Can anybody write a book

Can anybody write a book?

The man on top of the mountain didn’t just fall there.

Things take time.
If you wanted to fly a plane, what would you do? You'd find a ground school and take lessons.
If you wanted to play the piano, what would you do? You'd find a piano teacher and take classes.
What makes writing any different? Writing is an art, but it’s a learned art.
To ask someone how to write a story is like asking “How do I climb a mountain?” You don’t, unless you’ve had the training.
And no, it’s not rocket science, but writing is something that needs to be studied and practiced.
Anybody can sit down and write crap.
You see it all the time in self pubbed books.

Most people will tell you to just start writing, and keep writing, but I don't agree.
It's not enough to just write every day if you don't know what you're doing or how to improve something.
That just means days and weeks and months of useless writing.
It's like not knowing how to knit so you just keep making loops with the yarn.
You can't get better, you can't turn that into a scarf .
you have the desire, but you don't know how.

I'm going to give you my stock answer that I give everyone who asks me this question.
I'm going to give you some good advice on how to learn the craft, and give you a place to send in some of your work when you're ready.

In order to write stories that people want to read you will need to understand how to put one together.
There is a definite pattern and rhythm to it.
And there are certain expectations from the editors and publishing houses as to how your story is laid out.
You will need a good imagination, one that can look at a situation and picture all sorts of different scenarios.
You need to be able to ask 'what if' and come up with twists and lines that are new and fresh.
You will need to be able to research things.
For example I wrote a story set in Iran where there was a wedding.
I had to research how the wedding would take place, the food, the customs, common Iranian names, clothing, etc.
in order to write an interesting yet correct story.

Take classes in writing; grammar and punctuation (very important.
lots of self published books are swimming in glaring errors and typos), character building, dialogue, plotting, pacing, point of view (POV), inner and outer conflicts, subplots, scenes and sequels, genres, story boards, twists, chapter hooks, suspense, killer opening lines, and satisfying endings.
If you're going to write sci-fi you will need to take classes in world building.
Each genre of book has its own set of expectations from the reader that you will need to fulfill.
For example a murder mystery must have clues for the reader to try and solve.
A romance needs a happen ever after ending, known to writers as an HEA.
A thriller needs fast pacing and danger.
There are classes in short story writing.
Where to find these classes? Local community colleges often offer writing classes.
My local library has classes seasonally.
Best of all there are hundreds of classes you can take on-line.
They run about $25-$35 each and range from 2 to 4 weeks.
Google on-line writing classes and you will get lots of sites.
Try www.
or www.
They have classes year round.
You don’t have to join either one but if you do you get a discount on their classes.
Just because a class might be about writing romances, writing is writing; many of the same principles apply to other genres.
So don’t hesitate to take a course on character building or writing scenes just because the site caters to romance.
There are sites that offer expensive classes, so be careful.
I’d recommend starting with a few less expensive ones to see if you really like writing and want to continue.
IMO it is not necessary to have a degree or to take an expensive course to write well.

Read a lot.
Get a feel for how a story is told; how it starts, how it progresses through the story to a satisfying end.
See how your favorite author keeps you interested.
I don't know your age, but when you are able join some writing groups, even online groups are helpful.
Oftentimes these groups offer lectures and classes in writing.
They share their work and critique each other.

Once you start taking classes and get a good feel for how to put a story together, write some short stories (800 – 1500 words).
The more you write, the better you will become.
You will make new writer mistakes, we all did.
But that's how you learn.
I say start with short stories because they are, well short, and don't take years to complete like a novel does.
You can share your stories with others and get feedback.
Take the feedback and use what you feel is constructive for you and ignore the others.
Some people don't give good feedback, or there is a motive behind their negative comments.
You have to learn which ones to take and learn from and which ones to disregard.
And when you are reading and critiquing other's stories, be kind, give good feedback, and find something positive to say to them.
It's hard to hear harsh things about your writing.
It's tough love.
But it works when you get it and understand why the comment was made and you go and make your piece better because of it.
Submitting to contests is another way to get good feedback because the judges are usually editors and agents who have their finger on the pulse of good writing that sells.

Once you feel you have written a great short story, be brave and submit it to a magazine that publishes fiction in the genre you wrote.
Don't worry about rejections.
They will come.
Oftentimes it's not because your story is not good, it's because the story doesn't fit their needs.
They are running a business after all, and they pick the stories that they feel will best entertain their readers.
All authors get rejections.
It's part of the 'hunt'.

Here’s a place to start submitting.
Check out their guidelines carefully.


 We publish stories from 500 to 1,000 words in length.
They’re very short, but they are still stories.
That means the best ones have strong, interesting characters, plots, and (to some extent, at least) settings.
We’re not that concerned about genre.
Many of us have a fondness for science fiction and fantasy, but we also like literary fiction; and in any case, great flash stories aren’t always easily classified.
If you wrote it, and you love it, then submit it.
No erotica, porn, graphic sex, or violence.
Pays $60 per story.
Buys reprints at two cents/word.

Once you are good enough to sell a few short stories, then you will have the skills to think about plotting out a whole book.

People who can’t read and write will have greater difficulty composing a book, as will people who don’t think in words or don’t communicate in words or word constructions based on gesture or alternate expression.
Such people may require a translator or some other sort of assistance to produce a book.

In other words, the answer is almost always yes, though some people will need more help than others, and the book may not be in a strictly traditional form.
It might be a series of paintings that suggest a narrative (aka ‘picture book’) or it may be electronic and/or interactive – a coded book.

Whether everyone has the determination and desire to write a book is a different matter.
A book doesn’t come into being just because a person had the ability.
They also have to have the time, the passion, the vision, the resources, and in many cases the support, to write a book.

Provided that they are literate, I suppose that is very possible.
While not completely impossible when illiterate, it becomes all the more challenging to come up with and write a compelling story when you also have to engage in a hit or miss game of what stroke to put where so it looks like something similar to a letter and coincidentally happens to be one.

But if you are literate, there are the previously mentioned challenges as well.
You have to come up with an idea you think people would be interested in reading.
And if/when you do so, you need to write it in a way that makes it readable.

You could sit on the best idea of a story known to mankind, supported by an imagination that just keeps the good ideas coming, but without a proper way to convey it making people want to read it would be difficult.
Getting abstracts down on paper is surprisingly difficult, and combined with poor writing skills it can easily kill the grandest of plots.

Very similarly you should have a grand idea (possibly coupled with an equally grand imagination if what you plan to write is fictional in nature) to write if you do possess the gift of writing things.
Bad plots have become very readable because of good articulation.
Imagine if such skills were applied to a good one!
But most of all, what you need to write that book is time.
It doesn’t help with neither writing skills or imagination if you simply have a life too hectic to put any of them to use.

So yes.
Everyone can write a book, but to write a really good one you should have four skills (though there are exceptions from the rule), in addition to one prerequisite:
I hope this helps.

Yes, anyone can write a book.
Particularly now because anyone can publish a book by just uploading it to Amazon’s Kindle platform or Smashwords.

But just because everyone has the ability to write a book doesn’t mean everyone will write a book.
Many people have the idea of, “I should write a book some day,” not realizing that it actually is a lot of work and a lot of dedication to sit down and bang out a story that’s enough to last the length of a complete novel.

If you’re willing to put in the time and dedicate yourself to finishing the story, then you can write a book.
If you aren’t, then you won’t get more than maybe fifty pages in.

Sure anyone can write a book, but I don’t think that anyone can write a good one.

A good book takes time, effort, some talent, and patience to write.
The less talent you have, the more effort, time, and patience it is going to take.
Also, if the book isn’t that good, but in a form that you think is good enough for publishing, you will then have to consider self-publishing.
At that point, it will require more effort to typeset and format your book, or consider paying for an editor and typesetter, not to mention an artist to create the cover of the book.

But the short answer is yes, but with the caveat that not anyone can write a good one.

Anyone can put words on paper and have it bound.
Can anyone write a book well or a book that will sell? That's another question entirely.
Writing is not easy, regardless of what people think.
Anyone who says, “Anybody can write a book,” has never tried to write one.
It requires discipline, a strong command of grammar in the language you are writing in, and a lot of imagination.
It is hard work.
You have to put in a set number of hours everyday, just as if you were working (because you are).
The task requires concentration, motivation, and dedication.
And don't expect to get rich.
Authors often make enough to live on while they write their next book.

Even short stories are hard! Almost every time I read one of mine I find a typo or something that got messed up when pasting something in or somesuch.
It takes a few dozen rewrites just to keep me from cringing when I read it! If it were not for the concepts or other things I want to work out I wouldn’t even bother.
That doesn’t even take in the dialogue, people don’t talk like they do on soap operas, but they are written that way because there is no narrator.
Good writers are good because they can show us a world that exists in their mind without it sounding like some one just talking about it.
It flows into your mind as if you are seeing it for yourself.

Writing a book is possible for anyone, writing a book that people will want to read is far more difficult.

If you have ever read a book, you can write one.
I would add that to write a book does not necessarily makes you a writer.
As in many other practices the question is why you’d write a book rather that if you ‘can’ do it.
Anyone that has got a good reason or a specific motivation or if someone simply enjoy doing so, surely can write a book.

Anyone can write a book.

I have wrote one without any writing experience.
Believe me writing is the beautiful things.
It's like you are the creator of beautiful world and you woven your feelings with medical words.

Listen to heart by Aakash Punatar is my first book.

With the right dedication, love, and wordcraft, anyone can.
Books are a labor of love, and one I’ve been working for years to get good at.
I personally think that I still haven’t gotten good yet, but that’s okay.

Really, I was born in ‘98, and it takes a long time to write a good story.
I think my biggest problem at this point is worldbuilding, which is something I’m trying to work on as I write.

My advice: write what you’ve always wanted to write, practice writing frequently, and read a lot of various books, regardless of what they’re classified as.
Some middle grade books have wonderful stories, some YA books are entertaining(Percy Jackson in particular, Riordan is awesome), there’s Lord of the Rings, and a lot of others that have wildly varying styles that can help you find your style of writing.

Hope this helps, good luck!

Can anybody write a book?
However it is NOT the case that anybody can write a good book, worthy of the time and attention of readers.

Write enough sentences, gather and have them printed and bound into book form and you have written a book.
Anybody who is literate at all can do this.

Writing a book that is good, worthy of readers, is another story and quite a different kettle of fish.

Prompted to answer this— thanks for the ask!

Hi Johaun,
Nice question.
The answer is YES and you can too.
I would recommend you follow Gerry Robert.
He got me started.
He’s brilliant.

Basically, decide on your interest.
Read several books about your interest.
List the chapters that you think were helpful to you.
Rewrite them in your own words.
Write your book.

Sounds so simple, but it works.
Amazon has FREE ways to publish your manuscript.
You can use Kindle or hardback (Create Space).

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your manuscript on Amazon, Paul.

Yes…and No.

Yes, anyone can attempt to write a book, either fiction or non-fiction.

No, not everyone will have the dedications/time/stubbornness, to complete a book or learn the skills required.

But, don’t let that hold you back: make a start, have a go, see where it leads.


That’s a “loaded question.
” Sure.
Even a two-year-old “can” (is allowed to) write a book.
But given infant-sized controls, would you trust a two-year-old to drive your vehicle (before they learn enough rules of the road to do so safely)?
There is nothing stopping you from writing a book.
Millions have done that over millennia.
However having your book published is something else entirely.

If you have good imagination and strong will, there’s nothing to stop you.
Any book will not be a success.
But every writer learns through experience.
Eventhough I'm not even a published writer yet, my years of experience gave me lots of good and bad; the good which gave me more hope and bad which gave me more motivation to continue my fight.
So I say, the will is the most important.

Thank you!

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