Can I become Quoras 2018 Top Writer

Can I become Quora's 2018 Top Writer?

Theoretically you can.

But there is one thing that if happens, will end any practical chance of ever making it to TW.


The relationship between being a Top Writer and a good writer is one-sided.
If you are a TW, you are near-guaranteedly a good writer.
But if you are a good writer, you may end up spending your whole time not even coming close to TW.

The principal criteria of Quora isn’t answer quality, but your obedience of the rules: a decent writer with no BNBR’s has an order of magnitude more chance of making it to TW than a great writer with half a dozen BNBR’s.

So, if you are aiming for TW, be very careful, don’t argue, and don’t be controversial.
A few BNBR’s may end up killing any chance you may have of TW.

Why not! Think +ve :) :))

Ofcourse you can.

Everyone has an equal opportunity to be the top writer.
It depends on how well you connect your answer to the question following the rules of quora.

Best of luck.

Depends on what you write,how much you write.
You need some luck too.
Sometimes lame answers get 100k views, somtimes good answers get less than 100 views.

Could it be anything beyond, luck, pluck, and good fortune? Jezzelly heck, a Top Quora WRITER.
That’s better than the Nobel, the Pulitzer, the Oscar and the Tony all wrapped up into a single delicious package.
Heck almighty…
I better start using ten words when one will suit, use the adjective ‘’greatest’’ and refer to the obscene numbers of movies I have seen to imply I know all about the movies! maybe then, dare I???
Fingers! Get movin’ over that keyboard.

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