poetry.

Sure thing, everyone can.
Poetry doesn't choose the person.
The person chooses whether to write or not.

It's a matter of expressiveness.
Every person can express one's experience on a sheet of paper, in MS Word or whatever.
Being a psychopath doesn't deprive a person of being creative.

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